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508 News 5.30.18


     Helloooooooooo it’s ELEANOR, JACK and WESTON. We are here with the 10th newsletter. Anyway, we will be interviewing the new teachers at Peck Slip about what they like about the school.


Reading – Social Issues Book Clubs

In book clubs, we started to read new books and finished our first reading project. Extra Credit wrote letters from a country that they chose and they wrote details that support the main idea. The One White Dolphin group did a chart about characters and consequences. George did a character acrostic. One Crazy Summer made a really cool game about their book. Inside Out and Back Again also did the same thing. End of the Wild did a poster board that has the beginning, middle, and end of their book.

In our new book clubs, reading George is Colette, Basia, Hazel, and Mason. In As Brave As You it is Sofia, J.D., Jack, and Rowan. In I am Malala, it is Jazmine, Daisy, and Jayden. In El Deafo, Ellington, Weston, Tomas, David, and James will read together. In World Without Fish it is Max, and Horatio. In Escape from Aleppo it is Emmanuelle, Eleanor, and Zion. We have started a new read aloud. It’s the book Rules. It is really good. It is about a girl with a brother that has autism and how she deals with it.

Writing Informational Piece + Social Action Research

In writing we were working on Women’s Suffrage informative pieces. We did the norms which were normal things that women would do. Then we worked on the problem and what the problem was. Then there were four methods that women did. Finally the result was women got their rights. In addition we are working on our social action projects where we chose a topic and research about it and how it affects the community and the world.


Math – Graphs and Small Group Review

In math learned about line graphs and growth (cm) per year for the Flickerbill, the Krink, and the Water Weasel. (Yeah that’s what their names are ) * don’t ask* We also learned basic algebra. We discovered a rule for the growth which was ( age x _____ ) + beginning height. So … I hope you got a good taste of what we are doing in math. (p.s TO ANY ADULTS READING THIS: your school probably didn’t make you measure growth of a Flickerbill so YOU BETTER TELL SOMEONE BECAUSE YOU COULD GET ON THE BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS BECAUSE THAT IS CRAZY!!!!!!!


Content Studies – Social Action: A Study of Power and Change

In content studies, we are researching social issues in the world. We will create projects. It could be a poster, informational piece, music video, slideshow, or a “TED talk”. A TED talk, is basically a speech. We finished researching our topics. We categorized notes and thought about questions we can answer. Now, we are writing our informative pieces about our topic.


Here we will have a comic written by Eleanor and one interview with a new teacher about what they like about the school. Click below to see the comic!

Here we will do a Q&A with Gabriella our gym teacher.

Q: What do you like about this school? Why?

A: I like how teachers and students work together to create each experience.

Q:What do you like about Teaching P.E.?

A: I like seeing the students different strengths and their versatility in every activity they are given.

Q: What made you apply to this school?

A: I was looking for a different school and loved Peck Slip’s philosophy. As soon as I walked into the building, I wanted this to be my home.

Q: What is your favorite game to teach in P.E.? Why?

A: I think I love teaching volleyball because students have to work in teams in pairs and by themselves in order to succeed. I love to watch my students motivate each other.

Q: What do you want students to think when they leave the school?

A: I want students to leave with an open mind as they take on future challenges in P.E. I don’t want them to stay comfortable with one sport. I want them to always challenge themselves and to work hard at any task given, because they are all strong and capable! And I am so proud of them!!!!!!!!


(Make sure you know what’s happening, and what happened at Peck Slip and Class 508)

May 16-Visit to the Senior Center

We went to the senior center and it was so much fun. We learned that seniors are really good at origami

May 23 – Last Bake Sale!!! And Book Fair!!!!!!

Finally we had the last bake sale of 5th grade. We also hope you enjoyed the book fair.

May 28 – Memorial Day

We had no school.

June 14-Social Action Celebration

On June 14 we have the social action celebration. We are working very hard on our work for the celebration.

June 21- Moving Up Ceremony

We have the moving up ceremony, sort of like “graduation.”

June 22- Summer Birthday  Celebration

On June 22, we have the the summer birthday celebration. We will celebrate all the summer birthdays.


June 26- Last Day Of School

Half Day, and Goodbye!

News 5.11.18


Helllllllooooooooo everybody this is Eleanor, Jack, and Weston with the ninth newsletter of the year. We will be the new committee. Oh yeah don’t be surprised if some of this stuff is crazy. We will have info about book clubs, writing, content studies, and math!!!! Anyway we will have some comics drawn by Weston (who is really good at drawing). With that being said let’s get right into it.



Reading – Social Issues Book Clubs

In reading, we are learning about social issues and we are doing different book discussions about fairness, power, and change. One group is reading One White Dolphin (a book about struggling to save a reef and with a missing mother and a very poor family.) George is about a boy who is transgender and how she deals with that. One Crazy Summer is about 3 girls who go on a journey to spend time with their mother who had abandoned them and End of the Wild is about woods that are getting destroyed by a company and Fern is upset that they are taking away the only place she has left. Lastly, Extra Credit is about a kid who gets bad grades so she has to write a letter to someone in a different country and learns about a different culture. We hope you got a good idea of what we are learning about in book clubs and we hope you enjoyed it!

Writing – Open Cycle Writing About Social Issues

In writing we are learning about Environmental issues, Animal issues, and Human issues. Then, we reflect and write about it. Did you know that when we throw away plastic it gets dumped into the ocean and marine animals are killed by it? Also, when we throw stuff away it goes to landfills which creates toxins that kill animals and humans. In addition, some animal are getting abused, hurt, and sometimes killed by humans. It is terrible. Some human issues are racism and the gender pay gap, which is when men and women at the same job get different pay which is totally unfair.

Math – Conversions

We are learning conversions and yes that was on the test. And also talking about the test, there were fractions, conversions, decimals, and shapes, area, perimeter and more! Now that the test is over, we have started learning a new unit about graphs. We launched this unit by talking about double line graphs.

Content Studies – Social Action: A Study of Power and Change

In content studies we are learning about how women did not have all the opportunities that men had. Which is totally unfair and wrong. Also, we listened to songs that were all about women’s rights. In addition, we learned about all the unfair things that men did to women like leave them at home. Also we listened to a parody of the song Bad Romance. Not only that, but we learned about the norms back then that led to a cause and effect. The cause was women wanted the right to vote. The effect was the Seneca Falls Convention and the Declaration of Sentiments. Women were also protesting. Some women even went as far as voting illegaly. Also, there were lots of marches. Some people got arrested for marching and went to jail. They went on a hunger strike, so guards force-fed people by sticking a tube down their throat. Finally, President Woodrow Wilson heard and saw what was happening, and felt bad. They were fighting for their rights, and were being abused for no reason. He proposed that women will have the right to vote. The final affect was the 19th amendment which allowed women the right to vote!


