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Parent Teacher Conferences

You are invited to sign up for Parent/Teacher Conference

DATE:  November 15, November 19, November 20, November 26 and November 27.
PLACE:  Room 4-502.

To pick a time slot, enter this link in your internet browser:


At that link, you will be asked for your Entry Code, where you should
enter JC51226248

Please contact us directly if you are unable to attend these days or times. Looking forward to meeting with you!

Best Regards,

Allison and Jamila

Picture Day News…

Dear 502 Families,

Pictures will be taken on Friday morning.  Fourth graders may bring a change of clothes.   Looking forward to getting our class picture taken!


Allison and Jamila

Allison is a Landmark Number!

It was a lovely day celebrating my birthday with your children! They are so thoughtful and kind.  My 40th year is off to a great start because they made me smile and laugh.  According to Grant, I am now a landmark number! Have a great weekend, 502!



Homework Choice Board #1

Row 1:



Letter to an Author


Write a letter to the author of the book that you are reading.


a.       Introduce yourself.

b.      Tell what you think of the book.

c.       Ask questions about the story.

d.      Ask questions about being a writer.

Your Favorite Book


Write a 3-paragraoh letter to your teacher(s) about your favorite book.


a.       Write a summary of the book (use transition words: first, in addition, furthermore, overall).

b.      Explain why it is your favorite book.

c.       Tell your teacher about a good part in the story.

A Scene From Your Favorite Book


Draw a picture of what is happening in the chapter of the book that you are currently reading.


a.       Label the picture.

b.      Write a description of what is going on.

c.       Describe the characters in the scene.

Row 2:




(Please include all drafts from writing)

Personal Narrative Story


Write a personal narrative about a special moment in your life.


Think about he beginning middle and ending.


Include lots of details!

A Special Object


Draw a picture of an object that is special to you (ex. Toy or jewelry).


Decorate/color the picture. Why is this object special?


Tell the story!

Free Write


Write a story, poem, letter, essay, graphic novel, or a piece of writing from another genre.


Be sure that your work is neat and thoughtfully done.


This is your chance to be creative!

Row 3:



Problem Solving


Meg had 30 trays. She put 5 apples on each tray. Her brother came along and ate three of the apples. What is the total number of apples left on the tray?


a.       Show your work in a n organized and clear way!

b.      Use a strategy: picture, equation, ratio table

c.       Explain your thinking in words

d.      Check your work.

Multiplication Facts


If you don’t already know them, study your multiplication facts, 1-12, every night for 10 minutes.


Write a description of how you practiced these during the week.


You may use flash cards, ask a grownup to drill them with you, use an app, or write them out.


We recommend the “Math Drills” app.

Dream Box


Complete 8-10 lessons on Dreambox.


Write a brief description o f the lessons that you completed


Be sure to include any challenges or tricky problems that you had.

Our Wish List Has Been Fulfilled!!

Thank you families for completing our wish list! We received books, markers and post-its galore. We can’t wait to read the new picture books! We appreciate your generosity. Warmly, Class 502

What’s Happening in 502? — September’s Newsletter

September 28, 2018

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Is it the end of September already? Our first full month is almost in the books! During these first weeks of school we’ve been working on becoming a fourth grade community – with each of us playing an important role in supporting the class as a whole. Kids are also on their way to becoming curious fourth grade readers, writers and mathematicians. Read on for more about what’s been going on in 502:  


Currently, we are in the beginning stages of a personal narrative unit of study.

Last year, writers learned about this genre and we are building upon what they focused on last year. Overall, the goal is for writers to develop their writing identity as well as brush up on their skills of mechanics and storytelling.  

The unit begins with learning how to brainstorm ideas and developing them into coherent and exciting short stories.  We have been using the mentor, Ralph Fletcher. He has written many personal narrative chapter books about his childhood.  In addition, he has written books for young writers to learn about the purpose of a writer’s notebook. A big focus of this study will be to teach the “writing process,” understand how to develop a story idea, and learn how to revise and edit it.


As we have been getting to know individual readers, we have been using read aloud time to build community within our classroom.  We have read books that encourage kids to develop empathy and communication skills. Here is a list of books we have read so far:

  • Those Shoes by Meredith Boelts
  • Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson
  • The Legend of Rock, Paper and Scissors by Drew Daywalt
  • Your Fantastic Elastic Brain by JoAnn Deak
  • Wanted! Ralphie Rabbit Book Burglar by Emily Mackenzie
  • Love by Pat De La Pena
  • The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes by Mark Pett and Gary Rubenstein

A reading concept that we are working on is understanding genre.  Last year, kids learned about this concept, but we are realizing readers need more work on categorizing different books.  In addition, they need help deciphering what is fiction and what is nonfiction. The one genre that was challenging is realistic fiction.  In this genre, events could happen but it is a made up story. The above books that are bold-faced are realistic fiction.


In math, students are developing a community of discourse and setting norms for mathematics. Students are developing critical and problem solving skills. They are not only refreshing their mathematical skills, but they are working on communicating their ideas with their peers.  Another big idea of this unit is how do we handle obstacles and what strategies we can use to overcome them. Here are some obstacles that mathematicians face:

  • Knowing their single digit facts automatically
  • Having strong comprehension to problem solve
  • Knowing which operation to use to solve the problem
  • Breaking down multi-step problems into smaller steps

Lastly, next week we will post some simple math games to play at home.

