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Welcome to K210!


August 2017

Dear incoming kindergarten families,

Welcome to Peck Slip! I am so excited to welcome you to my kindergarten class. This is going to be an amazing school year full of fun, play and plenty of learning. I am so excited to meet all of you and I can’t wait to start our year together.

Allow me introduce myself, my name is Camille Trotman and yes I do have purple hair. But, don’t be surprised if you see it change during the year, I’m always mixing it up. This will be my fourth year at Peck Slip and my sixth year teaching in New York City. I can’t believe that I have been teaching kindergarten for five years and I have truly fallen for this grade. I am a born and raised New Yorker and currently live in Harlem with my best friend and few pet fish. Our classroom also has a pet fish named Rainbow, I’m sure he’ll be excited to meet you! Little known fact around the school, I LOVE TO EAT and also cook, but mostly eat. I am always trying new recipes and usually use my friends as guinea pigs to try the food. Needless to say, everyone is always at my apartment for dinner. When I’m not cooking, I’m trying to add stamps to my passport. I’m hoping to add two more next year and at least four more by 2020. 

I am really looking forward to growing and working together this year. If you have any questions or concerns before then please feel free to email me at I will begin checking emails on Monday, September 3rd. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer and I will see you soon!

Your new teacher,


June Newsletter

Dear K210 Families,

Well, we did it. We have officially made it to June and survived a year together. While we all knew this day would come, I can’t tell you enough what a pleasure it has been teaching the students of K210. They have truly grown from the tiny tots they first were when entering kindergarten and are now leaving holding their heads up a little taller, ready for first grade. Well, it may be June, but that hasn’t stopped K210 from working or learning. With the Pet Expo around the corner, students have been working on building supplies, making signs, working together in order to build teamwork and collaboration, and of course learning how to do our jobs. I’m sure by now your children have been talking non-stop about the expo and hopefully they haven’t revealed too much already, but in case you haven’t heard, it’s going to be Thursday, June 14th at 9AM. Be ready to play, pretend, and learn more about pets. An email will be sent soon detailing the rules and expectations families MUST follow while participating in the expo. Although the expo has taken over, here are a few more things to look forward to during this last month:

  • PET EXPO!!!
  • Interviewing first grade teachers and students
  • Visiting a first grade classroom
  • Recalling best/favorite/worst kindergarten memories
  • Finishing our Kindergarten Memory Books
  • Packing up our classroom
  • Saying goodbye
  • Summer vacation


This expo will be the cherry on top of an amazing year. It was truly a pleasure being K210’s teacher and I know all of K210 will flourish in first grade. I hope you all visit me next year. Enjoy your summer!




Guess what we’re learning in reading….

Now that the year is coming to a close, students will be taking home their last round of Take Home Books and review learned reading strategies to maintain content. Students will also get the opportunity to read to another kindergarten teacher and display their reading skills. Over the summer, continue reading everyday and share your favorite parts of the books with each other. You can also review sight words by creating flashcards and play your own version of Head’s Up.


Guess what we’re learning in math…

Like reading, we are spending time reviewing math content that students struggled with over the year. Through the use of Just Right Games and small groups, students will continue to work on their math skills and practice learned strategies. Over the summer, continue counting objects, play addition/subtraction games, practice explaining how you arrived at your answer, etc.


Guess what we’re going to do…

Once the pet expo is over, we will be visiting a First Grade classroom and interview teachers and students. These interviews help relieve some anxiety students are feeling about moving up to another grade. Students will also get the opportunity to write letters to first grade teachers and tell them all about themselves. Letters will be given to their new teachers over the summer.

Over the summer…

Continue to do the following:

  • Read to each other
  • Write stories about your summer vacation
  • Play math games
  • Talk about feelings for the upcoming year
  • Relax and have fun

June Events

Add these events to your calendars:

  • June 4th- Read with a Kindergarten Teacher Day
  • June 7th- Students not in attendance (DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL)
  • June 11th- Students not in attendance (DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL)
  • June 14th- PET EXPO!!!!!!!! 9am (wear something with an animal on it or animal print)

  • June 15th- School closed for Eid al-Fitr
  • June 19th- Kindergarten and First Grade Concert
  • June 20th- Crazy Appearance Day (come to school with crazy hair or a crazy outfit)
  • June 21st-Pajama Day (wear pjs to school)
  • June 22nd- Color Day (Kindergarten color: YELLOW)
  • June 22nd- Summer Birthday Celebration
  • June 25th- Look-Alike Day (wear the same outfit as someone else #twinning)
  • June 26th- Last day of school for all students (wear Peck Slip shirt/attire)