This is the student section where we will interview classmates about what they think of what we’re learning.

Hi I’m Jack and I will be interviewing Hazel.

Jack: What book are you reading for book clubs? Do you like it?

Hazel: I am reading One White Dolphin and it’s a very good book that makes you think about perspectives and power.

Jack: Thank you.

Hello it’s Eleanor and I am interviewing Sofia!!!!!

Eleanor: What is your favorite thing you are learning about in content studies?

Sofia: My favorite thing we are learning about Women’s Suffrage is thinking about how it wasn’t fair for women and that they didn’t have equal rights and how people are fighting to change that.

Hi is Jack again. I will be interviewing Jayden.

Jack: What is your favorite school subject? Why?

Jayden: P.E. because you’re active and you get to exercise which keeps your body healthy and we play fun games.

Jack: Thank you.

Hi it’s Eleanor I will be interviewing Emmanuelle!

ELEANOR: What is your favorite thing about your choice time elective?

EMMANUELLE: My favorite thing about helping little kids in science is that I love science and I want them to love it as much as I do.

ELEANOR: (Emmanuelle did not want me to include this in her response but she said that her response was very cheesy but true)

Now I will be interviewing Mason.

Jack: What is your favorite school subject? Why?

Mason: My favorite school subject is math because it is fun and challenging.

Jack: Thanks.

Hello it’s Jack I will be interviewing Rowan.

Jack: Are you excited for the field trip to the UN? Why?

Rowan: Yes because I want what happened in other countries.

Jack: Thank You.

Hello it’s Jack and I will be interviewing Daisy.

Jack: What is your favorite school subject and why?

Daisy: My favorite school subjects are P.E. and science. I really science because I really do experiments. I like P.E. because we get to play lots of different sports from different countries.

Jack: Thank you.


(Make sure you know what’s happening, and what happened at Peck Slip and Class 508)

May 4- String Quartet

A string quartet played the pieces that we’d been working VERY hard on. Everyone did a very good job on them and it took lots of time and effort!!!

May 7- Field Trip to the UN Building

On May 7, we went on an awesome field trip to the UN building. We learned about how people bring peace to social issues. It was very fun and we took a lot away from that experience !!

May 8- Guest Speaker-Hazel’s mom

On May 8th, Hazel’s mom came to our school to talk about human right issues like immigration and economic inequality.

May 23 – Last Bake Sale!!! And Book Fair!!!!!!

Finally we have the last bake sale of 5th grade. We also hope you enjoy the book fair.

May 31 – Memorial Day

No School.

Class News 4.24.18


We know it’s been awhile doing the newsletter but this is the last time we are doing a newsletter. We hope you missed us, we will miss you. New people will come and we will all rotate our jobs and get opportunities to do new jobs.


Reading – Social Issues Book Clubs

We are launching a new round of book clubs! This time, the themes we are studying are human rights and animal and environmental issues. For human issues, some of the books’ themes are “Separate is Never Equal.” A couple of books in that theme are One Crazy Summer and As Brave as You. The next theme is “Women Who Changed the World.” The books in that theme are I Am Malala, Hidden Figures (there is a movie), and a book about Temple Grandin. And the last Human Rights theme is “Invisible Voices”, and the books students are reading are El Deafo, Extra Credit, and Inside Out and Back Again. We also have some people reading about the environment (End of the Wild)  and animals (One White Dolphin). We will meet with our book clubs and discuss ideas about power and fairness. After this book club we will do a ‘‘second round’’ of book clubs with our second choice of books!

Writing – Open Cycle Writing About Social Issues

When it comes to social action, there is a cycle of learning. First, there is awareness—you have to research about the subject and become aware. Next, there is reflection which means you have to reflect on the subject you researched on. Lastly you have to act and make change.

(Cycle: Awareness → Reflection → Action)                                                                                                           

We have been learning about different issues each week (Environmental Ethics, Animal Protection, and Human Rights) and then each day, we write about it (by writing a reflection, poem, essay, story, flyer, or comic!). Last week’s round of social issues focuses on environmental problems such as plastic in the ocean, privatized water, waste/landfills, and climate change! 

This week we are learning about animal rights and the next week about human rights. We will also take field trips and have speakers come in to make us more aware!

Math – Exponents

We need to learn the exponents of 10. We have been learning powers of something— for example 10 to the power of 4 is 10x10x10x10. This week, we are learning how to convert. For example, 1 meter = 100 centimeters so 3.2 meters = 3.2 x 100 which is 320 centimeters.

Content Studies – Social Action: A Study of Power and Change

We will learn about women’s suffrage. The women suffered because they were not treated fairly and didn’t get the same rights as men.


These are some jokes and riddles!

Q: What do you call cheese that’s not yours?

A: Nacho cheese

Q: What time does a duck wake up?

A: At the quack of dawn!

Q: What do ducks get after they eat?

A: A bill!

Q: What did the dog say when he sat on sandpaper?

A: Ruff!

Q: What is a cat’s favorite color?

A: Purr-ple

Q:What starts with a e ends with an e and has one letter?

A: envelope

Q: What travels around the world but stays in his own corner?

A: stamp

Q:What do you call a bear without an ear

A: A “B”

Q:What do you break before you use?

A: An egg

Q:Why is the A the most like a flower?

A: Because the B is after it

Q:Why did the boy throw a watch?

A: Because he wanted to see time fly

Q: Why did the boy throw butter?

A:Because he wanted to see a butterfly

Q: A man rode his horse to town on Friday. The next day he rode back on Friday. How is this possible?

A: The horse’s name was Friday.


(Make sure you know what’s happening at Peck Slip and Class 508)

May 1st and 2nd – Math Statement Assessment

We’ve got this!

May 7- Field Trip to the UN Building

We will learn about different issues in our world and what the UN is doing to help.

Class News 3.28.18


Hi everyone! Hazel is back for this edition! She is subbing for Daisy Lee (Boohoo, we miss her, but she is in sunny Florida). She is sending great vibes. We hope you like our newsletter because we have not had choice time in a looooong time. We’ve been busy. We hope you like it!!


Reading – Book Clubs

In reading, we are in book clubs. The books we are reading are Wringer, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Smiles to Go, Bridge to Terabithia, Absolutely Almost, and Liar and Spy.We are continuing with book talks and tracking theories about relationships, perspectives, and motivations. We are reading different books and making theories. For example, in the book Wringer we are tracking how Palmer is being influenced by the people around him. In Smiles to Go, our character learned “You can’t always plan ahead. Don’t wait! Live in the now!” And, in Bridge to Terabithia, we are tracking how Jess and Leslie’s relationship is growing throughout the story.

