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Weekly Update 1/19/18

Hey families!

This was a very fun week!

First, we did math. We learned about perimeter! We solved a lot of perimeter problems and measured things in the class!

Next reading! We have started reading I am Malala. It is about a girl who fights for equal rights. We started our final New Amsterdam writing.

Use this link to access this week’s choice board: Choice Board Homework #7

Please make sure your children are completing planning pages for their written work, this is a requirement.


Hayden and class 4-504


Weekly Update 1/12/18

Hi 4-504 Families,

We were busy this week! We published a new piece that you will see at our content study celebration. We also worked on complex division problems and made high-quality math posters. Remember, there is no school on Monday 1/15, in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.


As you might remember from curriculum night, NYC middle schools take fourth grade attendance very seriously. Please only keep your child home if they have a fever or are vomiting (contagious). Otherwise, try to send them to school every day.


We have loved hearing about your kids’ talents. Next week we will transition into a new round of shares called “The Story of Your Name.” Students should research (they can talk with you) where their name came from. Some questions they can ask:

  • What does my name mean?
  • Why did my family choose this name?
  • Was I named after anyone?
  • Why do I love my name?

Next week’s sharers are: Zoe and Adia (Wednesday), Aldi and Zephyr (Thursday), and Stella and Anita (Friday).

Upcoming Important Dates

1/15 – No school MLK Day

1/31 – Jazz for Young People concert, 9 am in gym

2/15 – New Amsterdam Content Study Celebration!

4/11-4/12 – New York State ELA test

5/2-5/2 – New York State Math test

Have a great weekend!

Sarah and Jessica

Class List for Homework

Hi families,

If your child chose row 1 (Kindness), choice 1 (Classmate Compliments), they will need a class list to complete the assignment. Here is a list of the students in our class:

  • Adia
  • Aldi
  • Anita
  • Ariella
  • Aron
  • Bianca
  • Brendan
  • Christopher
  • Connor
  • Hayden
  • Fiona
  • Jack
  • Jasper
  • John
  • Kelsey
  • Kiki
  • Madison
  • Mika
  • Nicki
  • Noah
  • Nola
  • Penny
  • Riley
  • Sophie
  • Stella
  • Zephyr
  • Zoe
  • Sarah
  • Jessica
  • Dinah
  • Angelica


Weekly Update 1/5/18

Happy New Year 4-504 families!

We had a very short week due to the holiday and the surprise snow day, but we got a lot done! We worked on a mural for our content study, took a multiplication assessment, and began publishing a new essay.


A new choice board is coming home today. As usual, three choices will be due next Friday, and three the Friday after. At this point almost everyone has turned in their break projects and we are SO impressed. If your student hasn’t turned in a project, they must do so by Monday.


Next week the following students will share their talents: Fiona and Mika (Tuesday), Madison (Wednesday), Jack and Kiki (Thursday), and Kelsey, John, and Jasper (Friday).


Most of the time we are outdoors for recess (not on exceptionally cold days like today). Please sent your student to school with warm coats, shoes, and appropriate accessories for this very cold winter.

Have a great weekend!

Sarah and Jessica

Happy Holidays and Weekly Update 12/22/17

Dear 4-504 Families,

First and foremost, happy holidays! We are so grateful for all of your support and we thank you for the generous gifts. We hope everyone has a restful holiday break and a happy New Year! Here is a brief weekly update:

Talent Share

This week we saw saxophone playing, lego building, drawing, kids speaking in Italian, Turkish, and Spanish, hula hooping, and making designs out of rubber bands. We will be continuing to share our talents in the new year. Following the break, we will have the following sharers: Tuesday, no sharers. Wednesday, Nicki and Connor will share. Thursday, Fiona and Mika will share. Friday, Madison and Hayden will share. We have really enjoyed all of your kids shares so far!

Homework Choice Board

Choice board projects are due on Tuesday, January 2, when we return from break. Please remember, students only have to complete one choice and it should be best work! We will resume normal choice boards in the new year.

Have a wonderful week and we will see you back at school in 2018!

Sarah and Jessica

We had a great trip to Poet’s House. It really helped us put the finishing touches on our poetry.

