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Weekly Update, 10/19/18

This week we had a guest come and tell us about New Amsterdam, and we learned a lot about it. We started drawing what the houses looked like in New Amsterdam. This week we when Tim came over we got to learn about how the people from Amsterdam found New York and called it New Amsterdam. We learned about Henry Hudson. We had picture day. In math we learned the standard algorithm. We worked on addition and subtraction. In writing we started publishing our narratives. In band, we play our instruments. This week we had a lot of fun, Taste of the Seaport is this weekend (Dance troupe will be performing and also chorus).

– Lyla, Joshua, and Sophie (class reporters)


Hi Families,

Here are some reminders for our week ahead:

Walking Trip
On Tuesday, we will be taking a walking trip around lower Manhattan with Tim Hayduk, who is our Center for Architecture resident. Tim will be showing us the land that used to be New Amsterdam, and some important buildings and landmarks. Please make sure your child is wearing comfortable shoes.


A new choice board is coming home today (Friday, 10/19). Please make sure your child turns in three choices (one reading, one writing, one math) on Friday 10/26, and three new choices on Friday 11/2. This is in addition to nightly reading.

Family Visit

Our first family visit will be on Wednesday, 10/24, at 8:45 am. Students will be sharing a recently published writing piece.

Parent Teacher Conferences

We will be holding parent teacher conferences on 11/15, with a few additional slots available on 11/19 and 11/26. Please sign up at If entering your e-mail does not work, please enter our class code: 5VQ1226506


We hope to see you at Taste of the Seaport tomorrow, 10/20!

Sarah and Jessica


Choice Board Homework Board #2   Friday, October 19- Friday, November 2

Directions: Choose 3 boxes (1 per row) each week and complete the assignments in your homework notebook!
Week 1: Three assignments are due Friday, 10/26
Week 2: Three assignments are due Friday, 11/02

Reading daily for 30 minutes or more is required


Row 1: ReadingAuthor Research

Visit the website of one of your favorite authors! Find out at least ten interesting facts about the author.

  • Record each fact in a complete sentence.
  • Don’t just choose any facts– look for the ones that you find interesting!
Descriptive Language

As you are reading this week, stop and notice examples of descriptive writing in your book. Find at least four sentences that stand out to you.

  • Copy each sentence into your homework book.
  • Under each example of good description explain what you like about how the author wrote.
Book Summary

Choose a book that you have read recently and write a summary of the book.

  • Your summary should be 1-2 pages
  • The summary should have three paragraphs (beginning, middle, end)
  • Remember that summaries don’t include small details, they just tell the big things that happen.
Row 2:

Writing must include a planning page. Finished work should be at least one full page.

Persuasive Writing

Write a persuasive essay that shows your feelings on one of the following topics:

  • Should animals be kept in zoos?
  • Should kids have bedtimes?
  • At what age should people be allowed to vote in presidential elections?

Be sure to use paragraphs when you write.

Similes and Metaphors

Practice writing ten similes or metaphors.

Remember that a simile is a comparison that uses the word “like” or “as.” (ex: Her eyes sparkled like brilliant diamonds)

Remember that a metaphor is a comparison that doesn’t use “like” or “as.” (ex: Her cheeks were burning embers as she blushed from embarrassment)

Free Write

Write a story, poem, letter, essay, graphic novel, or a piece of writing from another genre.

Be sure that your work is neatly and thoughtfully done.

This is your chance to be creative!

Row 3:

Please explain your thinking to each problem in words.

Close to 1000

Imagine that you have the following eight digit cards in your hand for the game Close to 1000:

6      3 9      7 3 1      4 6

  • Which six cards would you choose?
  • What would your addition sentence look like?
  • Explain your strategy in words– why did you choose the cards you chose?
Multiplication Facts

If you don’t already know them, study your multiplication facts, 1-12, every night for ten minutes.

Write a description of how you practiced these during the week.

You may use flash cards, ask a grownup to drill them with you, use an app, or write them out.

We recommend the “Math Drills” app.


Complete 8-10 lessons on dreambox.

Write a brief description of the lessons that you completed.

Be sure to include any issues or problems that you had.

Choice Board


Choice Board Homework Board #1                                  Friday, October 5th – Friday, October 19th

Directions: Choose 3 boxes (1 per row) each week and complete the assignments in your homework notebook!
Week 1: Three assignments are due Friday, 10/12
Week 2: Three assignments are due Friday, 10/119

Reading daily for 30 minutes or more is required


Row 1: ReadingLetter to an Author

Write a letter to the author of the book that you are reading.

a. Introduce yourself
b. Tell what you think of the book
c. Ask questions about the story
d. Ask questions about being a writer

Your Favorite Book

Write a 3-paragraph letter to your teacher(s) about your favorite book.

a. Write a summary of the book (use transition words: first, in addition, furthermore, overall).
b. Explain why it is your favorite book.
c. Tell your teacher about a good part in the story.

A Scene From Your Book

Draw a picture of what is happening in the chapter of the book that you are currently reading.

a. Label the picture
b. Write a description of what is going on

c. Describe the characters in the scene


Row 2:

Please include all drafts from writing

Personal Narrative Story

Write a personal narrative about a special moment in your life.

