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Back to School Night Resources

Welcome to Class 506! I am so excited to embark on this 5th grade journey with all of you.  I enjoyed meeting you at Back to School Night. If you weren’t able to attend or would like to review the information, please click the links below.

Back to School Night 

Red Gate Farm


Welcome to 5-506

August 2018

Dear Fifth Graders,

Well it’s finally happened, you’ve become 5th graders. Congratulations! The rest of the staff at Peck Slip and I are incredibly excited for the year of learning and growing that lies ahead. In preparation for our year I have been planning, planning, planning with the other 5th grade teachers as well as Peter, Renee (our math consultant), and Jaime (our literacy consultant). This year we plan to create meaningful experiences that will help us to reflect on ourselves as learners, individuals, and members of our school, classroom, and local community.

Prior to all this planning though I spent some time in California visiting with my family. I am from California but have lived in New York for 12 years. My parents and I took my nephew, Owen, swimming—a lot, my parents and I took a cooking class where we learned to make homemade pasta—yum, I also spent time eating too much at my brother’s restaurant in Pasadena, and most importantly I hung out with my grandma!   I got an earful of stories about how rowdy she was as a young farm girl growing up in Iowa… Upon returning to my home in Queens I have like I said, been planning, but also trying to find time to go to the beach, spend time with my cat, Gandalf, read and find my walking feet again! No one in California walks, my feet forgot what it was like to get 15,000 steps a day… Here are some pictures from my summer:

 Incredibles 2 with Owen

  Cooking Class with mom and dad

   Ack—cat hair! (with Gandalf)


When all is said and done though I’m so happy to be back in New York and even more excited to be your 5th grade teacher! I know some of you from 3rd grade and some of you I will get to know this year. I look forward to working with all of you to create a memorable and inspiring academic year! I hope your summer is going well and I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Kyla Gay

P.S. I hope you have tons of new book suggestions to share. I’ve been reading like crazy this summer and I have so many new books I can’t wait to share them with all of you!

Class News May

506 Class Newsletter

Hello! This is our fourth newsletter! We hope you liked our previous ones and this one too.


In reading we are going to be assigned book clubs on books that have to do with our content study, social issues. Everyone filled out a sheet ranking your choices of books you want to read. Other then that we are still reading and writing think marks.


In writing we are finishing publishing our writing pieces. We are continuing daily writing and writing and choosing our social action topic. We will be doing informational writing and later we are writing about the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Soon we’ll be writing about the social action that we studied with our groups.

Content Study

  In content study we just started our next content study unit. Our content study is social action! We are going to learn all about different issues that has happened at different times in history. We also going to think about what people did because of the unfair rights. Also animals can have issues. For example they can be endangered. We are also starting to learn about women’s rights. We just learned what lead up to the women’s suffrage movement. We will be learning about the women’s suffrage movement then do social action projects. Now kids are in groups and studying about one social issue.


   In math we are preparing for the state test. We are going over multiplying and dividing decimals. Also going over different strategies we can use during the test. You never know what kind of math will be on the test. There will only be 2 days of testing this month. We hope all the students will do wonderful on the test. Otherwise we are doing math stations with Peter everyday. Everyone improves their math skills everyday.


Interview for our reading buddies

Q: What is your favorite thing about kindergarten?

A:Max L.-Writing magazines

  Vered- play

  Claire- We get to do different things like work time, field trips and running

   Parin-That you get to write a lot of stuff in writing.

Q: What is your favorite thing you have learned so far?

A:Max L.- How to write books

   Vered- How to write stories

   Claire- Writing magazines

   Parin- Making How-To books

Q: Who is your favorite teacher?

A: All said Camille

Q: What is your favorite book?

A: Max L.- scary/haunted books

   Vered- A Snowy Day

   Claire- The Teeny Tiny Women

   Parin- Scaredy Squirrel at the beach, a lot of things happen in the book.




5/4 1st round of book club ends.    

5/13 Mother’s Day

5/18 Samantha & Mikayel’s Birthday and May Birthday Celebration

5/23 LAST Bake Sale🍪🍩🍫

5/21 Bill Gordh
5/28 Memorial Day🇺🇸NO SCHOOL

We hope you like our 4th newsletter. Stay tuned for the last newsletter in June. Remember our names Mirella Pyatkovskiy, Kaia Vincent, and Emerson Lee!

Class News March

5-506 March Newsletter

Hi, this is our 3rd newsletter. Yay! We are so happy that we get to keep doing newsletters. By “we” we mean Mirella Pyatkovskiy, Kaia Vincent, and Emerson Lee. We are going to be writing our plans in class from March 7 -April 1. We hope you raised a good amount of money from the Jump-Rope-A-Thon!


   In writing we’re mostly writing in our writer’s notebook using strategies we learned in the beginning of the year. We’re doing this because soon we’ll be writing another published piece of our choice. It can be a story or something that happened in real life. It can be about anything. We’re writing to get ideas and it feels like forever since the class wrote in our notebooks. Now most of us picked a topic. Now we’re developing our topics by doing writing strategies.


