Newsletter 12.15.17

Our Learning This Week

This week shifted our focus from rainbows to light. There were many questions about light as light is the main ingredient in making a rainbow. We learned and tested the difference between translucent and opaque items. We made a chart documents out tested items such as: colored cellophane, glass beads, tree cookies, paper, aluminum foil, wax paper and more. After discussing this we used flashlights and a mini light table to further explore these properties within the classroom environment. We also watched a portion of a video where we learned how reflection works and helped cement our learning about refraction. We used mirrors to reflect light and to see the classroom reflecting back at us. We are hoping to explore other ideas about reflection next week. Finally at the end of the week we discussed and charted the difference between artificial light and natural light. Our definition of the two is: artificial is people made light or light that comes from the earth or space.

A few of the books we enjoyed the most this week were The Thank You Book by Mo Willems (a Piggie and Elephant book), Honda & Fabian by Peter McCarty, and The Dark by Lemony Snicket. A couple of these were new books picked from the book fair – thank you for the donations!

Thank you the family members who came to Family Friday we had so much fun decorating out paper towel tubes and cannot wait to make a beautiful decorative piece for our classroom. The children also loved getting Magnatiles and thoroughly enjoyed them all day! Thank you so much for the amazing class gifts.

Creating a Reader

Every child picked 1-2 new books this week at the book fair – read them to your child! Take all the strategies we have talked about before and implement them in these wonderful new books. The children should be very interested in them as they are new and they were 100% chosen by them – which we all know (to them) is always the best!

Coming Up Next Week

Share Schedule

Monday – Quinn

Tuesday – Zoe

Wednesday – Nathan

Thursday – Gibson

Last day of school before holiday break 12/22


Please return library books Monday

Please label all winter items

Snack Schedule will start again January 2nd

Share schedule will start over on ½

Look out for information on Mystery Readers