Think about the beginning, middle, and ending.

Include lots of details!

A Special Object

Draw a picture of an object that is special to you (ex. toy/jewelry).

Decorate/color the picture
Why is this object special?

Tell the story!

Free Write

Write a story, poem, letter, essay, graphic novel, or a piece of writing from another genre.

Be sure that your work is neatly and thoughtfully done.

This is your chance to be creative!

Row 3:
Problem Solving

Meg had 30 trays. She put 5 apples on each tray. Her brother came along and ate three of the apples. What is the total number of apples left on the tray?

a. Show your work in an organized and clear way!
b. Use a strategy: picture, equation, ratio table

c. Explain your thinking in words
d. Check your work

Multiplication Facts

If you don’t already know them, study your multiplication facts, 1-12, every night for ten minutes.

Write a description of how you practiced these during the week.

You may use flash cards, ask a grownup to drill them with you, use an app, or write them out.

We recommend the “Math Drills” app.


Complete 8-10 lessons on dreambox.

Write a brief description of the lessons that you completed.

Be sure to include any challenges or ticky problems that you had.


Week of October 8th

Week of October 8th

Hello, 4th-grade families although it has been a short but busy week. Below is a bit more about our week from our classroom reporters Samuel and Eve.

This week we have been working on our personal narratives and we are adding more interesting words. Also, we have been writing about math and discovering what stacking means. In math, we have been going to the rug and solving problems as a class. We have been working on math problems with stacking and then checking our work with other strategies. In math, we started stations and we do stations on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In reading, we have been finishing our IRA, which are books picked by teachers and we answer questions about the books. Soon we will be starting our bookclubs. In social studies, we have been working on why the Europeans explored and what they traded.

Written by. Samuel

Next Week: 
Share Schedule:
Students will share about an activity they did over summer vacation and can bring in artifacts or photos.
Tuesday: Emma Vie & Darius
Wednesday: Dante & Cindy
Thursday: Ayaan & Anderson

We will be announcing our recess ambassadors. These students will be part of a school-wide group that will meet to discuss ways to keep recess fun and safe. Please be sure to ask your students about this important roll over the weekend. Students will also be awarded their second round of classroom jobs. They will hold this position from October 15th to November 15th. Be sure to ask them about the job they applied for and why. Students will be making their second trip to the school library, if they took out a book and would like to return it please be sure they have it with them Monday. We will have our first session with Learning by Design an architecture program that will be teaching us about the buildings in New Amsterdam. In addition, students will be taking home a permission slip for a walking tour of New Amsterdam, this permission slip is due Friday, October 19th. Lastly, students will be using the same choice board and selecting three new activities from each category. Homework notebooks will be checked each Friday and returned to students for the weekend. Please be sure students are completing all parts of each task.

Have a great weekend


Weekly Update, 10/5/18

Hi parents,

This week we worked on math, reading, and writing. In math we have been working on measuring our classroom. We used measuring tapes, unifix cubes, yard sticks and rulers to measure our room. In reading we have been picking out just right books in our classroom library. In writing we have been drafting our personal narrative stories. On Monday we had Art, on Tuesday we had music, on Wednesday we had P.E., on Thursday we had science, and on Friday we had dance and science. In social studies we have been working on maps and learning about Europeans 400 years ago, and why they traveled to new places. Please continue reading below for a note from our teachers.

Your Reporters,

Eve and Samuel

Class Parents

Our class parents this year will be Deborah, Chaandni, and Georgie. We are so grateful to them for volunteering, and we are excited to work with them. Please look out for any e-mails they send your way!


Your students will be getting their first homework choice board today. Please remember, they should choose 1 reading, 1 writing, and 1 math EACH week. The first three assignments are due next Friday, 10/12. Next week they should choose three new assignments from the same board. For each choice students should include:

  • Start on a fresh page
  • Include the date
  • Include a heading (i.e. My Favorite Books, Addition Problems)
  • For writing, include a planning page

Students should complete all parts of the choices they choose. They should also read for 30 minutes in addition.


Please, send your children to school on Fridays in shoes that can be easily slipped on and off. We are wasting precious class time taking our shoes off and putting them back on.

Have a great weekend!

-Sarah and Jessica

Weekly Update, Week of 9/24/18

Hello 4-504 families,

Last week we did a lot of exciting things. We finished our self-portraits, began a map-making activity, and celebrated our September birthdays. Here is some news for this week:


Here is the share schedule for this week:

Tuesday: Sadie/Ruby

Wednesday: Rio/Riki

Thursday: Reid/Raymond

Friday: Pablo/Nene


Instrument assignments are coming home today! Please make sure you look at your child’s assignment.


Please make sure you return the blue library form so students can bring their books home.

