Newsletter 1.11.18

Our Learning This Week

This week we packed our brains full of new learning! We began speaking about our school community and making the idea of community more of a focus. It is always an ongoing base idea for many of our rules and routines, but now we are broadening the idea outside of our classroom walls in a deeper meaningful way. We discussed the people in our school who are a part of the greater community and a learned a bit about each person’s roles. Next week we will visit and do interviews of some of these people. As many of our Pre-K friends have siblings in other grades making the connection to outside of the classroom strong. We even had a few siblings join us as Mystery Readers this week. We have really enjoyed making guesses and learning to narrow down these guesses with clues about the upcoming reader. It is always a great surprise when someone walks through the door.

We learned more specific details, answering our questions, about igloos. We learned why they tend to have lines and how the lines get there. We learned this when watching a short video of an igloo being built. We learned how and why people and animals use them – as shelter to stay warm. We learned that igloos can actually keep you warm, because snow can act like a jacket, or an insulator. We used the pictures of igloos in our room to inspire building with hallow blocks and unit blocks. We also dreamt about our perfect igloo and drew a first round of plans with pencil on paper. We also took this a step further and created an igloo out of white materials using glue and scissors. Please remember to bring us gallon and half gallon milk/water/juice jugs to help us build a classroom igloo!

We also connected our school study and previous learning with the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. We learned that he championed for all people to be able to go to any school, eat at any restaurant, and drink out of any water fountain. He did this by wanting to spread love to make the world a better place. We spoke about how we can make our school a better place by spreading love. We out this into action by writing/drawing these ideas or just the word LOVE on hearts and delivered them to classrooms and posted them on walls and in the elevators and stairs. Pre-K 202 did this also so by the end of the week there were many hearts and much Pre-K love all over the school.

We also made avocado toast this week. While Melysa was eating an Avocado during breakfast Oscar declared, “you can make avocado toast with that!” Then many other friends chimed in with, “yum” and “I love avocado toast.” We discussed how to make it, wrote out a recipe including different agreed upon toppings to try, then put it all to practice and made it as a team.

Next Week
We will dive deeper into our school study by interviewing and visiting people and classrooms.
We will begin to explore more and map out the school.
We will discuss igloo building and begin to think about materials and steps needed to build our own.
We will explore the shapes of igloos in the sensory table with “snow” and fruit cups.

Songs this Week

We listened to a song about Martin Luther King Jr.

We have also really enjoyed dancing to Halloween Baby Shark when we need a break (started as a request by a child)

Coming Up Next Week

No School on Monday 1.15.18


  • Tuesday – Matteo
  • Wednesday – Dahlia
  • Thursday – Gibson
  • Friday – Alissa

16th – Dahlia

17th & 18th – Roman

19th & 22nd – Asha

Mystery Readers – 9am – shhhh remember it’s a surprise!
16th – Devin

17th – Josh

18th – Maggie

Please label all of your children’s personal items.
Only soft stuffed animal lovies in school. No hard toys or trinkets please.