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Fall Week 7

Hello Families,

Today was the first day in a month we met together as a whole group. The kids are moving on and continuing their rows to finish their headbands. A few had to start over, but they are well on their way again.

I had one student who worked with others in the class and that was such a huge help! Sometimes I think the way I explain things may not come across as clear as I believe but when another student explains, it makes it easier to understand. She was a great help with the students who were still struggling with some areas.

If you find that your son/daughter is still struggling, try watching a YouTube video together. Maybe a visual will give them a clearer understanding of what has been going on. If your child decides to join me during his/her lunchtime/recess, then I will also show a video to help give aid to what they are doing.

Any questions, feel free to reach out.

Until next time…

Fall Week 6

Hi Families,

I met with the final 3rd grade class separately and I think they got it! You should be seeing some started projects this weekend. Students have done multiple rows and they understand what they are doing. I am so confident that when we meet as a whole group next week we can comfortably and confidently move on towards finishing our headbands.

I also started lunchtime/recess crochet. It is a choice, as always, of each student if when he/she finishes eating to come to my office to work on or get help with crochet. This will allow them to continue in their small groups while still having our large group meetings on Thursdays. See schedule below in case your son/daughter is opened to the idea.

Tuesdays – 322
Wednesdays -324
Fridays – 326

Have a great weekend!

Fall Week 5

Hi Families,

So we had another small group meeting this week and one of the students said “I like the smaller group because I can understand better”. This reinforced my decision that the group was too big for your visual learners in the beginning. However, they walked away feeling as if they do understand better, and I think they do, and they are well on their way to making their headbands.

We have one more small group meeting before we meet together again as a large group (November 1) and hopefully we will all be on the same page with not only making the headbands but with moving on to make other things.

I know I say it every week, but please continue to encourage your son/daughter with crocheting. It does take some a little longer than others so if you can, help them along.

Lastly, remind your child to bring his/her crochet materials – no yarn/hook = no crochet.

Have a great day!

Fall Week 4

Hi families,

I met with only one class today (10 students) and I have to say I believe it made such a difference in you kids understanding what/how to do the crochet. The small group was a lot easier for each student to see what to do and receive more attention on his/her personal mistakes. When each child left, I think it was with a better grasp on the basics of making the headband.

I’m hoping that by the end of the month, after having met with each class separately, that I will have some photos to post of all the hard work that you son/daughter is doing. Until then, keep encouraging them!

Have a great weekend!

Fall Week 3

Hi Families,

We are still in the process of learning the basics. Some kids have really caught on and are moving right along with their headbands. Some understand but are still second guessing themselves and some are still having a bit of difficulty starting. However, they are all still so very excited and having fun.

To be fair and to give each student the much needed time and help, I am going to be taking a class once a week. That way with only 10 students there is more time to help them individually. In November, we will meet together as a whole class once again. If your son/daughter is not meeting on a particular week, they have the option to bring his/her crochet to school to continue practicing during work choice if they so choose.

Also, it is the responsibility of each student to walk with his/her crochet materials – yarn and hooks – whether is through post-it notes on the refrigerator, a reminder each Thursday morning or just having them carry it every day. If they do not have the required materials they are unable to participate.

Lastly, these are the days for each class:
Thursday, October 11 – 322
Thursday, October 18 – 324
Thursday, October 25 – 326
Thursday, November 1 – all students

Have a great weekend!

Fall Week 2

Hi Families,

This is the 3rd year for our crochet group and every year I am learning that each group takes a different technique/approach to crochet. I am always left with the challenge of how to teach 30 students, with different learning styles, on how to grab that concept.

This year, it seems like I have a lot of visual learners. After explaining something I met with a chorus of “I don’t get it” or “I don’t understand” so then I have to go around section by section (about 4 students at a time) and show them what I was talking about. This method of teaching will take time for the students to learn and understand. A lot may even come home and say that they still don’t understand and may even want to give up. Again, crocheting for some, most even, is not easy. As the weeks go on, I suggest continuing to encourage your son/daughter. If possible, have them use their practice yarn to practice in between classes.

I am learning right along with them on how to be an effective teacher so that each week your children leave feeling like they accomplished a task and understand crochet better.

That being said – we started headbands!! So you will be seeing some very fashionable crocheters heading your way soon or we may even see you wearing one of our creations!!!

