Newsletter 11.24.17

Our Learning This Week

We had an exciting short week. The highlight was a walk to the Brooklyn Bridge. The purpose of the trip was to gain building inspiration for the block area, to learn about landmarks in our neighborhood, and to have shared experiences with our classroom community.

In preparation we took a mini walk around the block of the school to get our first focused observations of the bridge from afar. We noticed that there were many cars that were going up. We also saw some doors and the main arches of the bridge. While we were walking we also found some really amazing big sticks to bring into our classroom for later use.

On the day of our trip we drew an interpretive picture of the Brooklyn Bridge only from memory with minimal direction. We discussed where we were going to walk and what to look for. ON our walk we looked at different parts of the bridge. We stopped underneath the curved entrance onto the Brooklyn bound side of the bridge. We noticed the curved shape and the very large pillars and piling holding it up. We drew our interpretation of what we saw while we stopped. From there we took a walk through the subway tunnel to come up on the other side near the bridge entrance. We walked part way up and stopped on the top end of the curved Brooklyn bound entrance to observe it from another angle. Many of the children noticed different buildings and lots of different cars. Next we walked even further up to stop and look in the other direction (north towards Chinatown). A few friends said they noticed the statues on the top of City Hall and that they saw the building they live in!

After this we walked back down and took stroll through a park between City Hall and One Police Plaza near the red sculpture. We stopped on the benches to have a snack. We walked back behind the police station and noticed many police vehicles (a bus, vans, and many undercover/plain cars). We made on final stop on Pearl St under the bridge where there were many arches and pillars as part of the bridge structure. Many children noticed different shapes like triangles, rectangles, and squares. From here we ventured back to school. Upon our arrival to debrief we drew a new picture based on the question “What do you remember most about the Brooklyn Bridge??” The children drew their interpretation and used their words to express their ideas and pictures. The three drawings will be put together and displayed in the hallway on Monday.

Our bridge trip opened up a new discussed of our neighborhood and our city and our location and place within NYC. This will be discussed further over the next few weeks. The children did a wonderful job asking questions, making observations, and staying together.


Creating a Reader

Passing on classic stories and fairy tales is a way to build culture and maintain history. Share a traditional meaningful holiday story with your child based on the cultural and/or religious holiday your family celebrates.


Coming Up Next Week

-Walk to the playground on Fulton and Pearl on Monday

-Show and Share starts Monday 11/27

  • Monday 11/27        Roman
  • Tuesday 11/28        Carr
  • Wednesday 11/29    Asha
  • Thursday 11/30    August
  • Friday 12/1        Oscar

-Wednesday – Happy Birthday (celebration) Alissa!



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