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Welcome to 2-314!

Dear 2-314 Families,

Welcome to SECOND GRADE! My name is Simona Afshar and this will be my fourth year at Peck Slip School! I am SO excited to have your child as a part of my second grade class this year. This academic year will be my ninth year teaching in New York City. I have taught in private and public elementary schools in Manhattan – with the majority of my time teaching second grade.

Second grade is an important and beautiful year in regards to academic and social/emotional progress. In second grade, we will have bonding experiences during morning meetings and closing circles, participate in the subway and bird content studies and produce thoughtful work in all areas. Your child will find his/herself as a reader, writer, mathematician, artist, etc. the possibilities are endless! In this class, all are encouraged to take risks, to persist through challenging tasks and most importantly, to be kind and helpful to one another. I am excited to learn about your child – his/her interests, talents, personalities and more!

Over the summer, in addition to preparing for the new school year, my husband and I vacationed in Italy, Malta, France & Florida and I’ve spent lots of time relaxing with friends and family. I hope you and your child will be just as refreshed and are enthusiastic for the new year to come! It’ll be filled with lots of fun learning and unforgettable adventures.

I look forward to seeing all of your familiar & new faces and to officially meet you and your child! Come September, there will be a warm, supportive environment waiting! Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer and see you soon!


Simona Afshar

3rd Grade Q&A

Ask your child about the Q&A with two current third graders!

June Reflections

Each day the kids are posed a reflective question.


What is the most memorable part of second grade at school?

What was challenging/difficult for you in second grade at school?

What are your thoughts, feelings and/or questions for third grade?


Bird Projects

Ask your child about their bird projects!

Ask your child… 6/12/18

~what they did in Science

~about their performance during storytelling with Bill

~to tell you about this week’s class job

~about the books in their book baggy

~to give some hints about their bird projects

~to discuss this morning’s greeting (skip die) and activity (categories)

~what the rose of their day is


Reading Buddies! 6/8/18

Ask your child how they helped their kindergarten buddy prepare for their Pet Study Celebration!