May Newsletter


Hello Families,

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Let me start off by saying a huge “Thank You” to all the families who have been coming in to help build, paint and decorate 3D Pets. You all have been a big help to our class and I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done. Even though Pet Study has taken over the classroom, and the hallway, it hasn’t stopped the learning in the classroom. Over the last month, students have been working on How-to Books and learning all about Teen Numbers (details below). We have also spent the last few weeks going on trips to various pet businesses and learning as much as we can from the workers. These trips have really helped students learn the names of jobs, tools and even a desire to learn more about these jobs on their own. While I’m sure most students have told you all about the trips and projects they have been working on, you will not be able to see anything until June during the final Family Friday. Among these exciting accomplishments, here are a few more highlights of the month:

  • We interviewed Heather, the owner of Paws on Pine a local dog walker.
  • We visited Petco, and interviewed Mike, one of the employees.
  • We visited the Seaport Animal Hospital, a local vet clinic and interviewed the employees there.
  • We visited the Seaport Paw, a local groomer.
  • We also finished our How-to Take Care of a Pet Book.
  • We learned about Teen Numbers.
  • We started building materials for the Pet Expo.

This month has been filled with exciting events. We can’t wait to continue on this awesome adventure.



Guess what we’re learning?

This month in Writing…with a dash of Pet Study

Students have just finished publishing their How-to Take Care of a Pet Books. These books are written based on the 3D pets made by the class and describe how someone else would clean, feed, exercise and even train their chosen pet. With these books now published we will learn how to write Persuasive Letters. This unit of writing will still align with Pet Study and will require students to write convincing letters in order to persuade the reader. Students will start this unit by writing a letter to me where they will describe what job they want for the Pet Expo. They will do their best to convince me why they deserve to have that job and after some practice students will write letters to their parents in an attempt to persuade them to get a pet. Whether or not you decide to get the pet is your decision. We can’t wait for you to read our letters.

This month in Math…

We are learning all about Teen numbers. Through math games like 10 and, Teen Number Bingo and a counting book, students learned placed value and the ability to recognize teen numbers in different ways. As the year gets ready to come to a close, we will spend time reviewing learned math material and really focus on strengthening our math skills.

This month try this…

Students sense that the year is about to end. They know changes are going to happen and after becoming comfortable with things in kindergarten, wrapping their minds around leaving this wonderful grade can be tough to cope with and with this comes the big R….REGESSION. Yes, this is a real thing that happens among 5/6 year olds. These articles have been really helpful in dealing with regression. Take some time to read these in order to understand what your child may be feeling or thinking:

This month…

  • We will continue making our 3D Pets (please sign up!)
  • We will continue building materials for our Pet Expo.
  • We will learn the sight words: little, help, make, wake, of, or, take, his, her, some. We will also spend time reviewing any sight words students are still struggling with, for example: on and no

May Events

Save the Dates

  • May 4th- Trip to the Seaport Animal Hospital
  • May 8th- Teacher Appreciation Day (thank a teacher this day)
  • May 8th- Trip to Petco Union Sqaure
  • May 11th- Walking trip to Seaport Paw
  • May 16th- Math Games with Camille
  • May 21st- 25th- Book Fair

April Newsletter

Hello Families! I hope you are all enjoying your break. In case you haven’t already heard, Pet Study is in full swing and we are more than excited to become pet experts! Over the last month, the academic push has continued as students learned how to write narrative stories and developed skills in addition and subtraction. See below for more details. K210 has really done some amazing work over the last few weeks. Most of which you will be able to see on the next Family Friday this month (check Save the Date). Among these exciting accomplishments, here are a few more highlights of the month:

  • We learned how to conduct an interview and ask strong questions.
  • We interviewed Simona, a second grade teacher, and her pet chinchilla Chi Chi.
  • We also interviewed Ashley, the Science teacher, and her snake Etai.
  • We finished our Narrative Stories and celebrated by reading them to each other.
  • We learned how to write number sentences using the plus or minus sign.
  • We will begin making our 3D Pets.
  • We will hold more pet interviews.
  • We will begin our new writing unit.

This month has been filled with exciting events. We can’t wait to continue on this awesome adventure.



Guess what we are learning?


This month in Writing…with a dash of Pet Study

We will learn how to write “How-to Books”. This unit of writing will also combine with Pet Study as students will begin to write books on how someone would take care of their 3D pet. Before writing that book, students will participate in writing a class how- to book and then produce a how-to book with a topic of their own choosing. This unit will challenge students to use descriptive details to explain to a reader how to do or make something (example, how to make a sandwich or how to tie your shoes). We can’t wait for you to see our books, maybe we’ll teach you a thing or two.

This month in Math…

Now that we have learned how to use both the plus and minus signs, we will begin to use these signs to help us solve realistic math problems. Students will use their knowledge of  STRONG Math Work to organize and explain mathematical thinking with use of pictures, numbers, and on occasion words.

This month…

Pet interviews will continue and this month we will meet Annemarie and her service dog Domino. After learning about service dogs and therapy pets, and the difference between the two, the class will get to interview Annemarie and learn how Domino helps her. If we’re lucky she may even show us a trick Domino can do as well! Here are a few more things to look forward to this month:

  • We will continue to practice rhyming by using Word Families.
  • We will begin to construct our 3D Pets and learn more about how to care for different types of pets.
  • We will continue to conduct more interviews with pet owners and record what we have learned.

