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508 News 10/13/2017


As the News Team, Rowan Benda, Emmanuelle Gordon , and Hazel Czarnezki with a tiny tiny tiny bit of help from teachers will be the ones providing you the information every two weeks.Or around that time period.

 In the newsletters, you can expect a description of what we are doing in class, such as reading, writing, math and content studies. We will also be adding a student section, where we will do interviews with school staff, reflections, and some reminders for fun events. (And the not-so-fun ones too.)


IN CLASS 508 (What We’re Learning)

Reading – Growing our Thinking with Think Marks and Stop and jots

In class we are stopping when reading our books and writing what comes to our mind. That motivates us to pay attention to what’s going on in our books. The time to write is when something sparks our thinking. No matter what it is, you stop and jot about it.

Writing – Learning New Strategies for Writing

We are learning new ways to collect ideas. Some strategies we have learned to write from are:

–  A List (Best and Worst Memories)

– Questions

– Observations (in the world)

– A word (we take a word and write about it)

– Literature

Next we are choosing topics, then we will write about subtopics.We are writing about things we care or know about.

Math – Habits Of mind

In math, our main goal is not to always get the answer correct, but to think correctly using habits of mind: mostly about persistence and working through it all. To sum it up: THIS HELP US LEARN. We have started our unit about volume and multiplying multi-digit numbers. Then, we will be doing division.

Content Studies – Colonial and Revolutionary New York

In this study, we will be reading articles, looking at maps, and analyzing images and artifacts to help us understand how the colonists lived and worked. Also we will be doing research-based learning in groups and independently, learning about different perspectives. Our final project is to put ourselves in the shoes of a colonist. Soon, we will act out a debate and decide whether to sign the Declaration of Independence.

Choice Time/Electives

We have started our committees! We will be rotating through these electives throughout the year, but check out some committees we have below. Fifth grade’s choice time is different because in middle school we don’t have choice time. So in this choice time, we are trying to develop social skills and help the community while having fun.

Newsletter- Students write out the blog you’re reading. We’re the ones who keep you up to date in class 508!

Teacher’s Helpers – Students help lower grade teachers. The students will help with reading and their other class work.

Public Service Announcements- This team is making different short films to help raise awareness for the rules of Peck Slip.

Coding – This group is working on a math Pac-Man game that will help develop math skills for students.

Fundraising – This group will fundraise for the school or other causes in the world. They are making yummy treats and yummy sweets for an October 25th bake sale.

Interview with Jocelyn and Lauren

Interviewed by: the Newsletter Team

Why did you come here to teach?

J: Kyla was my roommate many years ago and she was telling me about how much she loves Peck Slip. So when 5th grade opened, she encouraged me to talk to Maggie. I am so happy I did!

L: I came here to teach because I value the mission statement, and I appreciate all the support and advice that Maggie gives all the teachers and staff.

What are we studying and why are we studying it?

J: In content studies, we’re going to start with Colonial New York. We will also study artifacts found on the Peck Slip site, which will help us understand the past. Lastly, we will learn about current issues that we want to change.

L: In math, we will do a lot of work with fractions, decimals, multiplication, division, geometry and early algebra. In writing we will do informational writing and research-based persuasive essays.

How do you think we changed after the farm?

J: I think that everyone has become more confident and better problem-solvers. We’ve built a stronger bond as a community and have learned to trust each other.

L: I think that you’ve all gained a better support system for each other, and you have all become more open-minded when trying new things and taking risks. 

What do you like about this class?

J: I notice how everyone is so respectful, and so excited to learn. Everyone has an open-mind and has a unique personality!

L: What I like about Class 508 is that you have a very positive energy, and that you are willing to take academic risks and help others. You are all sweet-natured.

What do you think we could work on?

J: I hope that we can continue building our habits of mind, especially being flexible and taking risks. We’re already on our way with our growth mindsets.

L:I think we can work on being reflective and learn to be independent.

How do you want 508 students to feel after leaving Peck Slip?

J: I want them to feel inspired and prepared for their next adventures. I hope students leave with life-long friendships and a sense of pride and independence.

L: I want them to feel accomplished and proud of themselves. I want you to leave knowing you can always come back to Peck Slip, your second home.

Upcoming Events/Reminder                            

October 19 – Class Picture Day at 1:05

Wear your best clothes!

October 21- Taste of the Seaport

The chorus will sing.There will be lots of FOOD! Be sure to come!

October 25– 5th Grade Bake Sale

Hosted by the Fundraising Committee. All proceeds will go towards the 4th graders for next year’s farm trip!

October 26– Farm Family Morning.

Come for a farm-packed morning!

October 31– Halloween Parade                        

GHOULS AND GOBLINS EVERYWHERE: IT’S NO FUN WITHOUT A GOOD SCARE…. As you know, this song is from the Nightmare Before Christmas, which means Halloween is coming! Get ready for the 2 Cs: Costumes and Candy, because this will be the BEST Halloween yet! The school is having their annual Halloween parade. Be sure you don’t forget! And wear your costume.

November 1- African Burial Ground Walking Field Trip

Wear your sneakers!

November 3 – Homework due!

Don’t forget to upload to Seesaw!

November 13– Science Class Walking Trip

Also wear your sneakers!

Remember to sign the permission slips for the field trips! (We will send them home next week!)


Have a great weekend!