Writing – Short and Extended Responses

We are preparing for the upcoming ELA assessment and learning how to organize and structure our writing. Our goals are to elaborate details, add inferences, use text details and strong transitions, and analyze our evidence. These will help us improve our writing.

Math – Decimals

In math, we are learning how decimals and fractions are connected. We are also learning how to multiply and divide decimals. Reasoning is so important with fractions, because it is important to know about how much our answer might be equal to, so we are more confident with our answer.

We are also working on problem solving. Our goal is to SLOW DOWN. Our class uses a problem solving toolkit, which has all our math tools, like taking notes, annotating, and thinking about the steps, before we jump into solving.

Content Studies – History of Peck Slip & Artifact Study

We are studying the history of our school and the artifacts they found when they were building the school. Our class has artifacts from a long time ago. For example, we have objects like doorknobs, glass bottles, and plates, and more. We studied certain time periods of this neighborhood, going back from 1719 all the way 2018. We have a timeline that shows what Peck Slip was like many years ago. Our class has pictures to show that we are studying our artifacts.

In LBD (Learning by Design), we made sculptures that represent the buildings before Peck Slip became a school. It is totally awesome!

After spring break, we will be doing our last unit of study will be SOCIAL ACTION!


All the stuff we want to write about

Here’s a rundown of all the things we did this past month! We had a field trip to the  NY Rescue Mission (we would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication to this cause), Learning by Design (also known as LBD for the students), Jump Rope-a-Thon (that was fun too!), 21 Days of Positivity (it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside), South Street Seaport Museum (we became archaeologists), and finally, Family Morning (we hope you enjoy it!)UPCOMING EVENTS/REMINDERS

(Make sure you know what’s happening at Peck Slip and Class 508)

March 30-April 8 – Spring Break

We hope you guys have a great break. Don’t forget to practice ELA and math!

April 11-12 – ELA Statewide Assessment

We know everyone will do great.

April 13- Choice Board Assignments Due

– 5th Grade photo and portraits

Hopefully everyone will finish!

April 18- Fifth Grade Bake Sale

Yummy! So many delicious treats.

News 2.9.18

We’re back and we hope you missed us. Basia Panko, Daisy Lee and Jayden Jones!

IN CLASS 508 (What We’re learning)

Reading – Book Clubs

We just recently started Maniac Magee as our read aloud. It’s about a kid and he has a sad story. When he was three his parents went out for dinner but on the way there, something terrible happened. The bus that the parents were in crashed and both the parents died and Jeffrey had to go to his mean aunt and uncle and they hated each other and they wouldn’t share anything. They had two of everything: two fridges, two stoves, two of everything, but they didn’t have two of Jeffrey so they had to share him. Jeffery would have dinner with one of them each night and Jeffery had to do that for 8 years, which means he was 11 when he did something that changed his life forever. What he did is he was singing and at the end of the song he was screaming “TALK TALK TALK” to his aunt and uncle and then ran out the place and ran to the east end from the west end and was a miracle  boy and did things like kick a soccer ball into a football players hands and kicked a soccer ball into a soccer goal. And then hit a baseball going like 1000 miles an hour well not that fast maybe I’m over exaggerating. He is also very kind. For example, instead of hitting a frog baseball he bunted the frog trying not to hurt the frog.  

We are also doing our guided reading groups and we are tracking a theory. We are finishing our books and then will do a final reading response.

  • In Loser, the group thinks that the main theory is that Zinkoff does not care about things that other kids care about. Nothing seems to stop him. He cares about other people.
  • In Mr. Popper’s Penguins, the group thinks that the relationship and bond that Mr. Popper and Captain Cook have will remain the same throughout the book.
  • On the other hand, in Tiger Rising, the inquiry is that Sistine and Rob are changing each other and making each other think about important things.Some final ideas that they also had were that Rob learns to let go of the past and to open up his suitcase of feelings.
  • In Wringer, the theory is that when Palmer is around people he can trust, he is able to be himself and show his emotions.
  • Last, but not least, we have Bridge to Terabithia. Their theory is that despite the complications, Jessie is willing to do anything for Leslie.They also think that Leslie and Jess are still friends but they are branching out and trying new things. Their final idea is that through Leslie, Jess finds his own confidence and becomes a leader.

Everyone has almost finished their books and we are really excited to start our new books after break!

Writing – Historical Fiction Journal Writing/Colonial Q+A

In writing we published our historical fiction journals. After we published, we stained them with coffee to make them look old. You’ll get to see them next week!

Also we are preparing for our Colonial celebration where we will dress up and answer questions about our perspective. We can’t wait to see you all next week!

Math – Fractions

We are so excited because we are launching how to divide fractions. We will be doing a project to learn strategies to help us. We are learning how to use models to show our work, and understanding. We have also learned that we don’t always need to know the standard algorithm to solve problems quickly and efficiently. We are using strategies that work best for us such as using the distributive property, renaming fractions, double and halving, and using proportional reasoning. Our teachers are helping grow our understanding.

Content Studies

We are wrapping up our studies. We studied about Patriots and Loyalists. See our chart below!

  • against the King
  • for the King
  • Whigs, and usually women
  • usually men
  • usually lower class
  • usually rich
  • didn’t like the monarchy
  • wanted to be protected

We are also learning about the First and Second Continental Congress and then learned about the Declaration of Independence (see below!) and some voices that were missing. For example, even though it said, “all men are created equal,” they didn’t include women or enslaved people!

Like we mentioned, we are also planning our colonial presentations and dressing up as our characters. We will try to memorize our pieces so they are more professional. We are trying to embrace ourselves to be colonists, and therefore, we are making up questions up that fit our job and personality.


We learned about the Declaration of Independence and how it was like the colonists breaking up with Britain. After studying the text and writing a Class 508 version, we took matters into our own hands and wrote our own “breakup” letter to King George, using our own voice and humor. Here’s an example from our very own James Chen!

Dear King George III,

We the colonists wanted to tell you that we need to be separated. We need to break free from your “political system.” Bro, why?

We know that everybody should have the same equal rights. We all have rights that should never be taken away, you loggerhead. You can’t take control of us.

You’re a bad king, and you should not rule anything. Just saying, King. “It’s too late to say sorry.” I have reasons why we we should be separated. Let me tell you some of the reasons why I think you’re a terrible King. You gave us a lot of taxes without our permission, and many more. No TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

This is why you are a terrible king. You’re awful, King George III. This is why I’m announcing, drumroll please, our separation, loggerhead.


