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Winter Week 5

Hi Families,

Two of our kids, Olivia and Pola, are working on sweaters!! They are working on two different patterns to crochet two different types of sweaters so stay tuned!

Until then, here are some more finished projects…

Bag by Sophie

Doll bag by Emma Vie

Wallet by Ruby

Pillow by Josh

Fingerless gloves by Josh

… and a second pair!

Bag and Necklace by Bea

Wristlet by Cindy

Winter Week 4

Hi Families,

We found a new meeting spot – cafeteria! It’s roomier and better suited to work in groups. Olivia has joined the team with helping me and Daniela teach the rest of the class the granny squares. So now we have three small groups going! By the way, she has one more glove to finish for Sarah Jane.

Double wristband by Daniela

Doll’s hat by Daniela

Mini purse by Nene

Headband by Sadie

Headband by Sophie

Winter Week 3

Hi Families,

The granny squares are coming along very nicely. Daniela has volunteered to help others make the squares so we will continue to work in small groups and hopefully finish sooner than expected. Leyla and Eve’s projects were crocheted as gifts and Olivia is in the process of making a gift for her teacher. (Check out Sarah Jane’s hands a morning next week!)

Wristband by Cass

Headband with flower by Eve

Cowl by Leyla

Fingerless mittens by Pola

Infinity Scarf with matching Cellphone bag by Pola

Winter Week 2

Hi Families,

We are well into our group project and the kids are very excited. I am working with small groups, giving the rest of the class time to work on their own projects and as a result, we have a few new faces with finished projects. I have also been employing the skills of some of the students to answer questions about the technical problems that may arise – like how to do a certain pattern or join yarn.

I have taken somewhat of a back seat as they volunteer to show a classmate how to make gloves or learning a new stitch. I am also learning from them and it is making me a better teacher in how to explain stitches to them (and future crocheters).

Now without further ado…..

Buttoned cowl by Lyla

Mini pillow by Lyla

Wrist band by Pablo

Fingerless Mittens by Olivia

Cellphone pouch by Olivia

Small blanket by Pola

Pillow by Pola

Mini blanket by Sophie

Winter Week 1

Hi Families,

Even though it’s been super chilly outside, the crocheters are warming up with their projects. A small group has started making their blanket squares while others continue to work on individual projects. All first projects should be completed January 31 by the end of class (2:30 p.m.).  Keep encouraging your son/daughter to work on his/her first project.

Beanie (hat) by Eve

Broad cozy headband by Leyla

Purse with matching bracelets by Olivia

Clutch with small outside pocket and matching bracelet by Olivia

Skinny scarf by Olivia

From left to right: coaster, knick-knack bowl, change purse and pillow by Olivia

Reminder: Every Wednesday each child is responsible for bringing his/her yarn and hook to be able to crochet.

Fall Week 13

Hi Families,

I can’t believe we made it to our last fall class. It feels like we just got started! I have been hearing reports from you about your son/daughter loving and enjoying crochet so much so that it was on their Christmas wish list!!! We had two new kids join our group and they are quick learners. What made it even better -two of the kids from the class taught them 🙂

In two weeks, we will be starting our whole group project for Winter – a blanket. The kids are very excited about it. We also have a Spring time group project (more on that later).

Cindy’s wristlet bag

Josh’s beanie

Shoulder bag and clutch by Pola

Leg warmers by Bea

Headband by Sophie

Headband by Sadie

Thank you all for being so supportive and encouraging to me and to the kids. We all appreciate it very much.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the Crochet Group

Fall Week 12

Hi Families,

We are down to the last class of our fall session of crochet, finishing up the last of projects and giving each student more confidence and comfort to continue crocheting at home. A few students took on “big” projects which means they are alternating between two projects so if your child is still not posted he/she may be one of the two project kids.

We talked yesterday about our Winter/Spring goals (more to come) and the kids are very excited.
Hint: It will be a whole group project that the kids have decided to sell to their parents! (I know the suspense is killing you….unless your child has told you and you already know 🙂 )

Here are some pictures of a few more winter gear items!

Fingerless gloves by Cindy

Fingerless Mittens by Pola

Double layered cowl by Leyla

Small slanted purse with diamond button by Daniela

Fall Week 11

Hi families,

We are down to our last two classes before break. I just can’t believe it! There are still a handful of students who have yet to complete his/her project but they are diligently working on it (as you already know).

I wanted to share a story – I was helping one of the kids make her fingerless gloves (picture soon to be posted) and I came across a stitch and said “I am not sure how to do this.” Her response: “I have never heard you say you are not sure about anything with crochet. Just do what you think it is.” It was both surprising and encouraging. I say that to say, these kids are so very supportive of each other. I know I say that almost every post but they really are. During quiet time in class, they are sitting together helping each other; during recess crochet, they are helping. It makes me smile to see they have taken to asking each other for help before they ask me.

And now here are a few more pictures of finished projects.

Headband by Zoe

Headband by Valentina

Boo Boo Panda’s Blanket by Samantha

Bracelets by Emma

Fall Week 10

…. And more finishers!

Josh’s scarf

Marquesa’s Cowl

Nene’s Scarf

Pola’s hat

I have to tell you, they are going through each project faster than I can think of things for them to crochet; which of course is a great thing because it definitely stretches me to be creative! Don’t be surprised if household items start popping up in your homes 🙂

They are super excited about what they are making. They are supportive of each other, helping each other figure out the stitches and cheering when someone finishes a scarf or a hat.

For the next few weeks, you will be seeing more pictures of finished projects. Even if your son/daughter is not featured don’t worry, he/she is still working on it and will be finished soon. Also, if your child has done 2 of the same things (e.g. – 2 scarves), I only feature one.

Lastly, thanks to parents who donated yarn for our group. The kids love the variety of “pretty” colors and the options that they have now!

Fall Week 9

Hi Families,

We are nine weeks into our crocheting and the finished projects are rolling in. Keep encouraging your son/daughter to keep up the great work! It’s exciting for me to see how quickly they are learning.

Also, if you are in need of yarn for your son/daughter – Michaels is having a sale 🙂 (Of course!).

See below for more pictures. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Cass’s wavy headband

Bea’s headband

Bea’s hat (scarf previously featured)

Bea’s gloves

Sophie’s infinity scarf