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Weekly Update, 6/8/18

Hi families,

We are deep into our content study and need your support in the coming week. Please read this email so you are aware of all responsibilities for next week:


All students MUST bring a costume next week. This will stay here until our celebration. Please pack it in a bag labeled with their name. If you have any questions about what they should bring, FIRST ask your student, next refer to instructions given on last week’s update (on our website), and last e-mail us. We are in need of old fashioned table cloths for our celebration. They will be kept clean and returned to you. Please send them in next week. We still need sculpy clay. Our celebration is WEDNESDAY 6/20 at 8:45.


Our choice board looks a little different this week. We compiled some choices that your students came up with on last week’s choice board (from students who turned it in). Your child must pick at least one choice.


Starting next week we are sharing treats or crafts. Students should think about something small that they make well (a treat, a drawing, a beaded/string bracelet, origami, etc.) and make one for all members of our class (32 total). These can be truly tiny, and do not have to be complicated. It is meant so kids have a keepsake that represents their classmates.

Tuesday (6/18): Zoe/Adia/Aldi/Zephyr

Wednesday (6/19): Stella/Anita/Ariella/Sophie

Thursday (6/20): Riley/Aron/Bianca/Penny


The first ever Peck Slip School Musical, America! A Nation of Immigrants, will take place on Tuesday 6/12 and Wednesday 6/13 at 6:00 PM in the GYM. Your fourth and fifth graders have been working SO hard and tickets are going fast. We hope to see you there!

Have a great weekend!

Sarah and Jessica

Important Dates

May 22, 8:45 Family Visit/Poetry Reading



June 15 NO SCHOOL – Eid-al-Fitr

June 12/13 (time TBD) Musical Performances

June 20, 8:45 Immigration Celebration

June 22 Summer Birthday Party


Weekly Update, 5/18/18



On Monday we had music. In music we played a tricky song with 16th notes in it. Aside from that we had normal day


On Tuesday we did our book shares for the first time. We also had library and math. In math we worked on decimal cards and played decimal war like the card game


On Wednesday we worked on the same thing in math as Tuesday. We also had art and panted or masks. We also started computer for research for immigration


On Thursday we had P.E and played volleyball. We also had science and watched videos and took notes. Also we did more research and worked on poems


On  Friday we had a guest speaker (Zephyrs grandparents) talk about the triangle fire and got a library makeover.

-Zephyr and Sophie (class reporters)



We are noticing that homework is coming in incomplete, incorrect, or not turned in at all! While we will be ending choice boards in June, students should still be putting in maximum effort on current choice boards. Current event articles should be related to immigration in the news and the articles should be brought in or e-mailed to us (we are using them for a project). Content study related activities should be completed using best work strategies, since kids will use what they learn for our celebration. Please read all assignments completely, and let us know if you have any questions.


We still need more Sculpey clay and tissues. Please let us or our class parents know if you can provide these. We are all set on paper towels!

Book Fair

We will visit the book fair next week. Please send in 10 dollars to contribute to the school fund so all kids can participate (if you haven’t done so already). Any extra money kids bring, must be used during their free time (after or before school).

Science Test

Students will also take the science lab test next week with Ashley and a few other proctors. If you have any questions about the science test, please reach out to Ashley.

Non-Attendance Days

There will be no school for students on Monday, 5/28, Thursday, 6/7, Monday, 6/11, and Friday, 6/15.


Please have your child wear sneakers on P.E. day (Thursday) and any day they have musical or dance rehearsal.

Share Schedule

Here is next week’s “Book Buzz” share schedule:

Tuesday: Riley and Aron

Wednesday: Bianca and Penny

Thursday: Nola and Brendan

Friday: Chris and Noah

Week of 5/7/18-5/11/18


On Monday we had an all day trip to Ellis Island. It was very fun and I recommend going there with your family. At Ellis Island we listened to a audio tour and in different rooms the audio tour told us about different things. After we had lunch on the grass outside the museum.


On Tuesday we had a guest teacher teach us about Ellis Island. Also we learned about Decimals in math. We also found out our groups for immigration study.


We had a jazz concert. During the jazz concert we talked about the Civil Rights Movement. We also worked on a lot of math because we started a new unit. After we worked on a study packet for immigration. The group options were Italian, Chinese, and Jewish.