In reading students started book clubs! Some are just 2 people but it’s still a book club. Hope you like your book club group and book. Make sure you read the correct amount of pages a day. You don’t want to fall behind. Also make sure you understand the book. Make sure you’re reading 30 minutes at home everyday and improving your reading skills. Soon we’ll start our next read aloud book. The thing is Kyla never tells us the book until the day we start so nobody knows what the book is.


We are solving math problems using our math tool kits. What is in your math tool kit? We are learning how to multiply decimals with whole numbers. Some things in our tool kits are, know and don’t know T-charts. Another is SLOWING DOWN so you understand the problem more. We are also going over some strategies we have learned in the past to remember them and how to do them.

Content Study

We are making a timeline from 1625-2018. In the timeline it includes maps from a certain time, jobs, and what was happening during that time.We are learning archeology.We are also read different texts about objects people found. Sara,an archeologist came on march 16 to explain and teach about what she and other archaeologists found under our school.We are continuing building our structures with Tim in center for architecture. We are so excited for the celebration!


Interview with Michele, the music teacher.


Q: What is your favorite topic to teach in music ?

A:I love teaching composition. And I Like working with band and playing different instruments.


Q: Why did you decide to be a music teacher?

A:I’ve always loved music as a kid and adult. I found out working with kids was very fun. So I decided to become a music teacher.


Q: Why did you want to work at Peck Slip school?

A:Well, I knew I wanted to become a music teacher.I did research on the peck slip school and loved it and Maggie. When i heard they needed a music teacher, I quickly stepped up.


Q: If you could teach any other subject what would it be?

A:”oooooh band? Does that count? No it’s part of music so Probably Reading”.


Q: What is your favorite class/grade to teach?

A: “ What do you want me to say?! 5th grade. I love each grade for different reasons.”


Q: What is your favorite instrument and activity to play with your students?

A:My favorite instrument is ukulele with 4th grade and recorder with 3rd grade. I like playing different instruments with students. “Oh and band. Especially the flute.”


Important dates

3/29 History of Peck Slip Celebration🎉

3/29 March Birthday Celebration🎉🍰🎂

3/30 Passover 🕯️🕍

 3/30 SPRING BREAK!!💐🎈🎉        

4/1 EASTER! 🐰🐣

4/1 April fools😆😂

Ok, that’s all for this newsletter. We hope to see you soon because we will be making more newsletters. Our next newsletter will be released soon. See ya later!😁


Mirella pyatkovskiy, Emerson Lee and Kaia Vincent



February/March Newsletter




           Hello, Shalom, Ni Hao, Bonjour, hello in all languages! Welcome to our 2nd newsletter! We hope you liked our 1st newsletter and we hope you will like this one too! Have a fun Mid Winter Break!



In math we are multiplying whole numbers by fractions. We are also looking at the relationships of people’s status when training for the marathon race. Also seeing why people have the same rate. We are still doing stations with Kyla, Peter and an activity. We are working with our math partners to complete tasks too. Besides that everything else is the same.


This month in reading we will continue reading our read aloud book called “Freak the Mighty” by Rodman Philbrick. Right now Killer Kane is trying to prove to Max he is not a killer. He had taken Max to Iggy and Loretta’s house to live their. So far Max doesn’t trust Killer Kane and Killer Kane doesn’t trust Max. 506 is really excited to find out what will happen next. Continue reading your book club books. Other than that everything else is the same. Keep reading and writing thinkmarks!



       In writing we are getting ready for our press conference with the parents during the content study celebration! We each got signed a question based on our colonial job. We are drafting our answers and getting ready to revise. Parents are going to pick a question from a bin and read it aloud then the student with that question is going to stand up and answer there question so students must be ready at any time because you never know when you will have to answer. Also your parent might not get your question. We hope that all the parents and students are really excited for the celebration and other studies we’re doing this year!


Content study

In content study we are learning about Benjamin Banneker. Benjamin Banneker was a very smart man whose parents were freed slaves. He sent a letter to Thomas Jefferson stating how blacks are not being treated fairly and how slavery should be banned. We are going to have a celebration like mentioned in the writing part. We are learning about the missing parts in the Declaration of Independence and who’s voice wasn’t mentioned and why.


Important Dates

2/14 Valentines Day ♡

2/16 – 2/26 Mid Winter Break

2/16 Chinese New Year 🐶

2/28 Field Trip to donate to the homeless shelter- we will be making hygiene kits for people in the homeless shelter and bringing it to them. It will be greatly apprenticed if you bring in full sized toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap.

3/1 First day with the Center For Architecture

3/2 All homework from February choice board due- all homework must be uploaded on seesaw to Kyla. Please bring in a original copy on loose leaf of your specials homework instead of uploading it.

Interview with Gabriella

Q: What are you excited about this year in gym?

