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October Events

Save the Dates!

October 9th- Columbus Day (school closed)

October 11th– Vision Screening

October 19th– Picture Day

October 27th – Family Friday at 8:50AM

October 31st– Halloween Parade

October Newsletter 2017

Dear K210 Families,

So much has happened this last month! Not only did we being our journey together as a class, but we also learned the rules of Peck Slip School and we are continuing to practice them everyday. We also explored different math manipulatives and discovered the different ways we can use them in math. As our class continues to learn and grow, we will continue to learn to become independent and learn how to work in small groups. These small groups will give me a chance to work with every student and get to know them individually as learners. Among these exciting events, here are a few more highlights of the month:

  • We have completed a month of school!
  • Bill Gordh came to visit our classroom.
  • We had our first fire drill.
  • We received class jobs.
  • We learned the Sight Words “I”, “love”, “me”, “is” and “like”.
  • We learned the letters t, b, f, m, n, and u, as well as their corresponding sounds.
  • We practiced reading in our “Reading Bubbles” (a quiet independent reading time) and Partner Reading (reading one book with a partner).
  • We discussed the different types of families everyone has.

This month has been filled with exciting events. We can’t wait to continue on this awesome adventure.



Guess what we are learning?

This month in reading…

We will continue to practice Reading Bubble and Partner Reading. We will also learn how to take a Picture Walks (looking at the pictures of the book), and the terms characters and setting. Now that we have learned a few sight words, families can begin making sight words books at home!

This month in writing…

While we are still practicing the routines of writing, students are learning what writers write about. Each student has learned to write about what they know, love and something that has happened to them. This month we are learning how to become Storytellers. Storytellers create stories that are real or made up and are used to entertain the readers or listeners. We are learning how to create these stories and drawing the pictures to match. Soon we will start expanding on those stories and learn to add labels and words.


This month in math…

We have had the best time learning how to use math manipulatives such as snap cubes, pattern blocks, colored tiles and counting bears. Now that we have learned how to use all the manipulatives, we have begun to discuss patterns. We have been spending time thinking about what a pattern is and explaining how we know. As we build and create patterns of our own, we are beginning to learn how to record the patterns we make. Soon we will begin to play our first partner game about patterns.


This month…

  • We will learn the letters i, j, c, a, g and o as well as the corresponding sounds. We will also review the letters b, t, f, m and
  • Sight Words we are learning it, is, can, the, you, a.
  • We will practice Flower Power and learn how to resolve conflicts with friends.