On Thursday we had P.E. in P.E we started a new unit, which is volleyball. So we worked on bumping and striking. After we had math and worked on fractions and decimals. Later we had science and did an experiment about density.


On Friday we did a math assessment that was 11 pages long so the only other thing we did in the morning was science and we did an experiment and we had a celebration because a guest teacher was leaving. Later in the day we had choice time.

See below for announcements from our teachers,

Zephyr and Sophie (Class Reporters)


You will notice a green “Book Buzz” sheet in your child’s folder. This is for our next share, which is book recommendations. Students should fill out the sheet with a book they have enjoyed and want to share with others. This week’s sharers are Zoe and Adia (Tuesday), Aldi and Zephyr (Wednesday), Anita and Stella (Thursday), and Ariella and Sophie (Friday).


Next week, we will only be checking homework that is inside homework notebooks. We will not be collecting loose scraps of paper. Students who have run out of space can use a new notebook. We appreciate your support with this.

School Supplies

We are very low on some school supplies. If you would like to contribute, please contact us or our class parents. Here are some examples of some of the things we need:

  • Paper towels
  • Kleenex
  • Sculpie Clay (assorted colors)

Family Visit

Our next family visit will be May 22 (Tuesday), at 8:45. We hope to see many of you there!

Book Fair

Money for the book fair is due on Monday, 5/14.

Weekly Update, 5/4/18

The week of 4/30/18 – 5/4/18

On Monday we had music. In music we are learning about jazz music for a concert coming up and immigration songs for a musical. Also on Monday we prepared a lot for the math state test.

On Tuesday we had the math state test right away and that took up the whole morning so we had library in the afternoon. Also because of the test we got choice time in the afternoon.

On Wednesday we had the state test again right away in the morning but finished early so we got to watch a movie [The Greatest Showman]. We also had art in the afternoon.

On Thursday we had a math assessment. Since Gabriella was absent we went to the roof and ether ran a mile with Sarah or learned shot put with Jessica or just did free play.

-Class Reporters (Zephyr and Sophie)

Ellis Island Trip

  • We will be leaving the school at 8:30 and walking to the Liberty Island ferry. We will take the ferry to Ellis Island, complete our tour, have lunch outside and then return to school by ferry/foot. PLEASE make sure your kids are dressed in weather appropriate clothing, and have sunscreen/hats/etc. It will probably be warm on our return trip.
  • We are having a picnic lunch at Ellis Island. Kids can bring a blanket or towel to sit on. Kids who typically get school lunch on Mondays will bring a bag lunch provided by the cafeteria, everyone else should plan on bringing a lunch that will hold up while outside for a bit.
  • Chaperones who WE CONTACTED, please make sure you confirmed your attendance for this trip and meet us in the lobby at 8:30.

Have a great weekend!

Sarah and Jessica

Weekly Update, 4/27/18

Thanks to the parents who participated in our immigration panel!

Dear Families,

This week we have been hard at work doing math and practicing for the state test. We have also had a immigration panel, where we got to ask questions to Maurizio (Bianca’s dad), Ronny (Anoushka’s mom) and Monnel, a school helper, about what it was like immigrating and how they felt. On Friday we had a family visit, where we got to watch a video of a girl who shared her experiences at her school when she felt different from her classmates and then we went with our parents and talked about it. Another thing we did is that we caught Houdini, our class snake, shedding and we got to observe and feel his newly shed skin.

-Riley, Class Reporter

Class Pet:

We are running low on mice for Houdini, please reach out if you are interested in donating to Houdini’s meal fund.

State Testing:

Next week we will continue state testing with the math test. This will be on Monday, 5/1, and Tuesday 5/2. Please reach out to our class parents if you would like to contribute a snack. MANY thanks to all of you who provided snacks for the ELA test, and to Kira and Shari for coordinating. Please make sure your kids have an early bedtime, and relaxed evenings before the test. They should plan on eating a good breakfast on testing days.

Family Visits:

Thanks to those who were able to attend our family visit today. We hope you will continue conversations about diversity with your student at home. The next family visit will be on Tuesday, May 22 at 8:45. The last family visit will be our immigration celebration on June 2o, at 8:45.


Weekly Update, 4/20/18

Dear 4-504 Families,

Happy Friday! We have been working hard in our class on math, our immigration study, and book clubs. We will be going on a few upcoming trips as part of our immigration study. Here is some news for the coming weeks.