James Robinson, Apothecary (aka James Chen)



Thank you for supporting our bake sale! We made over $450!!!

Thursday, February 15 – Colonial Studies Celebration

We can’t wait for you to see all our writing and effort!

Friday, February 16 – 23 – Midwinter Recess

February break is almost here. Everybody is working very hard in class and listening. This will be amazing for kids to have a break from hard work!

February 28 – Field Trip to New York City Rescue Mission

We will be visiting the New York City Rescue Mission to drop off the hygiene kits!

March 2 – Choice Board HW Due

Put in your best effort!

508 News 1.19.18

Introducing the new newsletter group: Daisy Lee, Jayden Jones and Basia Panko! There’s only one original Newsletter person—Daisy Lee!  Hope you like our new newsletter. We will be putting in lots and lots of effort to impress you all.

IN CLASS 508 (What We’re learning)

Reading – Guided Reading Groups

We finished Friends of Liberty! The book was very interesting. Our class took away a lot from this book. The whole class tracked the relationship between Sally and Kitty -even at the beginning when Kitty was saying bad stuff about Sally’s cousin Ethan. Also, for two chapters straight, Kitty wasn’t in it, and in those chapters Sally became braver. And how at the end, Kitty’s and Sally’s relationship pretty much broke and we discussed how they weren’t friends and won’t be friends.

We learned the true meaning. The relationship at the end was unexpected, but different. What happened was that Kitty begged Mr. Lawton (her dad) to write a note to Sally’s Dad to say that they want to adopt Sally and bring her with them to London. But the Dad didn’t like the idea of it, but all of the sudden Sally runs out of the house and runs to the Lawton’s place and says her goodbye to Kitty, but Kitty thought that Sally was coming so when Sally said goodbye, Kitty made her (Sally) feel bad that she didn’t go with her to London. We learned that the theme is people can change and relationships can change too.

We are now meeting in small guided reading groups to practice strategies to help us strengthen our reading skills (doing noticings and wonderings, making inferences, finding patterns, and building our stamina to become better readers.) It is basically a book club, but with a teacher helping us understand the book better.

Writing – Historical Fiction Journal Writing

We finished our informational pieces. We are all very proud because we did our best work. We put a lot of effort into them!

We are now writing historical journals from the perspective of our colonial character/job. Our characters respond about how they feel about their jobs and how they feel before the French and Indian War, during the war and after the war. And oh the taxes they were awful! Stamps then tea and soldiers and protection and oh the horror. It was bad and cost so much money! Some people couldn’t pay and some people could pay double! Basically we are learning from 1756-1780’s.

We are also learning about social class and how our characters felt about being low class, middle class or gentry. The poor were the people with the least amount of money and had hard jobs like brick making. The middle class were not poor but did not have the most luxurious life. They mostly had jobs such as baking or blacksmithing. The gentry were living the most luxurious lives of all, being rich. They were printers, shopkeepers or merchants.

We are drafting our colonial pieces and if kids are finished early, they will start the next stage which is revising and editing. Imagine how our characters felt if they were very poor. They would be begging for independence. The King had so many soldiers and so much stuff. People hated him, but many of the gentry supported the King. I bet you if we were in that situation, you would not last a day there.

Math – Fractions

We are learning about equivalence and also comparing fractions. We also started

learning how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. We can use the the double number line strategy. You use the number line strategy by first finding the common whole (denominator) and seeing how much you need to multiply with the numerator with your common whole to get your answer. Also we are learning the ratio table strategy because learning two ways can be helpful to others. A way to use the ratio table is by putting the fraction you are using and then putting the denominator you want right next to it. For example we can find out that ¾ is equivalent to 9/12 by using this strategy. We are learning ratio tables that help children with fractions. Kids are more comfortable with this strategy because they feel like it is easier. We use the money strategy to help us with fractions depending on what your doing. We learned the reason why the ratio tables works after seeing it modeled on a double number line. Click the link to see the different strategies/models when adding fractions. Which Strategy is “best?”

Choice Time/ Electives

We got our new jobs!!!!!!!!!!! We have started a new unit for everybody in choice time. I hope everybody is liking their new jobs. Everybody seems like they are enjoying it. We think that the newsletter committee is enjoying their job to help inform parents about events children do not tell their parents about.

Newsletter- Our role is to tell you guys what we do in class. And inform parents about what children do not tell their parents for the upcoming schedule for this semester. For example the talent show on February 10th.

Community/Class Helpers- Hazel and Tomas are cleaning the classroom and helping our class! Our classroom will be spic and span with their help! They are being so helpful! Emmanuelle is helping Mike, our custodian. And other kids are working to help the kindergarteners and first graders with whatever they need help with. Other kids take care of the class pets.

Pet Carer -Guess who are our new pet careers?Jazmine, Horatio, and Rowan.Horatio and Rowan are helping Gus. Since many people wanted to do this fun job, the teachers decided to let the other students who wanted this job to rotate with Sarah Jane’s guinea pig, Ashley.

Fundraising – Our new fundraising committee is Colette, Sofia, and Zion. They are planning to raise money for the fourth grade farm trip. They are also going to start raising money for our 5th grade end-of-year activities.

Student Section

Interview about people’s choice time jobs

We are going to interview a few people about their choice time jobs.

Hazel: It is fun helping out.

Basia: I like experimenting with it. I like writing about how school is going. It’s so much fun! Choice time is fun, interesting, and made to build a stronger community

Sofia: I like helping the school community and making it better. If we all help each other school will be perfect.

Jazmine: I am a pet career and it is a lot of fun! I go help Houdini the snake and Chi Chi the chinchilla. First I get the waste out of Houdini’s cage with the help of Henry. Then we clean out his water bowl and fill it back up. Finally, I get his bedding and fill it to a good amount. For Chi Chi, the first step is take him out, and put him in his ball. Then we empty out his cage and fill it back up with bedding. Finally we have to empty out his water bowl and fill it to the top. The reason I love doing this job is that I get to help teachers clean their animal. Plus, the animals are so cute!

Colette: In fundraising I really like doing fun things to help the community and collaborate with others.


Upcoming Events/Reminder                            
January 26-Math Family Morning

Yay parents! We all can’t wait for the great experience. Math will be awesome. We all can’t wait.


508 News 12.15.17

Hello, hola, viagach, shallom, hej, in all languages, hello and welcome. We are glad you are reading this–don’t worry, we fixed the fire alarms. You should thank us! Remember our names, Rowan Benda, Daisy Lee, Hazel Czarnezki and Emmanuelle Gordon, like always. This is already our fourth Newsletter, YAY! Remember when it was our first piece? We were so little back then! (Not really, but whatever.) One of our members wasn’t there. Boo-hoo! Our newspaper has grown, and so has your love for it. (We hope!) We don’t know why we brought this up. Sorry, forgot to say happy holidays. So HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, this is always a happy time for families, and kids, because what child does not like presents? Or if you do not celebrate either, happy family time! Enjoy!

