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Kids practice their multiplication fact cards  – the expression is on one side, the product on the other. By the end of third grade all students should have their facts memorized from 0 x 0 to 10 x 10!


Kids in 324 enjoy reading, and writing about reading, in their newly expanded reading nook!

Math at Home

All kids could use some extra math practice at home, particularly with their basic facts which should be memorized. These include addition and subtraction single-digit facts (such as 7 + 8 and 15 – 8) and multiplication (from 1 x 1 to 10 x 10).

Use the attached sheets to learn more about how to work with your kids at home. The first page suggests activities and resources. The second page shows addition and subtraction strategies and the third page shows multiplication and division strategies.

Math at Home – Activities and Strategies



Family Morning – Save the Date

December Family Morning has been rescheduled to:

Monday 12/18 at 8:30 in room 324.

We will be focusing on reading!

Math Workshop

Monday 12/18

3-3:45 Rm. 324

Come prepared to learn!


The NY Kids Puppet Show came to our school today to teach kids about the value of the differences between us. Students learned about both physical and mental disabilities that children and adults can have. It was a lot of fun!

Reading Buddies

Class 324 meets with their first grade reading buddies.

Persuasive/Opinion Writing

At the last Family Day, children had a chance to show off their narrative writing drafts. These pieces have now been edited and published. Next time you come into the classroom you’ll see them in their best work binders along with a reflection of how they have grown as a writer.

Last week we began exploring mentor texts in the opinion, or persuasive, genre. We read books like EarringsThe True Story of the Three Little Pigs, and I Wanna Iguana. Children began working with three different writing structures: letters, newspaper editorials and speeches. During writing workshop they are planning their work by thinking of a purpose, audience and structure.

This week we will work together to create a rubric so children know exactly what is required for them to succeed in this type of writing, including an introduction with a claim and three reasons, a paragraph for each reason with supporting evidence, and a conclusion that re-states their opinion. This is the format of a standard essay, which we will come back to later in the year for both test prep and informational writing.