Kids showed kindness by making a lego sculpture for Chris when he wasn’t feeling well.

Family Visit on Friday!

Hi 4-504 families,

We will have our family visit on Friday (12/22) at 8:30 AM. We hope to see you there!

Sarah and Jessica

4-504 Weekly Update 12/15/17

Hello 4-504 families!

We had a fun week. We continued our explorer simulation, learned about Peter Stuyvesant, worked on multiplication, and wrote some poetry. We also visited the book fair. Thanks to those who bought books off of our wishlist. Today we had a field trip to Poet’s House in Battery Park.

Here is some information about the coming week:

Share Schedule

We have been sharing our talents! We have seen gymnastics, coding, different languages, painting, and some other interesting gifts from your children. Next week, we will have more shares. Tuesday: Aron and Bianca. Wednesday: Penny and Riley. Thursday: Nola and Brendan. Friday: Chris and Noah.

Choice Board

Please remember, our current choice board lasts for three weeks, starting last Friday. Students will turn in their holiday break projects after the winter break. Students only have to choose one project to complete.

Trip Contracts

Our trip today was a little challenging for some students. We came up with some class agreements for any other trips this year, and students set goals for what they personally will do on the next trip. All students signed contracts  for upcoming trips. Please talk to your child about how important it is to follow directions on trips, so we can keep them as safe as possible.

Have a great weekend!

Sarah, Jessica, and fourth grader Connor (thanks for helping us write this!)

Weekly Update, 12/8/17

Share Schedule

Starting next week, students will be sharing their talents! Please have your student prepare pictures, artifacts, or materials for modeling/sharing their talents. We will begin on Tuesday 12/12 with Zoe and Adia. Wednesday 12/13 will be Aldi and Zephyr. Thursday 12/14 will be Stella and Anita. Friday 12/15 will be Ariella and Sophie.


This week, students will be bringing home their holiday choice board. Please note, students will work on ONE big project. This is mandatory. They will work for three full weeks, and the project will be due on January 2 when we return from break. There are three options, and each option includes suggested materials. PLEASE carefully read the assignment, particularly the “Be sure to include” section. We have been noticing that homework is still missing parts.

Book Fair

The book fair will be next week. Our class will visit on Wednesday. Each student will be able to buy something using the class donations. If your child has extra money, they will have to visit the book fair either before or after school.


We will be taking a trip to Poet’s House in Battery Park on Friday 12/15. Please have your student wear sneakers; it is a 25-minute walk

Month of Kindness

Students are continuing to celebrate our month of kindness this December. Students have left each other secret notes with kind words, decorated our class with kindness quotes, and created a kindness web by tossing a ball of yarn to one another and sharing a compliment. Students are making kindness pins to help them remember their kindness goals for the month. These pins should live at school so kids can wear them each day. If your child brought a pin home, please remind them to bring it back to school.


Here are some pictures of the “Kindness Web” we made on Thursday!


Hi Families,

Next week, we will have P.E. with Gabriella TWICE. We will have it on our regular day (Thursday 12/14) and a make-up class on Monday (12/11). Please send your child to school next Monday wearing sneakers and P.E. clothes.


4-504 Weekly Update 12/1/17

Happy Friday 4-504 families,

We had a great week! We saw Wonder at the iPic Movie Theater, we started our explorer simulation, began our multiplication unit, and we launched into our “Month of Kindness.” Here is some information for the coming week.

Current Events

Students have been teaching us SO much about what is going on in the world. We love that students are coming prepared with their articles, as well as who, what, when, where, and why written down. Students are becoming very informed. Next week’s sharers will be Fiona, Mika, Madison, Hayden, Jack, Kiki, Kelsey, John, and Jasper.

Month of Kindness

December is going to be our official “Month of Kindness” in the fourth grade. Students are brainstorming ways they can spread kindness both at school and at home. Encourage your student to self-reflect on ways they can be kind.

Next week there is a parent workshop on internet safety. It will be on Friday, 12/8 at 8:30 am in room 226. We strongly recommend this workshop, as so many of our fourth graders are frequent internet users.


Have a great weekend!

Sarah and Jessica