Wait-before you start, here’s a warning: this is the last newsletter done by this team. After the break, we will have new electives.

 In Class 508 (What We’re Learning)


In reading we started book clubs. Hooray, we can’t choose what we read! (Bad smile). We still like it, though. Anyway, these books are historical fiction. The books are Give Me Liberty, Early Thunder, George Washington’s Socks, Hang a Thousand Trees With Ribbons, Emma’s Journal and Johnny Tremain.

We also started read aloud-guess what it’s about? You guessed it-historical fiction! It is called Friends of Liberty, by Beatrice Gormley. It’s about a girl named Sally and her friend Kitty. Kitty is gentry (rich) and Sally is middle class. Kitty’s dad doesn’t want the rich to mix with other social classes, or be friends with the middle class. Sally has a cousin, Ethan, and since Sally is only middle class, she lives with her cousins. Both Sally and Kitty’s moms have died from smallpox, and left them with a gift. Sally and Kitty swap gifts, because even if they are different classes, they want to be “sisters at heart.” Also James (Kitty’s brother) comes home hurt and burned with tar and is in lots of pain and they don’t know who hurt James. But later that day Ethan (Sally’s cousin, remember Sally lives with her cousins) comes home with tar on his shirt and Sally had her suspicions. Dunn dun dun. So the next day or two days later, Sally asks Ethan if he attacked James and Ethan said “I didn’t do it, I was was trying to protect him.” So Sally was stumped. That’s what we know so far, so read our next newsletter to find out more!


In writing we are writing non-fiction pieces about our jobs. We are already done with drafting so now we are publishing. The way we studied our jobs is that we had packets and read articles in the packets. While we were reading through the packets, we wrote think marks explaining what we learned. Then we organized the think marks into categories/chapters. Also, we thought of main ideas that connected all the think marks so we could make a proficient beginning sentence for each chapter. After that, we will have a debate over (based on your job), will you fight for or against King George? For example, if you were an Apothecary, you were a gentry. So you have to think about how this would affect your life. Also, how rich you are or how much land you own tells you the rights you have and don’t have, like the rights to vote and how much power you have. Remember, social class matters a lot in New York.  After that, we will write historical fiction journal entries. We can’t wait for you to read it! It is turning out really amazing.

Content Studies

One thing we are looking into is government and taxes and how they affected the people. Some were for the king, some rebelled, and the rest sat down with mad faces. Also we are learning about the French and Indian War. We learned that England wanted more land and power. After they took over, they kicked the Native Americans into a small piece of land while they got all the other land. Let me tell you that is a lot of land. That is how we know the English were very greedy.

We also survived the paper taxes a.k.a the Great Paper Scandal. You and the teachers were good, really good, at acting! We talked about how the colonists felt when they were being taxed. It wasn’t just paper that was being taxed for them, it was everything. The taxes were fine for merchants, but the brickmakers went crazy. They couldn’t afford to put food on the table! And who said anything about having enough money to have a roof over your head! They had never been taxed, they didn’t really care about expanding their land and they weren’t the ones who had used the materials, so why should they pay for weapons and food  for the troops now?

But the King had a reason for this. The French and Indian War cost a lot more than the King expected. The colonists were wealthier on average, and they only paid 1/20 of what the British people paid. But was this a fair system?


In the beginning of the month, we learned strategies to solve division problems, like partial quotients! You do partial quotients by knowing or finding multiples of the number you’re dividing the number it by. Also, you could use a factbox to help you with partial quotients! In addition, we are using the Standard Algorithm to do multiplication. The teachers say that we will be using this in middle school. You parents studied the algorithm or traditional method right?

Wait, we just moved to fractions, they are just making this harder and harder for us to write. “Yay” (maybe sarcastic you’ll never know!). Anyway, fractions are hard and it’s stressful. We are doing worksheets on comparing fractions. One strategy is common denominator and another is using landmark fractions. For example, you can use ½  as a landmark to help you. Also, we are comparing fractions by playing the game called… drumroll please… boomboomboom… comparing fractions! (Yeah, that’s totally the best name ever.) wait, it is actually called In between. So, how you play In Between is: There can be 2 people, so each player gets 5 or 6 cards. You have to make a number line out of all the cards you have. You also have to try blocking the other player so they have cards left over. How you win: you try blocking the other player. So whoever has the most amount of cards left over loses.

Student Section:

Interview Tammy
What do you want the 5th graders to take away from Peck Slip?

T: I want them to have learned how to be good people and know that they matter and can make a change in the world.

Why did you decide to work at a school?

T: I like kids and it allowed for me to have the same schedule as my children.

What do you like about working in the office?

T: I love my co-workers, Denise, Maggie, George, and Casey.

When did you realize that you wanted to work at a school?

T: I went back and forth for a while but I finally realized I wanted to work at a school seven years ago.

If you could go back in time would you choose a different job?


Thank you Tammy!

Hanukkah and Christmas are not that different, they both have presents for no reason at all. And they both have representatives who rhyme with objects (Mensch on the bench, Elf on the shelf) and here is what we know about them:


NameMensch on the benchElf on a Shelf
AlliesHanukkah Harry Santa Claus

Elf on the shelf

Mench on the bench

Hanukkah Harry

Given nameJoe MantleSnowflake, Chichichuchimuchi, Tootsie the marvelous great majestic inventor, whatever you want, really. Even if it is Chichichuchimuchi.
Home BenchesA shelf
Appearance: A happy bum. A freezing yet happy kid

Sorry guys but we might not be your news crew anymore we need to re-elect electives shhhhhhhhh hope the teachers forget that we need to apply for new electives.


Important Dates and Reminders:
Remember these days/dates in the month of December. Don’t miss out on what’s next, in the awesome class of 508.

12/13 – Bake Sale!

Thank you for your support. We made over $600 to cover next year’s Farm Trip!

12/22-Family Morning and Birthday Celebration

What could be be better than parents coming and children singing Happy Birthday?

12/25 Christmas

Ho Ho Ho! Come snag all those presents, kids! The trees also smell really nice. Mmmmmmmmmm.

12/12-12/20 Hanukkah

It ends before Christmas even starts and there’s no break for it. It’s kind of corrupt. Hope you get great presents, kids!

12/25-1/1 NO SCHOOL

We are going to go to 2018 and still no hoverboards that really hover. It’s a shame. Get us hoverboards!

