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Class News

Interview Questions for Kyla

Written by Jackson Foord

Q: What are we doing next in writing?

A: We are creating a collection of informational texts about life in colonial days. We will be presenting these in our colonial nyc celebration in February.

Q:Is it ever hard being a teacher?

A:Yes, but the reason that I became a teacher is  because everyday is different. I know that each day. When I come to work I know it will be different from the day before because kids are different everyday.

Q: How is homework doing?

A: Homework is great, however so many people have been turning in their homework that I can’t write comments fast enough.

Class News

December News



  This month in writing we are publishing our drafts on our Colonial New York jobs.  We have given job descriptions, what it was like to have our jobs and all.  We will present them to familys on our colonial New York celebration day.




In math we’re learning how to add fractions and how to order them although most of our math is in stations which is when peter comes in.  Along with that we play math games and kyla does a stat but funion there too.  Kyla usually teaches us fractions and peter almost always gives us brain teasers to challenge ourselves which to me is pretty hard but at the same time super fun


Social Studies

       In social studies we are having a debate on the British taxing of the colonists in the 1760s.Just imagine being a colonist that is being tortured by taxes.If you were a colonist you wouldn’t be able to nothing about the taxes because the parliament was in control of everyone and everything.  If you were the British you would not be pleased because the colonists are beginning to rebel…



Math in November

In math we are working on volume and dimensions of boxes which requires knowing what your factors are and multiplication to find out the cubic units inside of the object.  In this unit we are also learning different strategies on how to and formulas to calculate the volume of a shape(only ones.  For example one of the strategies we use to find the volume of an object is to simply split the object if it’s in a different shape of a box.  We are also learning the order of operations which is multiplication and division from left to right then you do addition and subtraction from left to right as well.  Another thing that we do is stations with peter which happens once in awhile.


  Writing in November

          We have just finished our writing drafts!!! We have drafted, published, and all. This month we are moving on to elements of writing to help our Colonial New York essays get better. We will do that by reading a bunch of Non-Fiction books, finding things that they have in common based on the way that it is written, gathering information about Colonial New York, and putting them all together. For example, if we read a non-fiction about sharks, we wouldn’t pay attention to what the book is telling us, we would pay attention to how they are telling us. We have worked so hard on this so far we really hope all of our work pays off.


 Reading in November

In the month of November we are working on several subjects.Such as reading, and that is what i’m going to talk about with you. In reading we are learning how Non-fiction writers organize their writing. One thing I found was that they have general idea and they have chapters  that have different ideas or things about the general idea. For example my book was about how fishes protect themselves and the chapters were about each fish. That is what our class has been doing in reading for the month of November.


Social Studies

We have finally started our first social studies unit!!!  It is all about life in colonial New York. We have been working and we are so excited to show you our published work in a few months.  Get ready to hear all about it!!!  Right now we are reading Non-Fiction books, finding common literature, and putting it into our own words in reading responses. We are also reading a lot of articles from different sources and then talking about what we understand and are confused about.  That is what we are learning about in social studies.

October 2017 Newsletter

October 2017 5-506 Newsletter

Written and Typed by the 506 Reporters Daryl, Jackson, Julian and Quinn

Links to Learning

Ken Ken is a website that we may sometimes do in class. You have to solve the puzzles accordingly to the problem. The link to that is


Teachers have established that your child should be doing DreamBox 20 minutes, 3 days a week. Dreambox is a learning site that will your child in class. The link to that is

Seesaw is the app that we will be able to turn in our homework on. You will be able to upload on it by simply taking a photo of your finished work in the seesaw app, pressing your name, and then click done. Simple right? It’s an easy and efficient way to hand in homework so if you finish your work before the due date, you can just snap a pic, and send it in. You can also take videos and do voice recordings. Pretty cool right? Other classmates will not be able to see your work. Only your parents and teacher(s) will be able to see your work. In order for your parents to see your work, after you post your work, your teacher(s) must approve it. Just in case it is inappropriate or not your best.Every student in each class will be able to see their teachers photo, like, and comment on it. To log in to seesaw, you must get the seesaw student app, press the I’m a student button, scan your barcode that you will get from Kyla, and VOILA!!! You are into seesaw.



In school we are working on math,reading,writing and social studies,the normal subjects.  In math we are working on constant difference and comparing 2 different fractions or 2 problems.Constant difference is an easy way to make your math problems easier,by subtracting the same number to both numbers and the answer will be the same.


Social studies

In social studies we are learning about different perspectives of what it felt like to be a slave in the 1700s.For example you can be a non-slave owner,a slave owner,a slave,and a free African.Then you write about what your character would,say or do in that situation. We are also learning about indentured and comparing them to slaves.To compare the two we got a list of laws that were made for slaves and a contract for an immigrant indentured servant.  We also got a noticing paper to take notes.  Colonial times is a mature and fun thing to be studying.



In writing were pulling ideas out of our writing notebook and,soon we are going to publish them.Also were learning different ways to write the same same topic.Another thing we are learning is tactics for revising and editing.Writing is a fun subject,although at the same time it is a challenging thing to do.



Homework is here!  So what is your opinion Homework is definitely different than last year. Last year homework had to be done in one week but now you get three weeks to do it also like every year homework gets harder and harder because you’re getting bigger which means you get smarter so you can take bigger challenges.  You have to do two reading, writing and math assignments.  Also this year we get to use an app called seesaw and instead of writing we can type up our homework which we could not do last year.  I think that seesaw is innovative because instead of handing in homework we get to post our homework on seesaw which means we post our homework on iphones and ipads.  Remember homework is due November 3rd!



In reading we are doing something called ‘’think marks’’ The reason we are doing think marks is so we can keep track of what’s happening in our book and so we can understand the deeper meaning in sentences and words in our books. Another reason why we do think marks is because in order to understand our books, sometimes we may have to ‘’make a movie’’ of the scene in our mind and so that is what we are also doing with think marks. You should also get at least 30 minutes of reading every night.