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 Brooklyn Bridge Fieldtrip


Choice Board due October 19

Choice Board-Due: Friday, October 19

Directions: Choose 3 boxes, complete the assignment, and then hand-in to Mariana and Victoria on or before the due date!
*Reading daily for 30 minutes or more

Book Recommendation
Write a book recommendation of one of your favorite chapter or picture books!

Be sure to have:
-A clear introduction
-Reasons why you love the book and details from the text
-Give the book a rating: ___/5 stars and why
– Be creative with pictures and your words. Clearly explain why you do or don’t recommend this book and describe why!

Write an advertisement or commercial for your favorite kid-friendly toy or game! (No video games please)

Be sure to include:
-A crafty and exciting introduction
-Explain why people should buy your product
-Draw the reader into your ad by describing the toy or game with what you will hear and see!
-Include pictures

 Thank You Letter
Write a thank you letter to a friend, family member!
-Include a greeting (Dear ______________) and include the date!
-The purpose of this letter is to thank someone for doing something nice or special. Think about these questions:
-Who are you writing to?
-What are you thanking this person for?
-Why did you want to write this?
-Closing: Sincerely, From, Love, Yours Truly

If you decide to send the letter, then please take a picture and glue a copy into your homework notebook!


Reread a picture book, chapter book, or reread a read aloud with your family  (Alejandro’s Gift, Thank You, Mr. Falker, Jojo’s Flying Sidekick, Each Kindness).

1. Make a “I notice, I wonder” t-chart
2. Read the book with your parents and/or siblings
3. Discuss the text and jot down your notices and wonderings!
4. Explain in 4-5 sentences what you enjoyed about this experience!


Watch a kid-friendly movie and write a review about it!

Be sure to have:
-A clear introduction
-Reasons why you love the movie and describe scenes that you enjoyed
-Give the movie a rating: ___/5 stars and why
-Be creative with pictures and your words. Clearly explain why you do or don’t recommend this movie and describe why!

Take a look at this sentence:
The toy was blue with yellow stripes.

Write from the perspective of:
a. a teacher            b. a librarian
c. a lawyer             d. your choice!

Write an entry and make this sentence into a creative piece! Voice! Detail! Description galore!

Screen Free Night or 30 Minutes with Family

Write about a screen free night or 30 minutes with your family


Family Outing

Go on an outing with your family! Write all about it!

Be sure to include:
-Where you went!
-Pictures too (if you want!) and glue in your notebook
-Who was there?
-Why you went?
-What did you do?


Write about your experience on Dreambox.

-What did you complete?
– How did it go?
-What do you enjoy about Dreambox?

Read Alouds

Class Read Alouds! Read along with us and discuss notice and wonderings with your child!

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Curriculum Night Presentation

Hello Families! Here is our presentation from Curriculum Night, in case you weren’t able to make it, or want another look!



Weekly Info 9/17-9/21

What a wonderful week in 322! It was great to meet everyone at Back to School Night. If you weren’t able to make it, please see our attached presentation. 
In Reading
We are reading 
A Different Pond and discussing ideas from Each Kindness. Students are looking at the characters, setting, problems, and solutions. We are making inferences by noticing and wondering about the storyline. In addition, students are documenting their thinking in their Reader’s Notebooks.

In Writing
Thank you for bringing in pictures to decorate our Writer’s Notebook. We are writing All About Me books too! Also, students are using these pictures to free write in their notebooks. Students can write about small moments or create a narrative story in their books. Furthermore, students are sharing work in order to make our writing exciting and extraordinary. Students are using statements and questions in order to introduce their story, and adding description to our pieces.

In Math
We are thinking about Habits of Mind that will help us to persist through challenges. The question that was posed to students is: When something is challenging, what do we do in order to keep trying our best? Students came up with these answers:

-Ask Questions

-Use what I know! (go back and reread the problem)

-Draw a picture

-Visualize the problem

-Reread the problem

-Use colored pencils in order to color code different parts of the problem

Students are working in partnerships in order to discuss ideas!

Community Building
We are creating a strong classroom community in 322! Students brainstormed words and ways to treat each other in our classroom. Students are saying “please” and “thank you” to their friends, as well as reflecting on their ideas: We want to be polite, be respectful, agree on ideas, communicate nicely, ask clarifying questions, share materials, and of course “Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Helpful, Be your best!” Please reinforce these ideas with your child 🙂 

Other Info
September Birthdays: Will be celebrated on Friday, September 28 at 1:50-2:30pm. Please let us know if you plan to send in food items with plates/cutlery too if needed!
Forms: Please return all forms to us!
Writing Pictures: If you haven’t printed out pictures for your child to glue in their notebook, then please do so!
Family Morning: Wednesday, October 3rd @ 8:30am

Family Morning Dates for 2018

Come and spend time in your child’s classroom!

Wednesday 10/3 @ 8:30

Friday 11/2 @ 8:30

Tuesday 11/27 @ 8:30

Friday 12/21 @ 8:30

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Welcome to Third Grade!

Dear Third Grade Students and Families,

We are so excited to welcome you to third grade at Peck Slip School!  We taught third grade together last school year. We look forward to meeting you and speaking with you more about our studies. Students will learn about the history of New York City through our content studies, participate in hands-on inquiry projects, as well as strengthen and build ELA and math skills throughout the year. Also, we will have fun getting to know one another in order to build a strong, respectful classroom community!

We want you to know more about us:

Victoria: I am excited to meet all of you, and I love being part of the Peck Slip team!