Class News 11.17.17

Welcome Back!

[Fire alarm in the background]

If you are reading this, watch out because this newspaper is heading to disaster. Evacuate now! OK! Enough pretend-welcome [fire alarm turns off] back to us, Rowan Benda, Hazel Czarnezki, Emmanuelle Gordon and Daisy Lee. Wow-number 3 already! Next thing we know it will be our 23rd-like how the next thing you know your child will be in college. Well, knock yourselves out reading (have fun like you normally do). Go!

[Fire alarms start again]

P.S. We will have plenty of drama in this issue, so don’t be surprised if there is a whole lot of dun dun daaaaans in this piece.

In Class 508 (What We’re Learning)


We are reading nonfiction texts. We are working with our literacy partners reading about daily life in Colonial New York. We do think marks while reading these nonfiction texts/books. Thinkmarks can be questions, facts, or the main idea of the page or paragraph. Remember think marks are life. Yay. We like think marks. (might be sarcastic-you never know)

When we read nonfiction texts, we think about what the author meant while writing what they wrote. Another thing we are doing is making charts with confusions and understandings to help us problem-solve and learn from our confusions.

The difference between fiction and nonfiction is that fiction can be about flying donkeys or talking dogs. But in nonfiction, it could or did happen (you are reading nonfiction now. Cool, don’t you think), and it doesn’t have flying donkeys or talking dogs (which is kind of sad) 🙁 Also, nonfiction won’t have characters who could fall in an endless pit of spikes and survive. Fiction has mythical creatures that don’t exist in real life or are made up.  

Also, guess what? Reading responses are sometimes due every other Friday! Yay. We are totally not being sarcastic. Or are we? [Groan in background] Dun dun daaaaan!


We finished our published pieces/stories, which will hopefully be on Seesaw soon! Let’s hope it does. I do not know if it will actually happen.

Now, we are choosing Colonial jobs to research. Writing is now linked to content studies. We are learning about different jobs, and later will write an informational piece about the jobs. Then we will write historical fiction pieces/journals through the person we are studying. (Our secret identities) Dun dun daaaaaan!

The jobs are:

Apothecary: Hazel and James

Baker: Horatio and Daisy

Blacksmith: Jayden and Weston

Brick maker: Tomas, Ellington, and JD

Carpenter: Jocelyn, Lauren, and Class 508’s promethean board

Merchant: Zion and Jazmine

Printer: Basia and Eleanor

Rope maker: Jack and Sofia

Shopkeeper: Rowan and Mason

Silversmith: Emmanuelle and David

Wigmaker: Colette and Maxwell

(There are more jobs but they are in the other class or not in use) Dun dun daaaaaaan

Content Studies

At the African Burial Ground, we learned about how the enslaved people were treated. We learned how the bones looked compared to colonists’ bones. The enslaved persons’ bones were in terrible shape compared to the settlers’ because the enslaved people went through a terrible emotional time. But now we moved out of slavery as you saw what we are now doing because at this point writing reading and content studies are linked. Dun dun daaaaaan!


We are learning about the order of operations and learning math games to remember our math facts such as Around the World (a multiplication times tables game) and multiplication comparing games. You play Around the World by picking a traveler (a person that would stand up behind someone’s chair and challenge them to see who knows a math fact faster). If the person standing up got the answer first they would go to the next person. If the person in the chair won they would reign victory and stand and challenge the next person. To help us learn our times tables [Aww, man heard somewhere in the background.] We do not like memorizing our times tables. But it is for a game, so it is fun, so we do it anyways. [Yay is heard somewhere behind you]

We also played a game to remember our multiples of ten. You have a partner and you, of course. You also have cards. You have a recording sheet that says “your equation” and the other side says “your partner’s equation” and you pick two cards and multiply them by each other and get the answer. Your partner does that too and whoever has the bigger answer wins and the game goes on and on so on and so on. It does not matter if you win or lose-or does it? Dun dun daaaaaan!

Student Section

Dun dun daaaaaan!

Interview with Maggie Siena (our principal!)

What do you hope to accomplish for Peck Slip?

My dream is that the grown-ups and the children of Peck Slip grow and learn, and feel that their time here was a great time in their lives. I also dream that the children who graduate from Peck Slip go on to live wonderful, productive, meaningful lives.

Why did you choose these values for Peck Slip?

I chose them with the teachers, back in 2012. I especially love the school rules because they are so simple and cover everything. I believe that being connected to people, learning through your whole life, and helping others, is the recipe for a happy and fulfilling life. Values, Qualities, Goals Values-Qualities-Goals

How do you think Peck Slip has grown?

Mostly in size! I think the feeling and community from the beginning of Peck Slip has been happy, family-like, and an interesting place to learn. We started with two teachers, then five, then ten, and when we moved to this building, we had to hire fifteen teachers. Soooo hard! But the spirit has stayed the same.

What do you want to add to Peck Slip?

More class pets! Plus, I’d like to be part of the comfort dog program. I love animals and I think it would be great to have kids help take care of the dog and have them come see it if they are feeling sad. I would like to have an annual play or musical for the upper grades. I want to have the library open for recess, and I would like benches and plants on the Peck Slip play street.

Did you ever want to be a teacher?

I was a teacher! But when I was a kid, I wanted to be an actress. I loved my teachers a lot, so I’m not surprised I was one.

What caused you to start your own school?

I was the principal of PS 150, and there was one class per grade. That means one teacher per grade. I really wanted to be in a school where we had teacher teams. I am so glad I started Peck Slip, because our teacher teams here are amazing.

How much funding do you need and how far along are we?

I don’t believe schools get as much money as they need. But if I could, I would hire more teachers for small-group work and a full-time librarian.

When did you decide to be environmentally-friendly?

I’ve always cared about the environment. I am an avid recycler, and it is not unusual for you to find me sorting out garbage. It is one of the reasons I am vegan, because being vegan is one of the best things you can do for the planet.

Why did you make the school vegetarian?

See above! Plus, I love animals more than almost anything. Except kids.

Thanks Maggie! 🙂



Book Buddies

You probably know from your kids, but if you don’t, we will tell you.

What were we going to write? I forgot. Sorry, just teasing. We have book buddies and we see them each month. In book buddies, you guessed it, we are reading with kindergarteners. Each buddy is unique. They are very small and cute and can start reading themselves whenever you look.  I know we already said this, but they are the cutest little kids EVER! we love them and we hope that we get to see them more. Beware 5th graders… of the intense cuteness! Try to survive-you will probably fail at that. Dun dun daaaaaaan!

[Fire alarms turn off] great!

