In Pre-Kindergarten, students are learning how to be members of a school community, and are introduced to the structure and rhythm of a “big kid” school day.  From starting the day with Morning meeting, to participating in math, literacy and science activities as well as art, music and physical education, PreK is where the foundation of students’ academic learning begins. The Peck Slip School also has a building curriculum called “Big Blocks” where students work together in groups to create various structures of their own design using enormous soft blocks of different shapes.  Whether they build a bridge, a hair salon, a doctor’s office, a dinosaur’s cave or a rocket ship, children learn to collaborate, share and use critical thinking skills to complete their creations. PreKers also have rest time after lunch, and participate in recess twice per day.

The Peck Slip PreK program is a full day program, 8:15am-2:35pm.  Breakfast and lunch are served in the classroom, and are free for all students.