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Bird Projects

Ask your child about their bird projects!

Ask your child… 6/12/18

~what they did in Science

~about their performance during storytelling with Bill

~to tell you about this week’s class job

~about the books in their book baggy

~to give some hints about their bird projects

~to discuss this morning’s greeting (skip die) and activity (categories)

~what the rose of their day is


Reading Buddies! 6/8/18

Ask your child how they helped their kindergarten buddy prepare for their Pet Study Celebration!

A Note from Ashley LaPierre

Hello Second Grade Parents,

The second graders have earned a science picnic for the end of the year. I plan on having the celebration/ picnic during science time on Tuesday, June 19th. I’m asking parents/kids if they want to make a science themed snack at home, that they bring it to my classroom the morning of June 18th for their class. Non-science themed snacks are also welcome!
Please let me know if you intend on sending your second grader in with a snack for the picnic.
Ashley LaPierre

Ask your child…5/24/18

~what they did in Art

~about the You/Me time routines

~to tell you about their narrative non-fiction piece

~what they did with their kindergarten buddies

~to tell you about the broken ruler versus the strange ruler activity

~about this morning’s greeting (handshake) & activity (7 Up)

~to share their rose of the day