The fire alarms helped right? We know they did totally. Ok! Get ready for turkey-oh wait-We mean spending time with your family on thanksgiving-we are a family. [Phony smile that defies embarrassment]. Dun dun daaaaaan!  

Important Dates and Reminders

Remember these days/dates in the month of November don’t miss out.

11/21 – Field Trip to Van Cortlandt Manor

Have fun! Remember your walking shoes and your lunch!

11/22 – Family Morning

8:45-9:15 Please come:) Don’t leave us, please!

11/23-11/24 Thanksgiving Break

Turkey, food and best of all no school! Yay for real!

11/28- November Birthday Celebration

Remember to bring a sweet treat for us to eat! Not you

12/1 – Choice Board Assignments Due

Time to get cracking! So, do your homework. Kids, make sure about that! Dun dun daaaaaan!


Class News 10/27/17

Welcome back to class 5-508 newsletter with Rowan Benda, Emmanuelle Gordon, and Hazel Czarnezki. And now, we have a new writer: Daisy Lee! We thank you for reading this. We can’t believe this is our second newsletter! If you have any questions about anything in this newsletter, ask your child about it. Then they can ask us to answer the questions.

Hope you love it! Because if you doooon’t…[ dun dun duns]


IN CLASS 508 (What we’re learning)

Reading – Continuing to Grow our Thinking with Think Marks and Reading Responses.

In reading, we are writing different types of think marks as we read. If we think something, we write it down on a think mark. Prediction for the future? Put it on a think mark. Like the author’s word choice? Put it on a think mark. Notice a theme? Put it on a think mark. Visualizing a scene? Put it on a think mark. See repetition in this paragraph? Put it on a think mark.

Life is a big think-mark. Don’t be surprised if we said that! We think deeeeeep.

After we write think marks, we look through them to find one we can write about, then we expand on it. That means we write a reading response based on the think mark.

In our reading response, we must have:

-A juicy think-mark


-Strong words and thinking

-Transition words such as, for example and this makes me think

Writing – Drafting, Revising, Editing and Publishing

For the last week or so we have been trying different strategies to write about a topic. Now we have chosen a topic and we are drafting and revising it. One strategy for revision we are using is show not tell. One way to use it is that you can show how a character is feeling. Instead of saying “she was happy”, you might say “she was jumping up and down with a big smile on her face. We are also writing from different perspectives. For example, if I was writing a story about me, I might want it to be from the perspective of a friend. We are also using mentor texts to inspire us. Some stories have two different perspectives, such as the pet and the owner. Sometimes the pet hates it.

Math – Volume

In math now we are studying volume, not loudness, but the inside of a 3D shape. We started this unit with the Box Factory. When we were doing the Box Factory, we were using snap cubes to make arrays and boxes. We did this to understand volume better. We are learning volume with the equation of LxWxH. Also we are doing stations, including true or not true, reasoning routines, and number strings. We also played math games to help, and we loved it, because games are fun. 🙂

Content Studies – Colonial and Revolutionary New York

In content studies, we are currently learning about what New York was like under the English rule. And what it was like for EVERYBODY. We are learning about the trade routes of New York and how the English had a Triangle Trade with other countries: that means they rely on the other countries for goods and essential things needed like: other people who did work for them, that had many advantages and disadvantages such as death. Also, we are studying slavery and how enslaved people were treated, compared to the other people in New York. Not good hmph.  Also we are learning about the laws that slaves had to follow. To learn about that, we were given a card with a perspective, then we saw the laws and wrote our opinions from that point of view. We are going to the African Burial Ground, and there we will learn about where the slaves were buried when they died. (Also this is all under the English rule and not the Dutch.)

Choice Board Homework

As you know we are doing choice boards again. We are doing our 1st choice board, which is due November 3rd. We have 9 assignments, and we need to do 6. Just a reminder. 🙂

P.S. Someone is writing to stop choice boards, so don’t be surprised if there isn’t a choice board next time. It is a pretty good piece of writing. It might convince the teachers and Maggie.


STUDENT SECTION  (All the stuff we want to write about)

Interview with Peter, the math specialist.

Interviewed by the Newsletter Team

What do you like about math?

P: Helping people think in ways that they might not have thought of.

What do you think of Peck Slip?

P: Peck Slip is a wonderful school, with dedicated teachers and students whose company is almost always a pleasure.

What was Peck Slip like when it was small?

P: I have been at Peck Slip since it started with fewer than 50 students and three classrooms in the Tweed Courthouse. We had Dance, art, PE, and science in the same room.

Did you ever want to be a classroom teacher?

P: No. Classroom teachers work too hard!

When did you start teaching?

P: The first time I taught was in 12th grade—I taught 9th grade English (we studied the Wind in the Willows—have you read it?) I started working with elementary school students seven years ago.

Why did you start teaching in the first place?

P: Teaching is the best way to learn. I learn from students and teachers every day.

How many other schools have you taught at?

P: Five, counting the schools I taught at while I was in graduate school, but not counting the painting school in my children’s bathroom.

What are your hopes and dreams for Peck Slip?

P: That Peck Slip’s first 5th grade graduates without setting anything on fire. I’m pretty confident that it will.

Thanks Peter!


Fifth Grade Bake Sale

Thank you fundraising committee! And thank you, everyone who ate those yummy treats! We raised over $800 for the future farm trip so that everyone can have that incredible experience that we had! Here are a few words from the committee:

Jazmine: It was really fun and super successful. It was supposed to last until about 5, but we had to stop early because we ran out of treats!

Jack: I think it was a huge success, and I hope that we can do more stuff like that!

Sofia: I think the bake sale was very successful because we were sold out by the time after-school came over. Our goal was $500, but we made $800!

Eleanor: It was super fun, and we made much more money than we thought! It was fun baking the treats.

Colette: I loved it, it was a lot of fun and I really want to do another!

Basia: I loved the way I could be independent and help the teachers with an important task. I also liked the way we could sell cookies for the farm!

Thank you fundraising committee for the good treats and sweets! Yummy! Sorry, we also forgot to thank the parents that made the food!!!


Chores on the Farm

We enjoyed showing our families the slideshow and the work we did in our scrap books at the farm. Also, we hope that you think that it was a good experience for your child or children.

So, you probably know the big stuff we did but this is the little stuff one of the the chores was in the morning. We would make breakfast such as: scrambled eggs and mini pancakes. Also, we set the tables (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6) with cups, plates, utensils, and napkins. We also fed the animals before we fed ourselves. Do you know the expression “you eat like pigs”? It means that you eat very violently with or without utensils. Trust me, we did not eat like that. We got the tables ready for lunch and dinner too (we also made the food). We sang a song before every meal. During the day we also had a snack.

