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Picture Day

Thursday, October 19th

12:50 PM


Addition Strategies

These are some of the big ideas/mathematical properties we are reviewing in addition:

These are some of the addition strategies your children are using and learning about:

In general mathematicians need:



This week we talked as a community about how best to celebrate birthdays in third grade. We agreed on the following:

– Respect people’s birthdays and help them feel special

– The birthday person will share a special object from home

– We will present the birthday person with a handmade class card created by another student and signed by everyone

– Both parents and food will not be present so we can focus on just the birthday person and how special they are to our class community

Our first birthday is coming up next week! We are so excited.

Brooklyn Bridge Walking Trip

October 10th at 9:00 AM
Please make sure your child wears comfortable walking shoes.

Interested in chaperoning? Contact me by email.

Family Morning Dates

October 17th at 8:30 AM

Participate in a shared Morning Meeting with Class 324.

November 3rd at 8:30 AM

Come to 324 to read and celebrate the narrative stories we have written.

December 19th at 8:30 AM

Topic TBD.

Ashley the Guinea Pig!

Our guinea pig is here! She is really sweet and the kids are working hard to take care of her by providing a calm and quiet environment. Here’s a couple of pictures!