Fall Week 1

HI Families!

We have started our very first week of crochet and it was excitingly overwhelming! We have a full class and a lot of work ahead of us but everyone is super excited to learn, and to teach you all, how to crochet. We started with simply learning how to begin our chain but before you know it we will be moving on to make our winter gear -hats, scarves, mittens/gloves and maybe even boot cuffs.

Here’s a few things to know/remember:
1. Crochet is every Thursday during work time. It is the responsibility of each student to bring his/her crochet hook and yarn to class. No materials, no class.

2. Each child needs a 5.0 AND 5.5 crochet hook. These are available on Amazon, at Michaels or at any craft supply store. If you cannot purchase the crochet hooks please let me know before our next class.

3. If you want to buy yarn for your child and/or class, please choose bright colors. It makes it easier to see when crocheting. Suggestions: Red heart, Vanna White, Loops and Threads…

4. Lastly, don’t forget to keep encouraging your son or daughter. Crochet is hard to learn and in the beginning some catch on quicker than others but I have seen everyone eventually understand and make very beautiful things.

As we complete projects, pictures will be posted. Please let me know if you prefer not to have your son/daughter posted on the website.

See you next week!

Winter Week 9

Hi Families,

A million thanks for joining us on Wednesday. We were all very excited to show you what we have learned these last few months and each of you took it in stride! I heard comments like “I am not craftsy but I am trying.” “Thank you for the finger gymnastics and the mental exercise” “I am going to have panic attacks trying to do this (mimicking crochet moves)” “This is so much fun” “She’s a tough teacher!”

Some parents were in shock and pleading “no no no” as their child pulled out the work they did because the stitching was wrong or it was twisted. It was funny to see as I remember doing the same thing to a few of the kids and them having the exact same response. YET, we all had so much fun! I am extremely proud of the kids who were very professional about teaching each of you.

They were a few parents close to finishing; maybe if we had another 20-30 minutes they would’ve. Others were taking the slow and steady approach. If you have time, over the next few weeks, please try to finish your project with your child. And send me pics!!

Also, if you weren’t able to make it, please ask your son/daughter to teach you one of the items of we made, or something they like. So among all the other wonderful things you do with your kids, you can add this on to the list. It’s a great pass time and truth be told, your kids really, really do it enjoy it but let’s be honest you know you did as well!!

Now for the proof…

all 48 of us.

diving right in

Ruby teaching her mom (and Cass) how to make boot cuffs

Lilja explaining to her mom how to do a stitch

Josh helping Pablo to make his long awaited fingerless gloves

Pola explaining how to make fingerless gloves to Pablo’s dad

Bea walking her dad through making a coaster

Lyla patiently explaining to her Grandma how to make a headband

Madison looks on as her mom crochets her purse

Leila assisting Avalynn and her mom to make a cowl

Olivia assisting Sophie and her mom with making a small purse

Marquesa walking her mom through making a coaster

Nene (left) and Alva (right) assist their moms with their cowls as Samantha (back left), Valentina (back middle) Zoe (right) show their moms how to make headbands

Winter Week 8

Hi Families,

This week we didn’t crochet (strange I know) BUT instead we spent time preparing for your visit next week. We went over the different groups that will be available and then in pairs, we taught one another how to make something to make sure our instructions/directions would be clear.

They are super excited about your visit and if you haven’t sent back the project selection slip letting me know which group you want to be in, please send it on Monday. I want to make sure we have enough yarn.

There are going to be 6 groups (coaster, small wallet/purse, headband, cowl, fingerless gloves, boot cuffs). Each parent will choose one thing they would like to make and will be taught by a 3rd grader (may not be your own child depending on what you choose and what he/she is teaching). These projects are designed to be completed in our crochet time and/or the top choices from the kids.

We can’t wait to show you what we have been doing!

See you next week at 1:45 p.m. 🙂

Winter Week 7

Hi Families,

As the kids continue working on their various projects, they wanted to be able to share with you what they have been doing. I know that you see them at times crocheting at home and you most definitely see their finished projects but they wanted to invite you to one of our classes. So clear you calendars because the parents/guardians of the 3rd Grade crocheters are invited to join us Wednesday, March 14th at 1:30 p.m. More info will be coming home next week with your son/daughter.

Until then…

Daniela’s mini bag

Cass’s bracelets

Eve’s headband and crochet hook holder