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Ask me about…10/20/17

~what I did in Music

~how Picture day went

~about the new Haunted Library text

~near doubles and how the big idea of equivalence helps me

~solving 42-27 or 38+48

~today’s Work Time

~my rose of the day

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Ask me about… 10/16/17

~storytelling with Bill

~what I did in Physical Education

~all the ways I can make 25 (Today’s #)

~the -sh digraph

~the book Earrings!

~words with the -ink glued sound

~true or not true? 10+7=9+8 how do I know?

Ask me about…10/13/17

~a productive struggle while reading

~what I did in Music

~the questions I have about subways

~what I did during Work Time

~using an open number line to model problem solving for 36-19

~the ending of The Haunted Library

~our reading discussion circle

~what I think I know about subways


What I’m learning…10/10/17

What I’m learning…

in math, we’re focusing a lot on landmark numbers. By being efficient mathematicians, we’re thinking about how to split numbers to jump to a landmark which helps us problem solve a lot easier/better! (Check the math videos in the “Videos” folder to see how we do that or come to Simona’s math workshop on 10/16 3-4PM in room 314)! We’ve also begun talking about the big idea of equivalence  and understanding how addends or a minuend/subtrahend can look SO different but have equal sums/differences! Are you noticing how I’m using so much math vocabulary?! That is something we’ve been working on too!

in writing, we’re writing our own book blurbs. A book blurb is a short written piece that can go along with a book (sometimes it’s found on the inside cover or on the back). The purpose of a book blurb is to give a reader a taste of the book, to hook them in to see if they really want to read the book. It’s fun to write our own book blurbs after we listen to a read aloud and then see how it compares to the author’s blurb. It’s pretty cool because it makes me really think about what an audience may want to hear/read!

in reading, we’re reading independently every single day! We have about 4-5 just right books in our book baggies — it’s so much fun to book shop in the classroom! As a whole class, we read lots of different books and one chapter book (The Haunted Library) in particular. Sometimes we have reading discussion circles where a student is the leader and s/he poses different questions for the class to discuss. We have some sentence starters like “What I hear you saying is..” or “I agree with…” or “In my opinion…” to help build on everyone’s thoughts. We’re talking a lot about the primary characters in our books — their actions, feelings and lots of different character traits.

in social studies, we are talking a lot about the different modes of transportation we observed in our neighborhood and the ones we mostly use to get to/from school. We are talking a lot about what we think we know about subways (soon it will be confirmed!) and what questions we have about subways. I am going to be learning SO much about subways — the key figures, jobs, fare, rules, signs and more!