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Sight Words

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  • 10/6/17 Family Friday 8:45-9:15
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  • 12/15/17 Family Friday 8:45-9:15

September Update

This week marks the end of our first month together in first grade! We have spent the last 15 school days learning about each other, reading new books, and sharing our hopes and dreams for the year to come.

Here are some things first graders are hoping to achieve this year in first grade:

“I hope I can reader harder books.”

“I hope I can draw better.”

“I hope I can make a big project.”

“I hope I can build a big structure.”

Continue reading to find out more about all we’ve been working on in each area of study!



First graders have been practicing reading quietly and independently for up to 11 minutes at a time every morning!

We have discussed what kinds of books interest us as individuals- whether by genre or topic.

Also, first graders are also practicing finding “just right” books- which don’t feel too easy or too hard, but may have a few tricky words.

When encountering a tricky word, students have been relying on four helpful strategies when reading, displayed on their reading bookmarks.

Soon, we will work on how to partner read, retelling, and stopping to make predictions as we read.





First graders were very excited to begin writing as soon as they entered the classroom!

Students have practiced quiet and calm independent writing; constructing imaginative fiction stories and informational non-fiction pieces. First graders also spent some time making lists, photo collages, and drawings that reflect their hobbies, interests, and things they love. These references will help in the planning process as first grade writers begin the first unit of personal narratives.

First graders have also been using a  checklist to ensure that they are producing their best writing work. The checklist helps first graders stop and review their written work, through rereading and editting.

This week, I also introduced our classroom word wall. Our interactive word wall allows first graders who need help spelling a tricky sight word to “borrow” a word on the wall. We have added familiar kindergarten sight words and will begin learning new first grade sight words soon!






In math, we have been looking closely at some math tools, many first graders are familiar with from kindergarten, including ten frames and the bead string. As they count the days of school, first graders are noticing patterns on the bead string, ten frames, and the hundreds chart.


The class has also been working on how to be a helpful math partner. When playing a game or sharing one task, first grade mathematicians must work together by talking it out, sharing supplies, and stopping to agree or disagree with each other’s ideas.

This week, we have zoomed in on the ten frames and the combinations that make 10.

Many first graders noticed that “when you add a smaller number like 1, you need a bigger number like 9, to make 10- but with 5, you just need the same number, 5, to make 10.”


Social- Emotional Learning

Every morning, we begin our day with a morning meeting. First, everyone sits in a circle and the class goes around greeting the “neighbors” on each side of them. Next, we participate in a class activity- which may be a game, puzzle, or song. Then, we conduct a share, where everyone or one child has a chance to share with the class a response or thought. We end the meeting with me reading the daily schedule, and the class reading the daily morning message.

Morning meeting helps start build the foundation for a positive and focused day; every child is greeted and acknowledged, and has a chance to interact with their classmates.


We have also been sharing read alouds that guide discussions about individuality, community, and emotions. This year, we will be revisiting these topics quite often, as first graders learn to work together, and to self-reflect one’s effort and work.