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Homework Guidelines and Oct. 5 – 17 Choice Board

324 Choice Board Due Oct 17

  • Children have a homework notebook as well for them to complete assignments in.
  • Children have to choose 3 activities out of 9 to complete before October 17th (see paper for more details).
  • How to help at home: assist your child in making their 3 choices, then help them organize the best time and place to get them done over the next week and a half. They should be able to complete the assignments without adult support, however you can provide feedback after their first draft and assist them in making changes so that their final draft is their best work.
  • As always, 30 minutes of reading every night. Please email me if this is not happening and I will help you figure out a reading routine!

Weekly Update


  • We took our first field trip over the Brooklyn Bridge! With the help of chaperones, kids noticed and wondered things about the bridge. We took all of our wondering and distilled them down to some essential questions to lead our research: What people helped make the bridge? Where and why? How did they build the bridge? What do people do on the bridge now? Why?
  • We continued reading the Twits, using a plot map to track the important events. This helps kids summarize details, identify the problem, attempts by the characters to solve it, and notice the solution and resolution to the story.
  • Kids read non-fiction books with a partner identifying text features and using these to find details and facts from the text. We are working on distilling facts into their own words.
  • Kids began to plan and write their first (soon-to-be) published narrative story! After reading some inspiration narratives kids brainstorm moments in their lives where they experienced a strong feeling. They chose one of these moments and will continue drafting their stories next week.
  • Spelling words: then, many, some, would, other.
  • Spelling pattern: Long e (ee, ea, e_e, y)
  • Subtraction! Kids are working on a variety of subtraction strategies that help them to solve problems efficiently, flexibly and accurately.
  • We worked on some tricky multi-step problems and discussed how to show your work clearly and what habits of mind are needed to do our best solving.
  • Kids started jobs this week!
  • Families came in to read with their children. This is great practice for how to read with your kids at home! They love reading with you.

End of September Update!

We’ve had a really lovely first full week at school. The class is getting along well, being supportive of each other, working hard, and having a lot of fun!

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been working on:

  • Creating class agreements: Support Each Other; Listen When Others Speak; Try New Ideas
  • Read Alouds: The Twits by Roald Dahl, Nasreen’s Secret School by Jeanette Winter, Rain School by James Rumford, Love by Loren Long, and more…
  • Getting back into the habit of writing by discussing and trying the things that great writers do. We did a writing share today as a group and each child chose a piece they are working on that they feel proud of.
  • Self-Portraits: Each child created their own self-portrait. We used this project to discuss how to give and receive feedback, create multiple drafts and consider what makes our “best work.” Today we created a class rubric so we know when the work we’ve completed is our best.
  • Assessments and Goals: I have been working on assessing children in reading, writing and math. Looking through these assessments will continue into the next few weeks. I have been gradually helping children create a goal for each subject to start the school year with so they can gain independence around knowing what is a strength and what they need to work on. These assessments, along with informal ones, build the basis of the November report card and you will get full details about them at that time. If you would like to hear more information prior to then, please reach out to schedule a meeting.
  • Buddy Reading Class: We are paired up with Judy’s first grade class. This week we read Love, met the first graders, and supported them in completing an activity based on the book.
  • Addition and Subtraction: The school year begins with a review of these two operations. We will continue working on them for another few weeks, at which time we will begin multiplication.
  • Reading: We have been working on choosing just-right books and settling into our reading routine at school. Please help your child feel comfortable and remember to read at home every day for at least 30 minutes.
  • Dreambox: Denise provided login information to families this week. Dreambox will be an option on our homework choice board. If you are having concerns about your DreamBox account, please email Denise (
  • Homework: The choice board will be handed out next Friday (10/5) and assignments will be due a week and a half later on Wednesday 10/17. Reading at home every day is the only every day homework. Please reach out if this is not happening and you need assistance creating a good reading routine at home.


Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday 10/2 – Brooklyn Bridge Walking Trip
  • Wednesday 10/3 – Family Visit @ 8:30


For the time being I will continue to update you about what’s happening in the class via email and the website. moving into the fall, the school will be trying out a new platform, called SeeSaw for communicating with parents. We hope it will be easier for teachers to reach out more frequently to share class news, and easier for parents to access it! More information on that coming later in the fall….

Lastly, a special thanks to Katie Melchoir (Teddy’s Mom) and Toni Clay-Fields (Savannah’s Mom) for helping out as class parents! Be on the look out for emails and notifications from them.

Family Morning Dates for 2018

Come and spend time in your child’s classroom!

Wednesday 10/3 @ 8:30

Friday 11/2 @ 8:30

Tuesday 11/27 @ 8:30

Friday 12/21 @ 8:30

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Reading at Home

This week at school we began to learn about our class library and how to choose “just-right” books. Children are choosing their own books based on interest, ability to visualize the plot or information, and number of unknown words on a page (a just-right book will have 2-3 unknown words). A big part of expanding your child’s reading skills and comprehension will come from a regular reading routine at home.

What You Need to Know about Reading at Home:

  • 30 minutes of independent reading every day of the week at home.
  • Children must bring their book bag from school to home and back again every day.
  • Children will read from 1 book until they have finished it. Book bags will have 2 chapter books, and sometimes a nonfiction or picture book.
  • If you want to talk to your kids about their reading, feel free to the Reading Notebook Questions also on this web page.

Inspiration Boards

Students in third grade are setting up their writing folders! To help students have a place in their folder to go to for inspiration when writing, I am asking that you help your child gather up some images and texts that they find inspiring. Each child will create their own inspiration board to inspire them when they write.

Examples of things your child might want to collect and bring to school:

  •             Photographs of important people and places in their lives
  •             Paper reminders from special events (ticket stubs, booklet covers, etc.)
  •             Favorite inspirational quotes
  •             Newspaper/magazine images related to activities they enjoy

There are certainly more items like this, the only constraint is that they must be 2D and able to be glued onto a piece of card stock.

Return these items to school on Monday, September 17th, 2018 so that we can build crafting our boards! Items can be returned a ziploc bag.