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Post-it Challenge

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What we know: Gavin had 36 books, Harriett gave him 45 more

What we need to figure out: how many books Gavin has now


what we notice: the sum is missing, the sum will end in a 2 because 7+5=12, both addends are not landmarks

model: open number line

strategies: splitting & jumping to, from or by a landmark number

What I’m Learning…

in math: features of 2D/3D shapes (how to sort, describe and match), delve into rectangles and what makes a polygon a polygon; open number line model, jumping to, from and by a landmark and splitting as strategies, the big idea of commutativity

in writing: different kinds/genres of writing, using conjunctions to help add details and strengthen our writing, writing book blurbs and recommendations

in reading: sifting through books to find ones that are “just right” or a “productive struggle,” focusing on characters in series books (describing character traits, using evidence from the text to support their thoughts)

in social studies: talking about different modes of transportation we see, use & hear, discussing questions we have about subways, discussing what we think we know about subways




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What we noticed: the difference is missing, the minuend and the subtrahend aren’t that far from each other

Model: open number line

Strategies: jumping to, from & by a landmark number, splitting

*Notice the importance of knowing 1+5 and how we leave the minuend whole