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Newsletter 27th, 2017

Our Week

It has been an amazing week!  We started a shadow study based on kids’ wonderings and questions about shadows on the roof.  We discussed what it means to be a scientist and kids were thrilled that I called them scientists all week long!   Pre-Kers learned about a modified version of the scientific process.

Each time kids came up with questions, we investigated right away and had a discussion about our findings.  We have been having such a great time!

Vocabulary kids are learning:

  • Opaque
  • Transparent
  • Light source
  • Reflection
  • Light beam

Song of the Week

My shadow, my shadow –

Everything I do, my shadow does too.

My shadow can jump, my shadow can kick, my shadow can catch a ball.

And everywhere I go, it can go with me.

It can even catch me when I fall.