A: “I am excited about the end of every unit. I get to see how my students grew over the beginning of the unit to the end. I love to see my students progress.”                 

         Q: What are the next units in gym?

          A: Next month we’ll get ready for the fitness gram. Then we’ll do health and nutrition. Our next sport unit is probably soccer

          Q: What is your favorite part with working with students?

          A: My favorite part with working with students is that they trust me and I trust them. Also I they learn from me and I learn from them.

Q: Why did you want to become a gym teacher?

A: For movement, to challenge students, get students to think that they don’t have to be good at  the sport.

Q:Why did you want to come to peck slip?

A:” I was not happy with the school that I had before.I checked peck slip school’s website ad I really enjoyed the program. Then I met Maggie and loved the school even more. When I was offered the job I was so excited. I screamed and almost cried of joy!”

     Thank you Gabriella!


We hope you enjoyed our second newsletter! Thank you for reading this months  newsletter. See you next time, Emerson Lee, Kaia Vincent and Mirella Pyatkovskiy:) ♡ Happy Valentines Day ♡

Class Newsletter

506 class newsletter: January 2018

Hello! Hola! Nihao! Bonjour!, in all languages, welcome to our first Newsletter! We are so glad you are reading this. The talent show is coming up soon! Do you have a talent? Well anyway we hope you enjoy our Newsletter!


This month in reading we will continue “Freak,the Mighty” by Rodman Philbrick. It is a realistic fiction book about two boys named Max and Freak that start their friendship on the wrong foot. But toward the end they become best friends.We have started book clubs and you will have to finish your book by February 14. The rest is the same so keep reading your books and keep making thinkmarks.


In writing we are working on drafting our diary entrees. Each of us has a colonial job and name that matches the colonial person. We are writing diaries based on their lives. Some important parts are the french and indian war and The Stamp Act. We are including what are reaction to The Stamp Act is. We made goals with our writing groups and reflected on our old goals. Soon we’ll be publishing our pieces. We are also adding if we are FOR or AGAINST the King.


   In math we are working on fractions! We are working on finding a common whole so it will be easier to add and subtract fractions. In addition we are using the models double number line,ratio table,and money. Also finding equivalent fractions to solve fractions with different denominators. We just learned how to play a new math game.This is how you play: 1st you pick up a card from the deck. Next you read the card and solve the problem. Finally if you get the question correct then you spin the wheel and see how many spaces you have to move forward or backwards. Then it’s the next person’s turn. Whoever gets to the finish line first wins! We are continuing stations with Peter. The stations are Peter (like we mentioned), Kyla, and two activities.

Content Study

      In content study we are towards the end of our content study unit. As you know we’re doing the diary  entries based on a character we created. We are reading texts and figuring out based on the clues if that person was a patriot or a loyalist. In addition we’re adding it to our chart of 1773-1775. We finished organizing our binders. We are preparing for our content study celebration. We are so excited to share our knowledge with our parents! We hope everyone is excited to find out the next content study unit.

Interview with Peter:

Q)  What do you want 5th graders to leave with when they leave Peck Slip?

A)  Apart from a lot of money? I want them to be confident, curious and excited about what comes next.

Q) When did you decide to be a teacher?

A)  I decided to be a teacher when I was seven, but it took a long time to carry out this fiendish plan.

Q) Why did you want to be a teacher?

A)  Some of the most interesting people I knew were teachers. My 7th grade teacher had even eaten lamb eyeballs for dinner when he was a child. That was before Veganism had become popular!

Q) Do you have a secret talent?

A)  I have no secrets. I can bend my thumbs way back, however.

Q) Tell us a fun fact about yourself

A)  One of my children is a teacher. His students call him Mr. Levin. My students call me Peter. My Son thinks this is funny.

Thank you Peter for letting us interview you!

Important Dates and reminders

1/26 Family morning. We will have family morning on 1/26 starting at 8:30 and ending at 10:00. We hope all the parents come. 🙂

1/31 Jazz concert. Jazz at Lincoln Center will be performing for us. Hope you are excited.

2/2 Homework due. The new choice board will be up on SeeSaw on February 5 and will be due on March 2. All homework must be uploaded by February 2.   (We hope you did your homework).

2/10 Talent show. Are you participating in the Talent Show? If you are what is your talent?

2/15 Colonial New York Celebration

Thank you for reading our Newsletter! We hope to make more in the future. So remember us Emerson Lee, Kaia Vincent and Mirella Pyatkovskiy.


Class News

Interview Questions for Kyla

Written by Jackson Foord

Q: What are we doing next in writing?

A: We are creating a collection of informational texts about life in colonial days. We will be presenting these in our colonial nyc celebration in February.

Q:Is it ever hard being a teacher?

A:Yes, but the reason that I became a teacher is  because everyday is different. I know that each day. When I come to work I know it will be different from the day before because kids are different everyday.

Q: How is homework doing?

A: Homework is great, however so many people have been turning in their homework that I can’t write comments fast enough.