Some Things to Look Forward to in October...

  • We will begin our content study, New Amsterdam.
  • Learning by Design (architecture)
  • First family morning 10/24
  • Homework
  • Library… We will go biweekly to the library on Mondays.  
  • Kindergarten buddies! This will begin on Monday, 10/1.
  • Halloween parade!!!

Class Parents

Thank you Megan (Grant’s mom) and Megan (Aria’s mom) for volunteering to be our class parents. They will be able to inform you on what’s happening at Peck Slip!

Hope everyone has a lovely fall weekend!


Allison and Jamila

Our First Post… Takeaways from Back to School Night

Dear Families,

Thank you for joining us for Back to School Night on Monday.  It was a pleasure meeting with everyone.  Here are some key takeaways if you were unable to make it Monday night….

  • School doors open at 8:10 am.  Please make sure your child is on time for school.  We open our door to begin the day at 8:20 am.
  • When communicating to teachers, please make sure you email both of us. &
  • Homework will begin in October and there will be a homework notebook as well as choice board.  Your child has two weeks to complete six assignments.  There will be a total of nine options on various subjects.
  • Reading Bags! Your child has been given a reading bag to stay organized and responsible.  Please make sure they bring it to and from school.  They are more than welcomed to include books from home and the library in their book bag.
  • If you are changing pick up for your child, please notify Tammy and Denise then they will let us know of the change in plan.

Lastly, THANK YOU  to the family that brought in the post-its! We appreciate your donation! We wish we knew who it was so we could thank you personally!


Allison & Jamila

August 2018

Dear Families,

Hello and welcome to fourth grade! We are Allison and Jamila, and we are so excited to become a community of learners together.  This year you get two teachers, instead of one, as your new class is an ICT! That means even more teacher attention and small group work. We have been planning our year together and wanted to give you a sneak peak: our first content study to kick things off will be to learn about New Amsterdam; we are planning exciting projects, trips and events geared to the study.

We hope you’re enjoying your summer! We want to hear about it when school starts. Please bring in a photo or a postcard of a place you visited this summer or somewhere you spent time. If you don’t have a photo or postcard, draw a picture or create a collage. With this memento, please be prepared to share a special memory from your summer adventures with the class when we’re all together.  You may write down your special memory on an index card or piece of paper to help you share with your classmates.

Here is a bit more about us:

My name is Allison.  This is my second year at Peck Slip and my fourteenth year as a teacher. Previously I taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade at P.S. 150 in Tribeca, where I worked with Maggie and Brent. Last year, I taught third grade ICT with Brent. I live with my husband and our three children, Matthew (9 years old), Jordyn (almost 7) and Gabi (almost 4). We’ve had a relaxing summer, reading books, visiting friends, and going to the beach. I loved watching the World Cup with my son who is a huge soccer fan. I am so excited to be moving up to fourth grade with so many familiar faces and looking forward to another awesome year together!

I’m Jamila! I am extremely excited to be joining Peck Slip this year as a fourth grade teacher. Prior to transitioning to this school, I taught kindergarten for three years and 5th grade for three years. One major thing that attracted me to this school is the sense of community between the teachers, parents and students. I am originally from Virginia but always knew I was a New Yorker at heart. After eight years, I am still amazed of the many adventures this city has to offer! In my spare time, I love to run, play soccer and football, read, eat skittles and gushers and spend time with my friends and family. I am looking forward to an epic school year!

We are super excited to be working together! We first met during the spring and instantly we felt a connection.  If you have any questions or concerns before then please feel free to email us both (Jamila: and Allison: We will begin checking e-mail on 9/4/18. Have a great end to your summer and we will see you soon!


Allison and Jamila

Weekly Update 2/2/18

Dear Families,

We now have a date for our New Amsterdam celebration and we look forward to seeing you on the morning of Thursday, February 15. That is our last day of school before the February break. You will have the opportunity to read your child’s published book, hear poems for two voice, explore our model of what Stone Street looked like in the 1600s, see our timeline mural (see photos of the work in progress below), and much more. Prepare to be impressed!


This week in Poetry Workshop we learned how to annotate poems. We studied Maya Angelou’s piece, Life Doesn’t Frighten Me, and students began their poems on Fears and Courage. We also worked on how to plan more purposefully for a poem before writing so that students understand that strong writers plan for poetry just like they do for writing in other genres.


Almost all students have revised their narrative nonfiction picture books and will begin publishing on Monday. This publishing stage will involve transferring the text to a hardcover book and adding illustrations and other text features. This will take hours of work, but the results will make the students proud.


Students are getting quite good at using protractors. Ask you child what the steps are for measuring an angle and for drawing an angle of a specific measure. Next week we will begin our unit on fractions. We will begin the unit with a rich problem about sharing submarine sandwiches between children. Fractions is a challenging topic for many students and using real-world problems to begin exploring some tricky concepts is very helpful.


We are taking a break from homework choice boards for the next while. The focus of homework is turning to test prep for the upcoming state test. There was information on how you can support your child at home around these tests in the Weekly Update that I sent last week. Please don’t help your child (or have a tutor or other adult help him/her) on these test prep homework assignments. We will go over the questions in class after they are due and it is very helpful for me to see how each student is independently handling this work.


I hope that you enjoy the weekend!