Newsletter 1.5.18


Our Learning This Week

We had a wonderful (short) week back to school. It was a great way to start 2018 and we are ready to dive into a long stretch of time to dig deep into some studies. We continued our discussion around winter. We read My First Snow by Peter McCarty and Snow by Roy McKie and P.D. Eastman. We talked about all of the things we know about winter and we were inspired to start studying igloos with the idea to build our own in the classroom. We began by asking a simple question – What is an igloo? –  and looking up pictures. We talked about what we know so far about the subject and discussed questions we want to know more about. After this discussion, some friends built igloos in the block area for their lovey to live in. Melysa also printed pictures of igloos, including the inspiration for building our own classroom igloo, and hung them up for us to see. We are excited to continue this study.

Today a Pre-K friend came up with the idea of acting out The Three Little Pigs (we have been reading different versions). Four friends volunteered to play the three pigs and the wolf. As Melysa read the story the children acted out their parts. This is something we previously tried to work on, but we were not very interested. Now we love the idea! Melysa made story cards for the characters in the story so that we can take the idea further on a more independent level during choice time.

We also started our quiet time journals this week. We are using these journals to work on writing and reading, as well as participation in the school wide practice of quiet time.  Sometimes Melysa writes words or letters or shapes to help inspire us, but we can draw and write whatever we want in our journals. These journals are for our eyes and Melysa’s only, unless we choose to share.

Today we celebrated Carr’s 5th birthday – it was a super fun afternoon!

This Week’s Song

We learned the song Mi Cuerpo and it was an instant hit. We sing it in both Spanish and English.

Creating a Reader

We have been doing lots of talking about the parts of a book and how books work. It’s time for children to begin understanding that they themselves can create stories. We have been reading many different winter stories, those listed above and in previous newsletters, as well as The Mitten and The Hat both by Jan Brett and Red Sled by Lita Judge. Based on the winter theme provide time for your child to create his our her own winter story, inspire him or her be the author.

Learning for Next Week

We will be researching and answering our igloo questions.

We will begin discussing a plan for building our own igloo by drawing plans, building small scale igloos, creating materials lists, and writing directions.

We will begin talking about school community and incorporating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s words and ideas into this by spreading love through out the school.

Coming Up Next Week

Sharing starts again on Monday

  •     Monday Jan 8 – Roman
  •     Tuesday Jan 9 – Carr
  •     Wednesday Jan 10 – Asha
  •     Thursday Jan 11 – August
  •     Friday Jan 12 – Oscar

Parent provided snack starts again on Monday

  •     Jan 8 & 9 – Zoe
  •     Jan 10 & 11 – Carr
  •     Jan 12 & 16 – Dahlia

Mystery Readers – 9amShhh! Remember to keep it a surprise!

  •     Jan 10 – Crystal
  •     Jan 11 – Luciana


No School on Monday Jan 15th

Please bring in a milk/juice jug or carton

There are still Mystery Reader spots for Jan 9th, Jan 24th and 25th – please sign up at least 24hr ahead

Any library books still at home, please bring back this Monday