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October News

Dear 1-310 Families,

September was a busy month!  We began to practice classroom routines and learned a lot about one another.  One highlight was getting the chance to use some of our new work time materials.  Thank you for your generous contributions!


Curricular Updates:




First graders are reading independently for 10 minutes every day.  We also began reading with a partner and practiced different ways to share a book.  We learned to choral read, echo read, and take turns reading pages.


Luke and Reve, 2nd graders, served as reading role models for our class.  During a recent visit, they discussed their reading lives and were interviewed by our class.  Afterwards, we discussed, drew, and wrote our reading hopes and dreams.  We look forward to revisiting our goals throughout the year to see how much progress we’ve made.




First graders are productive during writing time.  We’ve written read aloud responses and have had many opportunities to free write, choosing both fiction and non-fiction topics.  We’ve learned that writers must work hard as we move through the stages of the writing cycle (thinking, drawing, writing and rereading).  


First graders are eager to spell and write new words.  We’ve worked on stretching out words and writing the sounds that we hear.  We’ve also begun to add some common sight words to our word wall.  




During math, we’ve revisited familiar math tools including the ten frame, bead string, hundred chart and number line.  As we’ve worked with these tools, we’ve begun to notice patterns and discuss place value.  


We’ve played many math games as we’ve practiced being good math partners.  We’ve learned to share, take turns, listen carefully, and prove our thinking as we work with our classmates.  We’ve also practiced adding numbers and tried out different addition strategies.  We noticed that some strategies, such as using a known fact or counting on, are more efficient than others, such as counting all.


Social Emotional Learning


We’ve read and discussed many books this month that help us understand that everyone is different and we all have strengths and challenges.  We’ve begun to talk about our emotions and how they affect us.  In upcoming weeks, we will explore different ways to manage our emotions and solve problems with friends.


Thank you to all who attended school Open School Night and Family Friday.  I look forward to seeing you soon.