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Fall Week 9

Hi Families,

We are nine weeks into our crocheting and the finished projects are rolling in. Keep encouraging your son/daughter to keep up the great work! It’s exciting for me to see how quickly they are learning.

Also, if you are in need of yarn for your son/daughter – Michaels is having a sale 🙂 (Of course!).

See below for more pictures. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Cass’s wavy headband

Bea’s headband

Bea’s hat (scarf previously featured)

Bea’s gloves

Sophie’s infinity scarf

Fall Week 8

Hi Families,

Please check out some of our finished items. Stay tuned for more photos.

Neck Tie Scarf by Bea

Infinity Scarf by Pola

Scarf and hat combo by Cindy

Two-toned infinity scarf by Samantha

Headband with bow by Samantha

Cowl by Josh

Infinity scarf by Eve

Jeweled button cowl by Sophie

Skinny scarf by Avalynn

Fall Week 7

Hi Families,

I am excited about what is going on in crochet club! We have 3 finished scarves, 3 almost finished scarves, 1 hat and 1 almost finished hat…and… someone’s starting mittens!! I promise to post pictures next week. I want to wait until the other “almost finished” crocheters are finished.

The other exciting thing is that I formed a buddy system. Well it was more of a request/suggestion from the students. So those who finished or almost finished a hat or scarf were paired with another student who was having a little trouble understanding, or needed a confidence booster. Not everyone requested a buddy, or wanted to be a buddy helper but that’s ok. Those who wanted to participate were paired up. A couple of students have a goal to finish by Thanksgiving so definitely look forward to more completed work then.

Lastly, each class was assigned a specific recess crochet time, and they can bring their buddy. Tuesdays, 322; Thursdays, 324 and Fridays, 326.

More exciting things to come!

Fall Week 6

Hi Families,

This week, I thought I would switch it up a little to give them a break since some of the kids are struggling with their scarves,. Those who felt the scarf was taking too long and/or they were having a really hard time with it I gave them the option to switch to making a hat. While the hat is done quicker, it still is a bit hard as I do like to introduce a new stitch (double crochet) to make it. About 7 kids chose this option.

The others will finish their scarves and then join the hat making group. While they do not have to make both a hat and scarf combo, I do like them to finish making one thing (either hat or scarf) before wanting to move on.

Please feel free to reach out if you think your son/daughter may need extra help.



Fall Week 5

This week we did not officially meet due to meetings. However, a small group continues to come during their recess. The students and the numbers change from day to day but I can confidently say that they are getting so much better with understanding their stitches! A few kids are close to finishing (maybe the next week or 2) and then we will move on to our hats!!

Stay tuned for pictures of completes scarves!

Fall Week 4

Hi families,

The highlight of this week is that one of the former crochet 3rd grader came to help us! She will join us every Wednesday for 30 minutes.  I have to point out that there are a few students who still are having a hard time getting started so I am hoping that maybe with someone else explaining they will understand better. Also, I must say that even with the frustration level, these kids are not giving up so I am very proud of them (and told them so!)

A small group continues to come during their recess time and that has been very helpful for them to have the one on one instruction time.

Lastly, a couple of parents asked about buying yarn, please see below for amazon wish list. You can use this as a guide to buy yarn for your son/daughter (or for us 🙂 )

Crochet Wish List


Fall Week 3

Hi Families,
So we have finished week 3 of crochet and the kids are getting much more comfortable and confident with what they are doing. Towards the end of last week, some of the kids opted to give up recess time to come to my office to get more individualized help. We have 25 kids on Wednesday so I do have to say it can get a little frustrating for them to want help and not get it immediately.
During the recess time, with only 5-6 kids, I can sit with each child and see what they are confused about or doing wrong and better help them. This has proven to be quite helpful for the kids. If it does end up being that a large group wants to come, I will assign days to each of the classes so they don’t lose that individualized time.
For now, everyone seems quite excited about his/her scarf and they are coming along nicely. Please remind (and encourage) your son/daughter not to give up and not to be discouraged. It does take time to manipulate your hand in a different way and understand the patterns. For some, this will be super easy and for others it will take time but everyone will get it.

Fall Week 2

Hi families,
We started our scarves yesterday and the kids are super excited!  Let me say crochet is not easy by any means so I am very proud of them.
There were a few tears from students who didn’t understand but I had to remind them that it was only day 2.
Some kids took home their yarn to work on seeing that we have a long weekend coming up. If your child was one that took it home and they are having any trouble, please feel free to email me for directions (or if you’re brave enough, check out YouTube for a video 🙂 )
When they are a little less stressed, less worried, more confident and more relaxed, I promise to send some pictures (and maybe mini videos) of them working on their projects.
Remember – they do not have to bring home their yarn. I completely left it up to them so if your child didn’t, that’s okay!

Fall Week 1

Hi families,
Just to answer a few questions that have already come up from the kids –
–  You DO NOT have to purchase yarn or crochet hooks for your child as I will be purchasing them for the entire class. However, you are more than welcomed to give your child his/her own yarn and hook. Just let me know that it is specifically for your child.
-The kids will have the option to start bringing their yarn home to work on their first project (a scarf) in about 2 weeks (October 11). They are responsible for keeping their yarn neat and together.
– They must bring their crochet hooks and yarn every Wednesday. This is part of their responsibility.
– We will be working on various things as time permits – hats, scarves, blanket (group…will be up for auction in the Spring 😊), slippers, bags, headbands, gloves…
Lastly, unless there is no school (or for some reason I am not at work), crochet will be every single Wednesday. Please remember that crochet does not conflict with any class time/lessons as we meet during the 3rd grade work choice time.
Any questions, you can reach out to me.