We picked up chickens and pet goats and walked them too. We collected chicken eggs and checked on maple trees and saw how they made maple syrup (but we didn’t get to  make syrup). We cut wood for the fire in the day, and we set fire to it at night. We used the firewood for a campfire.

In the garden, we collected vegetables for the meals (and also for a snack while picking the food), and took apart fences too!  We fed the rams while we made the fence. Also had some fun with making the fence electric but we did get stung a lot!

We’re sure your kids told you about the farm and more of the things we did. But, this is your last chance to get everything out of them while they can remember. So don’t forget to ask!


Why does Peck Slip only go to 5th grade?

Peck Slip only goes up to 5th grade because there would be no more class rooms (and no more room). Also, the building wasn’t meant to hold that many people, so unless you want to share everything with everyone (like in second grade), don’t make this school any bigger.



(Make sure you know what’s happening at Peck Slip)

October 30-Birthday Celebration for Mason and JD

Happy Birthday!

October 31- Halloween Parade

Come and watch your kids walk around in their Halloween costumes!

November 1-African Burial Ground Walking Trip     

Let’s find out we’re the slaves were buried.

November 7 – Election Day

No school for students!

November 13– Science Class Walking Trip

Wear your sneakers! Have fun!

November 16 – Parent Teacher Conferences

11:40 dismissal 

November 22-Family Morning

More details to come!


Have a wonderful weekend!


508 News 10/13/2017


As the News Team, Rowan Benda, Emmanuelle Gordon , and Hazel Czarnezki with a tiny tiny tiny bit of help from teachers will be the ones providing you the information every two weeks.Or around that time period.

 In the newsletters, you can expect a description of what we are doing in class, such as reading, writing, math and content studies. We will also be adding a student section, where we will do interviews with school staff, reflections, and some reminders for fun events. (And the not-so-fun ones too.)


IN CLASS 508 (What We’re Learning)

Reading – Growing our Thinking with Think Marks and Stop and jots

In class we are stopping when reading our books and writing what comes to our mind. That motivates us to pay attention to what’s going on in our books. The time to write is when something sparks our thinking. No matter what it is, you stop and jot about it.

Writing – Learning New Strategies for Writing

We are learning new ways to collect ideas. Some strategies we have learned to write from are:

–  A List (Best and Worst Memories)

– Questions

– Observations (in the world)

– A word (we take a word and write about it)

– Literature

Next we are choosing topics, then we will write about subtopics.We are writing about things we care or know about.

Math – Habits Of mind

In math, our main goal is not to always get the answer correct, but to think correctly using habits of mind: mostly about persistence and working through it all. To sum it up: THIS HELP US LEARN. We have started our unit about volume and multiplying multi-digit numbers. Then, we will be doing division.

Content Studies – Colonial and Revolutionary New York

In this study, we will be reading articles, looking at maps, and analyzing images and artifacts to help us understand how the colonists lived and worked. Also we will be doing research-based learning in groups and independently, learning about different perspectives. Our final project is to put ourselves in the shoes of a colonist. Soon, we will act out a debate and decide whether to sign the Declaration of Independence.

Choice Time/Electives

We have started our committees! We will be rotating through these electives throughout the year, but check out some committees we have below. Fifth grade’s choice time is different because in middle school we don’t have choice time. So in this choice time, we are trying to develop social skills and help the community while having fun.

Newsletter- Students write out the blog you’re reading. We’re the ones who keep you up to date in class 508!

Teacher’s Helpers – Students help lower grade teachers. The students will help with reading and their other class work.

Public Service Announcements- This team is making different short films to help raise awareness for the rules of Peck Slip.

Coding – This group is working on a math Pac-Man game that will help develop math skills for students.

Fundraising – This group will fundraise for the school or other causes in the world. They are making yummy treats and yummy sweets for an October 25th bake sale.

Interview with Jocelyn and Lauren

Interviewed by: the Newsletter Team

Why did you come here to teach?

J: Kyla was my roommate many years ago and she was telling me about how much she loves Peck Slip. So when 5th grade opened, she encouraged me to talk to Maggie. I am so happy I did!

L: I came here to teach because I value the mission statement, and I appreciate all the support and advice that Maggie gives all the teachers and staff.

What are we studying and why are we studying it?

J: In content studies, we’re going to start with Colonial New York. We will also study artifacts found on the Peck Slip site, which will help us understand the past. Lastly, we will learn about current issues that we want to change.

L: In math, we will do a lot of work with fractions, decimals, multiplication, division, geometry and early algebra. In writing we will do informational writing and research-based persuasive essays.

How do you think we changed after the farm?

J: I think that everyone has become more confident and better problem-solvers. We’ve built a stronger bond as a community and have learned to trust each other.

L: I think that you’ve all gained a better support system for each other, and you have all become more open-minded when trying new things and taking risks. 

What do you like about this class?

J: I notice how everyone is so respectful, and so excited to learn. Everyone has an open-mind and has a unique personality!

L: What I like about Class 508 is that you have a very positive energy, and that you are willing to take academic risks and help others. You are all sweet-natured.

What do you think we could work on?

J: I hope that we can continue building our habits of mind, especially being flexible and taking risks. We’re already on our way with our growth mindsets.

L:I think we can work on being reflective and learn to be independent.

How do you want 508 students to feel after leaving Peck Slip?

J: I want them to feel inspired and prepared for their next adventures. I hope students leave with life-long friendships and a sense of pride and independence.

L: I want them to feel accomplished and proud of themselves. I want you to leave knowing you can always come back to Peck Slip, your second home.

Upcoming Events/Reminder                            

October 19 – Class Picture Day at 1:05

Wear your best clothes!

October 21- Taste of the Seaport

The chorus will sing.There will be lots of FOOD! Be sure to come!

October 25– 5th Grade Bake Sale

Hosted by the Fundraising Committee. All proceeds will go towards the 4th graders for next year’s farm trip!

October 26– Farm Family Morning.

Come for a farm-packed morning!

October 31– Halloween Parade                        

GHOULS AND GOBLINS EVERYWHERE: IT’S NO FUN WITHOUT A GOOD SCARE…. As you know, this song is from the Nightmare Before Christmas, which means Halloween is coming! Get ready for the 2 Cs: Costumes and Candy, because this will be the BEST Halloween yet! The school is having their annual Halloween parade. Be sure you don’t forget! And wear your costume.

November 1- African Burial Ground Walking Field Trip

Wear your sneakers!

November 3 – Homework due!

Don’t forget to upload to Seesaw!

November 13– Science Class Walking Trip

Also wear your sneakers!

Remember to sign the permission slips for the field trips! (We will send them home next week!)


Have a great weekend!