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Weekly Info 11/10

Good afternoon Parents and Caregivers,

We had a great week of writing, reading, math…and some jazz!

In Writing:
We had such an EXCITING week with publishing our personal narrative pieces. Our students were able to go through the entire writing process, give each other feedback, and create images to match their writing. We are so IMPRESSED with the creativity and dedication of our students. All students created multiple drafts, improving their spelling and punctuation each day! Remember, we are still working on applying these skills and you will see even more improvement as the year progresses!

Our next unit is persuasive writing. We will be thinking about topics that are important for us to change the mind of others! Ask your child about things they’d like to change in the world, community, or at home, and where we see persuasive writing in NYC!

In Reading
We are continuing to track Maria Isabel and her journey of building confidence and speaking up for herself! We are up to chapter 7 in the text. We continue to track her character traits and feelings throughout the story. In addition, we talked about the words empathy and empathetic. Students were able to put themselves in Maria Isabel’s shoes and think about what they would feel like if they were in a similar situation.

In Math:
We are thinking deeply about multiplication. Thank you for practicing multiplication strategies with your child. We are using the words rows, columns, and arrays. Students are to solve equations and word problems, as well as explain their thinking in words using the vocabulary. Also, pictures are helpful in order to solve problems and our students are practicing these ideas in math. Also, we are thinking about our habits of mind and what needs to be done in order to solve hard, complex math equations and problems. Please enourage your child to persevere through challenging tasks, and prove their thinking!

In Content Study
We are reading about John Roebling and his connections with the Brooklyn Bridge. The students are reading grade level texts, and answering prompts based on the text. We are working on inferential questions that allow for a rich discussion.

New choice boards come home today and are due Monday, November 27th.

Other Info

-We attended a jazz concert in the Gymatorium! We had fun learning about jazz and the blues. In the choice board this week, our students can research the history of jazz or a famous jazz/blues musician. Our students learned about how jazz is used as a universal language, and that we can express ourselves through music!

-We read our personal narratives with Lindsey’s class (book buddies)!

-Parent Teacher Conferences begin on Monday, 11/13, and continue on 11/16. We look forward to speaking with you! Please look for progress reports in your child’s backpack today!

– Our class will be attending the Book Fair Thursday, November 16th. Forms went home yesterday in your child’s backpack regarding the Book Fair.

– Thursday, November 16th: Half Day 11:40 dismissal. Any changes to after school/pick up please email us!

-Thanksgiving Recess: November 23 and 24

Enjoy the weekend!

Mariana and Victoria

Weekly Info 11/3

Good afternoon Parents and Caregivers,

We LOVED having you visit this morning for a sneak peak at our personal narrative writing and our bridge study units!

In Reading:

We are continuing to read My Name is Maria Isabel and track our theories about the main and secondary characters in this text. Our students are looking closely at the character’s actions, feelings, as well as what is said across chapters. We are up to chapter 7 in this text. Please read along with us and ask the following questions:

-What do we know about Maria Isabel?
-Where is the setting in this chapter?
-How is Maria Isabel feeling? Why?
-If you were Maria Isabel, what would you say to the teacher?
-How would you describe Maria Isabel? How do you know? Use evidence from the text.
-Do you think she will ever stand up for herself when the teacher calls her by a different name? Why or why not?

Students have book baggies that go home daily. You can ask the students to tell you more about their book by asking similar questions!

In Writing:

We are so close to publishing our personal narratives! The students have worked tirelessly to draft and revise their pieces. We continue to think of how we can make this piece of writing our best work by having a strong beginning, adding dialogue, description of setting, feelings, have a circular ending of what we learned or felt during this time. We are using mentor writing pieces and seeing how published authors do this in texts! We are in the process of giving partner feedback, checking punctuation by going into our own readings and seeing how and why authors punctuate their writings, as well as looking at our spelling.

We are questioning ourselves:
Is this my best work?
Does this word look right?
Does this sentence look right?
What more can I add for the reader?
How can I be more descriptive with this small moment?

In Content Study:

We are so PROUD of our creative students in 322! As you saw this morning, our students were able to work in teams, decide on materials to use based on their drafts and posters, and then create a model of the 5 bridges they studied! This project gave students the opportunity to communicate effectively, go through the process of working as a team, and speaking in a kind and caring way. Students were able to build upon each other’s ideas, and the structures they built are AMAZING!

Also, we are reading about John Roebling and his contributions to the Brooklyn Bridge. The vocabulary word that was introduced this week: remarkable. This word means worthy of attention or extraordinary. Students are reading about this leader in the engineering field and are thinking about why he is such a remarkable person. Ask your child to tell you all about John Roebling!

In Math:

We are starting our multiplication unit. Thank you for practicing multiplication 1-12 with your child! This is very helpful, and our students benefit from practicing concepts at home! Please continue to practice their multiplication facts! J We are using math vocabulary like: rows (horizontal), columns (vertical), and arrays (arrangement of objects placed in rows and columns). This visual thinking gives students the opportunity to show their thinking, as well as understand how multiplication and addition help each other when solving problems.  Also, we are solving word problems and asking students to complete choice board work that practices these ideas.

Example: 3 X 2= 3 rows of 2, which equals 6

Ask your child to explain equations and have fun practicing these concepts!

Other Info:
Read-a-thon Ceremony: The students who completed the Read-a-thon over the summer were recognized for their hard work and dedication to reading over the summer!

Reading Buddies: We are reading buddies with Lindsey’s class two times per month. 2nd grade and 3rd grade read together and tell each other about their books.

