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1.29 – 2.2 News

Dear 318 Families, 
Happy FriYAY! I hope everyone had a wonderful week and kept warm!
This week in writing, 318 finished their Subway books and they look amazing! Kids can’t wait to read these books to you all during the Subway Celebration on February 15th
Next week we will be learning more about Kevin Henkes as an author and illustrator. Kids will notice his various crafts, which will help them when they create lots of fiction stories.
In reading, we continued our Author Study on Kevin Henkes. We read the books Lilly’s Big Day, Jessica, Wemberly Worried and A Good Day. Kids noticed that Kevin Henkes uses repetition, dialogue, and adjectives in his books. Kids also noticed there’s always a problem that gets solved. Ask your child what they know about Kevin Henkes!
Just a reminder that the books kids take home without a sticker are push books for all kids. Please make sure they don’t get lost with ones that are from home. Kids were told these books need to be read with an adult since they’re more complex texts.  
In math, we began our Data Unit. Kids learned about Venn Diagrams, Bar Graphs and Line Plots. Yesterday, kids took a survey about their favorite weekend activity and today they sorted through all 22 kids answers and categorized them. On Monday, kids will be choosing a way to represent their data and making a poster.  Kids should continue practicing counting by 10s and 100s both up and down by any number. This is super important!
We continued our projects in subway study, . Most kids are working on individual projects, while a few are working in partnerships. This week a bunch of kids began painting their projects and gluing pieces together. They can’t wait to show off their masterpieces!
Reminder: We are now all set with cardboard boxes for our individual projects. We might need some more in the coming weeks, so I’ll keep everyone posted.
In word study, kids learned about syllables and how they are word parts. We then learned about how compound words are when we combine the meaning of the word parts. For example, the word bathtub combines bath + tub. Ask your child some compound words that they know.
A fun homework option that would be helpful for our class is taking your child to a subway station with murals. Kids will be making a “Peck Slip” mural for our Subway Study Celebration and any pictures would be great!
Some reminders:
-Kids should be reading for 25-30 minutes each night.
-318 has P.E. on Fridays so please make sure they come to school in sneakers.
-We have Library this week. If your child is finished with their library book, have them bring it in and get a new one.
If you have any questions or concerns please email me. Have a wonderful weekend!
Upcoming Events:
Thursday, February 15 – Subway Study Celebration
Friday, February 16 – Friday, February 23 – Midwinter Break