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Weekly Update, 4/20/18

Dear 4-504 Families,

Happy Friday! We have been working hard in our class on math, our immigration study, and book clubs. We will be going on a few upcoming trips as part of our immigration study. Here is some news for the coming weeks.


The math state test is on May 2 and May 3. This test is untimed, just as the ELA test was. Please contact our class parents, Kira and Shari, if you would like to contribute either healthy snacks (for before the test) or treats (for after the test). Please make sure your child is completing their homework and turning it in on time, as we will be going over the packets on Friday. Students who don’t turn in or complete homework are asked to complete it during choice time.


Our sharers for next week will be Jack, Gregory, and Kiki (Tuesday), and Kelsey, John, and Jasper (on Wednesday).


We will be participating in a walking tour of the South Village, facilitated by the Greenwich Village Historical Preservation Society. This trip will take place on Tuesday, 4/24. Our Ellis Island trip will take place on May 7. Please note, we have limited space for chaperones on this trip. If you requested to be a chaperone and are available this Tuesday for our walking trip, please let us know if you are willing to chaperone that trip instead. We will be giving priority to parents who have not yet chaperoned a trip.

Have a great weekend!

Sarah and Jessica

Weekly Update, 3/29/18

Hi 4-504 families,

Happy spring break! The kids have been working so hard, and have earned a week of relaxation. When we return from school we will have two days to get mentally prepared for the state test.

Reminder, the ELA test is on Wednesday 4/11, and Thursday 4/12. Continue reading for tips on how to help your child prepare. 

Spring Break Homework/Preparing for the Test

Over the break, students have an immigration choice board that they received last Friday. Students must complete one project by Monday, 4/9. Please note, we have NOT assigned test prep homework. In order to prepare for the test, students should read each night and relax. Make sure your student is getting three healthy meals a day, and a good night’s sleep. Speak calmly about the test, and help them to practice deep breathing if they are feeling anxious. They are all prepared to take this assessment.

Share Schedule

We are loving the baby pictures and stories! After the break, the following students will share: Ariella and Sophie (4/10), Riley and Aron (4/11), Bianca and Penny (4/12), and Nola and Brendan (4/13). Please note, if your child has not yet shared their mini-biography of an olympic athlete, we will not be able to have them share their baby pictures until they do so.

Immigration Panel

We are looking for parents who immigrated to the United States to share their stories in an immigration panel that will either be on 4/18 or 4/25. If you are an immigrant and would like to participate, please send us an e-mail with your preferred date. We did this last year and it was very powerful for the kids to hear real stories and ask questions. We would love to have representation from 4-504.


Have a wonderful break!

Sarah and Jessica

Weekly Update, 3/23/18

Dear families,

It was so nice to see many of you at the gala last night. Thank you for supporting the work we do at Peck Slip with your generous contributions! Read below for a few reminders for the (short) week ahead, please remember there is no school on Friday 3/30.


Students will be bringing home a new choice board today that will be due the Monday we return from spring break, 4/9/18. Please note, students are only required to complete one choice, but they can complete more than one if they wish.


We are loving our immigration study. We would like to host a panel for the kids to hear real immigration stories and ask questions. If you immigrated to the United States and would like to participate, please reach out to us and we will work around your schedule to the best of our ability.

Garden of Gratitude

We are still accepting donations for the Garden of Gratitude. There are many supplies we are in need of, and this is a great way to contribute!


We are launching into a new round of shares. Students will be sharing a photo of themselves as a baby, and sharing a funny/cute story about when they were little. You can feel free to e-mail the pictures to us if that is easier. This week’s shares will be Zoe and Adia (Tuesday), Aldi and Zephyr (Wednesday), Stella and Anita (Thursday). Please note, if your child has not completed their Olympics share, they will be unable to share a baby picture until they do so.


Musical sheets and returning to Peck Slip forms are due on Monday, 3/26.


Have a great weekend!

Sarah and Jessica




Weekly Update, 3/18/18

Hi families,

Sorry for the delay in posting. Just a few reminders for the upcoming week.

Forms to Return

Please remember to return your “returning/not returning to Peck Slip” form. This helps Maggie to plan for next year. Please also return your Jump-Rope-a-Thon pledges.

Share Schedule

This week will continue to share about winter Olympians. The following students will share: Jasper, Kelsey, and John (Tuesday), Zephyr, Stella, and Bianca (Wednesday), Penny, Noah, and Fiona (Thursday), and Hayden and Madison (Friday).

Hoping to see everyone at the gala this week,

Sarah and Jessica


Weekly Update, 3/9/18

Hi Families,

Here is some important information for the week ahead:

School Walkout

You will be getting a letter from Maggie about the scheduled walkout to honor the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who were killed due to gun violence. We have spoken to our class about these tragic events in a developmentally appropriate way, and explained the walkout. This will be a peaceful demonstration to show our support for the students of Parkland, Florida, and it is not politically charged. That said, students in grades 3-5 will have the option of participating (with parental permission). Please discuss this with your students this weekend and plan on sending in signed permission if they will participate. If you have any questions about how to speak with your kids about this, please do not hesitate to reach out to Sarah Katz, Sarah Rookwood, Rebecca Newfield, or Maggie Siena.

Science Homework

Ashley has requested that the students that haven’t completed their lab reports to revise (rewrite or type) the claim section of their lab report. This is due April 13, and should be brought back to the science room. Some students are done with this, but students who are not done will bring the report home to complete.


If your child is sick, please do NOT send them to school. Children should be vomit and fever-free for 24 hours before they return to school. This helps the rest of our class stay well. Thanks for your support.