The math state test is on May 2 and May 3. This test is untimed, just as the ELA test was. Please contact our class parents, Kira and Shari, if you would like to contribute either healthy snacks (for before the test) or treats (for after the test). Please make sure your child is completing their homework and turning it in on time, as we will be going over the packets on Friday. Students who don’t turn in or complete homework are asked to complete it during choice time.


Our sharers for next week will be Jack, Gregory, and Kiki (Tuesday), and Kelsey, John, and Jasper (on Wednesday).


We will be participating in a walking tour of the South Village, facilitated by the Greenwich Village Historical Preservation Society. This trip will take place on Tuesday, 4/24. Our Ellis Island trip will take place on May 7. Please note, we have limited space for chaperones on this trip. If you requested to be a chaperone and are available this Tuesday for our walking trip, please let us know if you are willing to chaperone that trip instead. We will be giving priority to parents who have not yet chaperoned a trip.

Have a great weekend!

Sarah and Jessica

Weekly Update, 3/29/18

Hi 4-504 families,

Happy spring break! The kids have been working so hard, and have earned a week of relaxation. When we return from school we will have two days to get mentally prepared for the state test.

Reminder, the ELA test is on Wednesday 4/11, and Thursday 4/12. Continue reading for tips on how to help your child prepare. 

Spring Break Homework/Preparing for the Test

Over the break, students have an immigration choice board that they received last Friday. Students must complete one project by Monday, 4/9. Please note, we have NOT assigned test prep homework. In order to prepare for the test, students should read each night and relax. Make sure your student is getting three healthy meals a day, and a good night’s sleep. Speak calmly about the test, and help them to practice deep breathing if they are feeling anxious. They are all prepared to take this assessment.

Share Schedule

We are loving the baby pictures and stories! After the break, the following students will share: Ariella and Sophie (4/10), Riley and Aron (4/11), Bianca and Penny (4/12), and Nola and Brendan (4/13). Please note, if your child has not yet shared their mini-biography of an olympic athlete, we will not be able to have them share their baby pictures until they do so.

Immigration Panel

We are looking for parents who immigrated to the United States to share their stories in an immigration panel that will either be on 4/18 or 4/25. If you are an immigrant and would like to participate, please send us an e-mail with your preferred date. We did this last year and it was very powerful for the kids to hear real stories and ask questions. We would love to have representation from 4-504.


Have a wonderful break!

Sarah and Jessica

Weekly Update, 3/23/18

Dear families,

It was so nice to see many of you at the gala last night. Thank you for supporting the work we do at Peck Slip with your generous contributions! Read below for a few reminders for the (short) week ahead, please remember there is no school on Friday 3/30.


Students will be bringing home a new choice board today that will be due the Monday we return from spring break, 4/9/18. Please note, students are only required to complete one choice, but they can complete more than one if they wish.


We are loving our immigration study. We would like to host a panel for the kids to hear real immigration stories and ask questions. If you immigrated to the United States and would like to participate, please reach out to us and we will work around your schedule to the best of our ability.

Garden of Gratitude

We are still accepting donations for the Garden of Gratitude. There are many supplies we are in need of, and this is a great way to contribute!


We are launching into a new round of shares. Students will be sharing a photo of themselves as a baby, and sharing a funny/cute story about when they were little. You can feel free to e-mail the pictures to us if that is easier. This week’s shares will be Zoe and Adia (Tuesday), Aldi and Zephyr (Wednesday), Stella and Anita (Thursday). Please note, if your child has not completed their Olympics share, they will be unable to share a baby picture until they do so.


Musical sheets and returning to Peck Slip forms are due on Monday, 3/26.


Have a great weekend!

Sarah and Jessica




Weekly Update, 3/18/18

Hi families,

Sorry for the delay in posting. Just a few reminders for the upcoming week.

Forms to Return

Please remember to return your “returning/not returning to Peck Slip” form. This helps Maggie to plan for next year. Please also return your Jump-Rope-a-Thon pledges.

Share Schedule

This week will continue to share about winter Olympians. The following students will share: Jasper, Kelsey, and John (Tuesday), Zephyr, Stella, and Bianca (Wednesday), Penny, Noah, and Fiona (Thursday), and Hayden and Madison (Friday).

Hoping to see everyone at the gala this week,

Sarah and Jessica