11/7: Election Day-No school for students

11/13 and 11/16: Parent/Teacher Conferences — If you have yet to sign up, here is the link:

11/23-24: Thanksgiving Recess-No School

We hope you have a great weekend!
Mariana and Victoria

Choice Board due November 10

Due: Friday, November 10th

Complete three activities from the Choice Menu below and complete in your Homework Notebook: one reading, one writing and one math activity.

Reminder: In addition to the Choice Board, you also need to read at least 30 minutes EACH day and work on DreamBox three times a week.




Problem Solving
Victoria has 5 bags with 3 oranges in each bag. Mariana has 6 bags with 2 oranges in each bag. How many oranges do they both have together?1. Write an equation
2. Solve it!
3. Explain your thinking with both pictures and words!
True or Not True

134 + 98=134+90+8

Prove it!  Show your thinking with:
-a picture
-an explanation (math vocabulary: place value)
Prompt: I am thinking that ….


After completing a DreamBox lesson describe the lesson in your notebook:

1. What lesson were you working on?
2. What did you learn?
3. Did you find it helpful? Why or why not?
Your response must be ½ to 1 page long. Be specific and give examples!





Reading Response


Making inferences! Use the clues in your reading in order to figure out how the main character feels in your chapter or book.

Complete the graphic organizer titled Making Inferences and staple/tape it in your homework notebook.

Book Recommendation

1. Write a summary of your book (first, next, in addition, furthermore, finally).
2.  Why did you choose this book? Give 2-3 examples
(I enjoy the plot, character relationships, genre)
3. Would you recommend this book to another reader? Why or why not?
4. How many stars out of 5 would you give this book?



My Name is Maria Isabel


Write a letter (include a greeting, body, closing) to Maria Isabel from another character (mom, dad, Antonio, teacher, friends Marta and Maria). Use examples from the text.

1. What advice would you give her? Why?
2. What is a problem that you could help her find a solution for?
3. Do you think Maria Isabel should say something to the teacher about calling her the wrong name? Why or Why not?
4. Your letter must be 3/4 to 1 page long!








Think about a topic you love! (For example: bridges, engineers). Research more about it!

1. Write down the topic in your notebook
2. What are 5-10 cool facts you learned!
3. What questions do you still have?
4. Should other people research this topic? Why or why not?



Personal Narrative

Think about a special moment and zoom into it! Create a plot map, and tell that story!
Be sure to:

1. Have a creative beginning
2. Use dialogue between characters
3. Describe the setting
4. Lots of description!
5. Circular ending (I learned… or I feel…)

Free Write!

Create a story around this sentence:
I was so excited for pizza Friday at school!

Write at least ½ page to 1 page! Be creative, and HAVE FUN!

Be sure to:
-Use description and show/not tell


Tuesday, October 31st: Halloween Parade 9am

Monday, November 13th + Thursday, November 16th: Parent Teacher Conferences — sign up here


Weekly Info 10/27

Good afternoon Parents and Caregivers,

What am AMAZING week in 3-322! Our students added to their thinking in all subject areas, and are working together as a community to problem solve!

In Reading:
We continue to track our characters across chapters and document our thinking. As a class, we finished Chapter 5 of My Name is Maria Isabel. The students are making inferences by putting all the reading strategy pieces together. They will practice these strategies for homework, and questions to think about are stapled with the choice board organizer. The students are making inferences in order to identify character traits and feelings. Please use the vocabulary listed below when speaking with your child in order to reinforce these character trait words!

Vocabulary we are using: Courageous, courteous, sympathetic, inventive, empathetic, persistent, reliable, considerate, and point of view (person telling the story, narrator).

In Writing: 
We are drafting our personal narratives, and using show/not tell strategies in order to bring the reader into the moment. We are crafting beginnings and endings, using voice (adding our personalities), adding description to the setting (where our story takes place) and using dialogue too! Ask your child about their personal narrative and how they are applying these concepts.

In Math:
We are using reasoning and problem solving strategies in order to solve single and multi-step problems. Students are to read the question, visualize the action, identify what is known and unknown, and figuring out a strategy and model to find a solution. We included complex problems on the choice board homework. Please work with your child to read the question, stop and think, draw pictures in order to document their thinking, as well as discuss the problem. We do this daily during the math period!

In Content Study:
What an awesome group of engineers! Our students worked on bridge projects that showcase their creativity and communication skills. First, students worked in teams to draw a design of the bridge they researched. Next, the students came to an agreement in order to show their ideas and fun facts! In addition, the teams presented their poster to the class. Students took notes on these presentations, and added to their bridge knowledge. Furthermore, students came to a consensus in teams and discussed items that would be the best to create the bridge (ie. string, egg crates, etc).  We are now in the process of building model bridges. Thank you for bringing in materials for our bridge projects!

New choice boards were given to the students. Please review the making inferences graphic organizer even if your child didn’t choose this box to complete for homework. It will help if you could read a book with your child or ask about their reading using these questions!. We use this note catcher (graphic organizer) in reading.

Reading Buddies:
We are partnering with Lindsey’s 2nd grade class for reading buddies! We will read together 2 times per month. Students love this time to read with another grade, and build community with the class next door!

Other info:
-Halloween parade: 10/31 at 9am
-Sign up for Parent/Teacher conference here:

-If you cannot make any of the times offered, please email us and we can work out a different time.
-We have paraprofessional changes to 3-322. Lucy will be heading to kindergarten. We welcome Milette on Monday!

Enjoy the weekend!
Victoria and Mariana