March Events

March 14th- Reports go home

March 15th- Half Day and Parent Teacher Conferences (PLEASE SIGN UP!)

March 22nd- Peck Slip School Auction

March 30th- Spring Break Starts. Return to school April 9th


March Newsletter

So guess what? It’s March! Seems like only yesterday we began our year together. Now that it is the middle of the year, the big academic push has begun and students are beginning to learn more strategies in reading, writing and math. See below for specifics. Over the last month, K210 has done some amazing work. Most of which you were able to see during the Butterfly Celebration. After becoming expert lepidopterists, K210, spent time preparing for the 100th Day of school. Once the 100th Day arrived, we enjoyed our 100th day snack, made hats, did 100 exercises and viewed our 100 Museum; it truly was a great day. This month we will begin our final study, Pet Study:A Study of Interdependence! This study is a grade favorite as students will learn more about the different types of pets and how people/pets take care of each other. We will conduct interviews, go on trips and have visits from various people who work/train different pets. How cool is that? Among these exciting events, here are a few more highlights of the month:

  • Guided Reading groups and Literacy Centers kicked off after break.
  • We learned how to write all the uppercase letters of the alphabet.
  • We learned the Sight Words “by”, “to”, “do, “boy”, “girl”, “my”, “he”, “ball”, “all”.
  • Camille had a one on one reading day.
  • We started our new writing unit.
  • We will learn how to write Narrative stories.
  • We will learn more about addition, subtraction and counting on.

This month has been filled with exciting events. We can’t wait to continue on this awesome adventure.




Guess what we are learning?

This month in Reading…

We are ankle deep into Guided Reading! Each small group has spent time reading with me each week and have added a few more stickers to their Thinkmarks. The books students are bringing home will begin to change and will seem challenging at first. These books are called Just Right Books. Each of these books will have one hard word, a extra line of text and a few more pages of reading. You’ll get to see these news books starting next week.


This month in Writing…

We have begun Tapping!! Students are learning to how to spell CVC words by practicing “SAY IT, TAP IT, WRITE IT”.  Here’s how we have been practicing, try it with your child:

  •  SAY IT- dog
  • TAP IT- stretch out your left arm in front of you, make sure it’s strong and straight. Take your right arm and say each letter sound in the word dog, start at your shoulder and get ready.
    • d (duh)- shoulder
    • o (ahh)- middle of your arm, around the elbow
    • g (guh)- wrist
    • Go back to your shoulder and slide down to your wrist as you out the word together.
  • WRITE IT- write the word and use it in a sentence.

Well now that you know how to TAP, you have a better idea of how your child is using this spelling strategy to write the words in their new stories. This new unit is all about Narratives. Students are learning how to tell true stories of things that have happened to them. This could be anything from going away, having a party, visiting a friend/relative, etc. As students are writing these stories, we have been practicing using our new writing checklist (below). This checklist has been helping students monitor their own work progress and making it their best work before being ready to publish and present to others. We can’t wait for you to read these stories once they are all done.

This month in Math…

We have started learning about addition. Through partner games such as Collect 15, Racing Bears, Toss The Chips, Shake and Spill, and many more, students are beginning to grasp the concept of putting two numbers together to get a total. Students are also learning how to write STRONG Math Work, when problem solving. This math work allows students to explain their organize and explain mathematical thinking with use of pictures, numbers, and on occasion words.


This month…

We also met Superflex and Rock Brain. Everyone wants to be like Superflex, who just like his name, is super flexible. Superflex is very comfortable with changing his thinking and is okay when things don’t always go the way he planned. Rock Brain, is known for being rigid and stubborn. He is very uncomfortable with change and only wants things to go his way or no way at all. Once students met these characters they started to see a little bit of themselves in both characters. As a class we spent several days acting out Superflex and Rock Brain scenarios and incorporated them into times in our day where you could be Superflex. These two characters will also help solve peer conflicts and have been placed in our Peace Corner for the rest of the year.


Among these events, here are few more things coming up:

  • We will practice rhyming by learning about Word Families.
  • We will learn how to conduct an interview.
  • We will practice being Superflex.
  • We will learn the sight words “was” ,”went”, “will”, “this”, “then”, “they”, “has”, “had”, “how”.

Save The Date

February Events

  • February 7th -Butterfly and Moth Celebration
  • February 12th- March Report Card Information Session
    • Please sign up if you haven’t already.
  • February 13th- 100th Day of School
  • February 16th- Lunar New Year (school closed)
  • February 19th-23rd- Mid Winter Recess (school closed)


This might help…

Last month, we learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and his dream. We watched a video from Kid President to learn more about who Dr. King was as well as how he helped change the world. This video sparks a great conversation about diversity and inclusion.