Please read the following news from our class reporters: 

Hi, it is your amazing reporters, Anita, Mika, Kiki, and Aldi.

P.E.: In P.E. we finished our jump-rope-a-thon. A girl named Samantha in 4-504 jump roped to 2,289 jumps. It was amazing and crazy!!! 🙂

Art: In art we are making masks with symbols and working on making our own symbols on foam so we can print it on our mask. We have not got started on our mask. Thank you for reading about art!

Music: In music we are singing a song Yonder Come Day. We sound amazing! Also, we are continuing Funga Alafia on the instruments. We are so excited to learn new songs.

Science: In science we finished our books today! Yay!

Weekly Update 3/2/18

Hi 4-504 families,

A few updates to share:

Share schedule:

Next week we will continue to share our mini-biographies of olympic athletes. Next week’s sharers will be Riley/Aron on Tuesday, Bianca/Penny on Wednesday, Nola/Brendan on Thursday, and Chris/Noah on Friday.


Over the next two weeks, in lieu of a choice board or packet, students will be asked to conduct Immigration interviews/research with a family member. The packet came home today, and should be returned on Friday 3/16. The green sheet should be returned as soon as it is complete.


You will see some information below about our upcoming Jump-a-Thon. Students brought home forms this week to collect sponsorships for their efforts in the Jump-a-thon. This form is due on Wednesday. Please note, any donations are per jump, not per minute.

Please read the weekly overview from our class reporters this month (Aldi, Kiki, Anita, and Mika).


We are doing a jump-rope-a-thon in gym! All 4th and 5th grade are participating to raise money for next year’s fifth grade and for the school.


In music we learned a new song called Funga Alafia. Also we played instruments. We played Funga Alafia on an instrument.


Next week we are going to make papier mache masks from Africa with symbols.


This week we are learning fractions and practicing writing fractions different ways on an array.


In reading we did an assessment where we had to read a book and write about it.



Dear families,

Wow! What a busy, eventful week. We culminated our New Amsterdam Study, and the kids were so proud of the work they accomplished. We also began community building with both fourth grade classes. We began by watching a TED talk given by a 5th grader from Spence, about feeling different than her peers. We discussed our own differences in small groups. We highly recommend watching the video and discussing it with your children. We were very impressed with their candor and bravery. The link below will take you to the video:



Students have a test prep packet for the break. Please note, they have two weeks to complete it. It is due the Friday we return from break (3/2) and not 2/30 as indicated on the packet, and is not actually a day that exists (teacher-before-break brain).


After the break we will be sharing mini-biographies about athletes participating in the Winter Olympics. Encourage your child to write about a sport, or an athlete that they don’t know much about. We also love powerpoint presentations! Our first sharers will be: Adia/Zoe (Tuesday), Aldi/Zephyr (Wednesday), Stella/Anita (Thursday), and Ariella/Sophie (Friday).

Thanks for coming to our celebration today. We wish you all a fun, safe break!

Sarah and Jessica


TEST PREP INFORMATION/Weekly Update 2/9/18

Hi Families,

Please read through all of the important information below:

Share Schedule

Next week, we will not be having our normal share schedule. The week we return from break we will resume. Students will be sharing a mini-biography of an athlete competing in the winter olympics. They should try to pick a sport or an athlete they don’t know a lot about. They should plan on sharing who the athlete is, a little about the sport, a little about their back story, and some interesting facts. Our first week’s sharers will be Zoe, Adia, Aldi, Zephyr, Stella, Anita, Ariella, and Sophie.


For the next few weeks (including February break), we will be sending home test prep packets for homework. Please make sure these are returned to school completed on their due date.

Test Prep

Please check your e-mail for an important e-mail regarding test preparation for the upcoming state tests.


We are looking forward to seeing you at our New Amsterdam Celebration on 2/15 at 8:45!



Sarah and Jessica

Weekly Update 1/26/18

Dear 4-504 families,

Wow! This was a very productive week in our classroom. We began drafting a new writing project, we took a big mid-year math assessment, and we did a quick geometry mini-unit. We are so impressed with your students’ growth in math and writing. Most students have made tremendous progress since the start of the year. We had a chance to share some of the deep thinking kids do during reasoning routines in our math morning today. We hope you enjoyed it! Please take a moment to fill out the survey if you attended:

Share Schedule

We are still sharing (and enjoying) the stories of our names. Next week the share schedule is as follows: Chris and Noah (Tuesday), Nicki and Connor (Wednesday), Fiona and Mika (Thursday), and Madison and Hayden (Friday).


While kids should be largely independent when completing homework, we are still encouraging you to check over their work and make sure they have followed directions. Written work should be at least a full page. Planning pages for written tasks are required.

Math Facts

This week we gave an addition, subtraction, and multiplication fact assessment. None of the students are completely fluent with these basic facts yet. Unfortunately, in fourth grade, there is not time built into the schedule to practice these facts during the school day. We do work on computational fluency in math strings. We strongly encourage you to help your students master these facts at home. Flash cards, the math drills app, or online games are all acceptable options. Please continue to work on this.


We hope you have a great weekend!

Sarah and Jessica

Weekly Update 1/19/18

Hey families!

This was a very fun week!

First, we did math. We learned about perimeter! We solved a lot of perimeter problems and measured things in the class!

Next reading! We have started reading I am Malala. It is about a girl who fights for equal rights. We started our final New Amsterdam writing.

Use this link to access this week’s choice board: Choice Board Homework #7

Please make sure your children are completing planning pages for their written work, this is a requirement.


Hayden and class 4-504