I live in Manhattan and love to explore everything NYC has to offer. I love to travel and visited Spain this summer. My hobbies include heading to the theater (on and off-broadway), traveling, spending time outdoors, running and hiking, relaxing on the beach, and spending time with friends and

(Jardines Altos del Generalife, (Alhambra) Granada, Spain)



Mariana: I can’t wait to meet all of you 3rd graders! I’ve lived in NYC and California, and currently live in Brooklyn. Some of my hobbies include traveling, trying new foods, spending time with my family, going to concerts, drawing, stargazing, watching movies, and playing any kind of game! I look forward to getting to know you and your families very soon!

(Masada, Israel)







We cant wait for our amazing year to begin and think that youll enjoy having two teachers. We will begin checking emails on 9/5/2018. Please include both of us on emails.


 Enjoy the rest of your summer and we will see you on the first day of third grade!


Victoria and Mariana

Choice Board due Friday, March 15th

New Choice Board (given every 2 weeks) Due: March 15

Choose 3 boxes and follow the directions carefully! Please read for 30 minutes per day!

Math Riddle

What digit is the most frequent between the numbers 1 and 1,000? To solve this riddle you don’t want to manually do all of the math but rather try to figure out a pattern.

In your answer be sure to PROVE how you figured it out. What patterns did you use? How did they help you figure it out?

Reading Reflection

Find a picture book, or short story, to read. While you read make a Know/Wonder with at least 10 notes. Then write a paragraph about the author’s message (see question below).Include:

  • The Title and Author
  • Your Know/Wonder
  • What was the author’s message in this book? Use 2 details to support your answer.
Math Problem

Ben decides to prepare for a marathon by running ten minutes a day, six days a week. Each week, he increases his time running by two minutes per day. How many minutes will he run in week 8?

HINT: Try making a table to organize your math thinking!

Social Action

Research a community issue that you care about (for example: recycling, immigration, animal rights).

Create an editorial newspaper article that explains all about this issue and why it is important.



  • Introduction
  • Your opinion
  • Transitions
  • Paragraphs
  • Conclusion
  • Elaboration
  • Craft Elements
Free Choice:

Create your own choice! Be creative and have fun! Or practice something like fact cards or handwriting!

Be sure to:
1. Write down your choice
2. Complete the assignment with your best work!
(Examples include, but are not limited to: portrait, diorama, sketch, book, essay, photography, handwriting practice, fact card practice, math story problems, etc.)

Research a person you find remarkable such as a sports player, historical figure, politician, musician, etc.

Write your own biography of this person! In your essay include  all the important facts you have learned about this person.



  • Introduction
  • Transitions
  • Paragraphs
  • Conclusion
  • Elaboration
  • Craft Elements
ELA Practice
(attached to choice board)
*Read to make meaning!

  1. Read the passage
  2. Answer short and long response
  3. Close read (circle the title and hard words, underline text evidence, chunk or draw a line after paragraphs, look for bold vocabulary words, take notes in the margins)
Math Practice
(attached to choice board)

  1. Read the questions
  2. Show your work in a clear, organized way!
  3. Close read (underline important information, circle numbers you need to use, and take notes in the margins)
  4. *Show your work with labels, pictures, color coding, boxes, or a way that makes sense to you!
Art Project

Do an art project that expresses your identity, or who you are. Include any planning or drafts that you created as well as your final product.

After you finish complete a reflection:

  • What aspects of your identity did you want to show?
  • Why did you choose this kind of art?
  • How do you feel about your project?

Weekly Info: Week of 02/26

Good afternoon Parents and Caregivers,

What an excellent week back from break!

In Reading
We are reading fiction, nonfiction, and poetry texts. Our students are using their prior knowledge and close reading strategies in order to read short stories. In addition, we started our poetry unit and are beginning to discuss elements authors use in order to engage the reader. Furthermore, we will look at the authors message. Ask your child what they notice about poems!

New Read Aloud: The One and Only Ivan. We are up to page 26. Please don’t read ahead! We encourage you to read the book at home along with us, and discuss the text with your child!

Here are a few discussion questions:

Who are the characters?
Who is the narrator?
How is Ivan feeling? How do you know? Give details from the text.

Describe the setting.
Do you think Ivan would rather be in the enclosure or in the wild? Why? Give details from the text.
Why does the sign at the Big Top Mall describe Ivan as angry and fierce?
Why doesn’t Ivan express any anger in the beginning of the story?

In Writing
We are answering short and long responses based on our short texts. Our students are sharing their thoughts in teams, partnerships, and during group discussions. Students are answering questions with a clear restatement of the question, finding evidence or details in order to support their thinking, and a closing sentence. Ask your child about their writings!

In Math
Exploring fractions! Students are learning about numerators (part) and denominators (whole). Also, we explored half of a number and how to write this in a fraction. For example, 6/12=1/2, 4/8=1/2. The students discussed the conjecture: When comparing two fractions, if the numerators are the same and one denominator is larger than the other, then that fractional piece is smaller than the other. For example, 1/2 and 1/4. The numerators are the same, but 4 is larger than 2, so we know that 1/4 is smaller than 1/2.

Also, we are using close reading strategies to understand equations and word problems. We ask ourselves: what do we know? What is unknown? How can I solve this problem?

In Content Study
We will begin our content study on the Lenape in 2 weeks!

Choice Boards 
A new choice board was given to all students today and is due Friday, March 16th (the choice board says 15th)

Other Info:
We celebrated February birthdays today! March birthdays will be celebrated on Thursday, March 29th.
Evening of the Arts: Thursday, March 8th at 6pm
Parent teacher conference: Thursday, March 15. Please sign up here:  and enter 4P71226801 as the Entry Code

Enjoy the weekend!
Mariana and Victoria