Weekly Update, 9/21/18

Hi Families,

Beginning the week of 9/24, students will be on a rotating share schedule. They will be sharing something they did over the summer and they may bring a small artifact or photo. Here is this week’s schedule:


Tuesday: Zoe Schwartz/Zoe Benda

Wednesday: Zoe Barshop-Downs/Valentina

Thursday: Thomas/Tristan

Friday: Sophie/Samuel


Sarah and Jessica


Weekly Update 9/14/18

Dear families,

Here is some information about our week, and the week ahead!

Our Week:
We had a short but busy week where we dove into some tricky math problems and worked with partners to discuss efficient strategies for solving. We practiced giving and receiving helpful feedback to produce our best work on our self-portraits. We also continued to enjoy our first read aloud Mr. Wolf’s Class, by Aron Nels Steinke. Lastly, your students completed their first classroom job application today and will find out Monday what classroom job they will have for September.

Things We are Looking Forward to:
Monday 9/17/18
-Students will be working with Michelle and our new band teacher to try out instruments. Be sure to ask your child which instruments they enjoyed as they will have an opportunity to join Peck Slip’s 4th Grade Band this year!
-Families, please join us for Back to School Night. We will be discussing essential topics for the upcoming year and getting to know everyone. We are looking forward to having a successful and collaborative school year. Please complete this survey for back to school night.

-On Monday, students will have their first day of art. Please be sure students are coming to school on Mondays in clothing that can get a little messy.
Tuesday 9/18/18
-On Tuesday, students will have their first day of Music.
Wednesday 9/19/18
No School Today.
Thursday 9/20/18
-On Thursday, students will be going to science and continuing to learn about simple machines.
Friday 9/21/18
-On Friday, students will have both dance and science. Please be sure your student is wearing shoes that are easy to remove and put back on, as the students do not wear shoes in the dance studio.

Items that must be returned to school:
The beginning of the school year brings paperwork, and even more is coming home today in bookbags. Please check your student’s bag for a lunch form, Taste of Seaport Dance Form, Halloween Dance Form and a Dance Troup Permission Slip (for interested students). Also, additional forms and items that must be returned to school include Blue Cards (if you have not done so already), Birthday Celebration Money ($10), and photos or decorations for writers notebooks. The week of the 24th we will be starting our daily shares. For our first round, students will be asked to share with the class some photos or souvenirs from their summer adventures.

Enjoy the weekend

4-504 Weekly Update

Dear 4-504 families,

We had a fun and busy first week. We had P.E. with our new teacher Bryan, dance with Gabriella, and science with Ashley. Students met our class pets, Houdini (a snake) and Tux (a cat puppet). We also started creating self portraits that will hang in our class all year. Students reflected on their experiences as mathematicians. We also got to explore the flexible seating in our classroom and self-assess which seats worked well for us.

Here are a few important notes for the week ahead:

P.E. is on Wednesday and Dance is on Friday. Students should wear sneakers for P.E. and comfortable clothes for both dance and P.E. (they take off their shoes for dance).


We will be celebrating birthdays once per month, at the end of the month. All students with birthdays that month will be celebrated. We are collecting $10 per student so the teachers can provide snack for these celebrations. We will not have parents attend the birthday celebrations.

Writer’s Notebooks

Please send in photographs, stickers, magazine cutouts, etc. that your student can use to decorate their writer’s notebook. These will be cut and glued so you will not get them back. All of these should be representative of your student’s interests and things that are important to them.

Have a great weekend!

Sarah and Jessica

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Dear 4th grade students and families,

Welcome to fourth grade at the Peck Slip School! We are so excited for this school year and all of the awesome things we will be studying. This year you will get to build off of all the knowledge you have gained in third grade and grow as thinkers and learners. We will continue to learn about the history of New York City, become amazing mathematicians, and grow our reading and writing skills. Most importantly, you will all get to know each other and us really well and we will have fun learning together. Here is a little bit of information about us.

Here we are! Sarah (left) and Jessica (right).

My name is Jessica, and I have been teaching fourth grade for seven years. I am excited to be starting my second year with the Peck Slip community and getting to know all of you. Some of my hobbies include staying active by running and biking, being creative through drawing, painting and arts and crafts, and reading, especially historical fiction. I also, enjoy traveling and learning about various cultures and historical time periods. This summer, I had the opportunity to do some traveling in the Azore Islands, off of Portugal where I saw beautiful landscapes, ate delicious foods, and got engaged. In addition, you will quickly learn that I am a huge fan of animals and have a large orange cat named Willis.

My name is Sarah, and this is my fifth year at the Peck Slip School and my eleventh year as a teacher. I live in Brooklyn with my husband, Dan, my daughter, Violet, and our dog, Kiwi. This summer I spent a lot of time with my family  traveling to different places and doing art projects with Violet. We spent time in Cape Cod, which is my favorite place in the world. I love traveling, running, bike riding, reading, drawing pictures, seeing shows and movies, and spending time with my friends and family. I am so excited to be teaching fourth grade again!

We are so excited to be working together as a teaching team for a second year, and we think you are really going to enjoy having two teachers (and a really cool pet in our classroom). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and include both of us on your emails: (Jessica: and Sarah: We will begin checking e-mail on September 5, 2018. Enjoy the end of your summer and we will see you on the first day of fourth grade!

Sarah and Jessica